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Basics of personnel management - V.O. Khramov

1.3. Rozvitok organizatsії that organizatsіynoї behavior kerivnik

Organizational systems with financial systems that are connected with a real medium. The main elements of the organization - zavdannya, structure, dіyovі individuals - permanently change. Tsі zmіni buy the internal and external character. The first issue is about the emergence of new competitive structures, the reappraisal of values, the deficit of personnel is skinny, the other is about the song control system for organizing the work of the organization, the way to look, the process, and the basics. 284].

The control can be continuous (small), regular (small), industrial (monthly) and periodic (quarterly). At the boundaries of the conceptual discretion of the management control of the client, the classification of the oath (detailed, factorial) is anyway the way of regulating business behavior (formalization, challenge, staffing, internal).

Organizational control, kerivnik ma vrakhovuvati, scho with a link to staff, control has become more and more obscure.

From now on, be it a control system, such as organizing oneself in a tune, constantly developing, gaining access to stability and necessary stability for a healthy winter. Structural activities will be absorbed by personnel management, the reaction of accountable people (positive reaction means positive motivation, negative means unacceptable activity, and working in kind).

Rozvitok organіzatsії peredbachaє zaluchenіst її samoї that її chlenіv (people) have bezperervny protses navchannya have rezultatі chogo rozvivayutsya structure is the strategіchnі pіdhodi, vinikayut novі іdeї i rіshennya in sistemі upravlіnnya that control scho posilyuє її zdatnіst adaptuvatisya to novih minds of market analysis.

Head of organization development organization:

• Zmіna in models of organizational behavior and attitudes of employees and organizations;

• form of closed organ structures and communal structures;

• managing the process;

• creation of a creative atmosphere.


Otzhe, we discerned the scales and criteria of the organization form. Elements of organization є zavdannya, people (viconavtsi), structure (measure of identity), as well as management.

Meta organization - filed a call to the staff at the warehouse, transferring a call to the singer’s nose (wickets) and the development of the control and control system.

Control food

1. Elementi organization.

2. What are some of the criteria for virology?

3. What is the reason for the organization’s behavior for staff?

4. Management systems.

5. Do certain strains have a different behavior?

6. Organizational day management personnel.

7. What does it mean to understand "the social and cultural phenomenon of organizing personnel management"?