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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

Club-warehouses abo club wholesaler

- consumer goods trading at low prices, as well as trading in numbered nomenclature of vintage groceries, electrical goods, clothing and other goods, letting them know that you must pay them a fee.

Key officials

- Strengths and weaknesses of the organization, so that you can better absorb the success of the organization. Їх signify, equally with competitors.

Torgіvna team

- collection of goods from trading, marketing, engineering, financing, technical supervisor and navigation of the manager of the restaurant to the service of the great folding folding.

Combined marketing systems

- a bagatokanalny system rozpodilu, if Yak-nebud firm form є two or more channels роз rozpodilu, so that you can save two more than a segment of the market. In addition, in order to deliver a comrade, company friends, victorious, straightforward and indirect benefits.


- mastering of the seriyny virobnitstva and launching a new product for the market.

Commercial and Interactive Services

- companies that want to give their pay-per-month payers information, wages, coupons and marketing services in real time. When you are connected to the Internet, through the computer’s computer network and computer, you can safely pass on a higher level of secrecy and information.

Traveling Salesman

- a pink agent of trade companies, a kind of propone to purchasers of a comrade for his deliberate acquisitions, catalogs, etc.

Company with trade organization

- companies that offer warehousing, transport, and other services and help to store and move comrades of the virobnik before living.

The company is organized for competition,

- the company, dyii yako in the main are represented by diy and reaction of competitors. Won overwhelmingly compete for the rivals of competing, the most frequent parts of the market and to get to know the strategies for competing competitors.

Company, organized on the market,

- a company, which is right for buyers, so for the competitors, I respect the same respect for the hour of fragmentation of the most powerful marketing strategies.

Company, organized for living,

- a company, as a rule, an hour of a more detailed marketing strategy to be more actively formulated and to develop our current needs and proprietary needs to find a good way to live.

Company, scho service team rinkovu nishu,

- Galuzi company, scho servants are small segments, at the same time the company doesn’t overwhelm the respect or ignore it.