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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov


- One of the most successful companies in the world, like in Prague, take in your share of the market, not reporting to one of the most super-musical gangs.

Complex prosuvannya

- specific advertising, special sales, sales of goods and propaganda, and a Victorian company to reach advertising and marketing purposes.

Complex procurement

- procurement of a comprehensive solution to the problem, I won’t need to accept a seemingly okremich solution.

Complex keruvannya yakіstyu

- programs, programs located directly on a faultless basis, service, marketing and marketing activities.

Marketing Communications

- specialties of sales, advertising, including public relations, stimulation of marketing, promotion of goods to the market.

Competitive overdrive

- overstepping competitors, who want to reach out for the racket of goods to salespeople who want to buy something, because they want to pay low prices, but because you need to pay great prices, you can compensate for the price of your comrades and services.

Competitive Strategies

- Strategies, which allow companies to have the opportunity to compete with and compete with and give the best to strategic competitors.

Competition is monopolistic

- one of the forms of competition for the market, de free buyers and sellers to cater for a wide range of prices. So I can think of the health of the sellers to buy the goods for one friend, one for one person, one for the other, for the authorities, as well as for the assortment of the superlative servants. Buyers, like to buy money, ready to pay for the comrade up to the most valuable prices, for free on the market.

Competition is not enough

- competition in the market, the balance is broken between sellers and buyers, as a result, to bring up real prices for the price (for unstable sellers) down (for available goods) sellers.

Competition necіnova

- supernumerary business, which allows you to launch analogous viros, not by way of maneuvering prices, but for the price tag;

Competition is not combable

- Competition, which will destroy the business standards, rules and traditions (if the laws are not violated); For additional competency rules, you can join the business associations and special state organizations.

Competition oligopolistic

- a form of competition in the market, including small sellers, steal sensitive to the politics of value and marketing strategies. The number of participants in the oligopolistic market is insignificant by the great world, enriched by hard minds, penetration of such a market. One of the most significant signs of the oligopolistic market is that our participants can’t take advantage of the pre-paid positive result: compete to conquer the low price.

Competition subject

- ізperson of commodity competitiveness. Winikaє as a result of the acquisition of practical products of practically the same type of virobility. Rіznitsya is among these types of products in design, packaging, trademarks.

Competition "Primarna"

- Prevention of purchases at low prices of competitors, which are not (is).

Competition is functional

- ізperson of commodity competitiveness. To think about it, what specific needs may be more than enough for the viro-deputy-assistant, who are called functional competitors. Take into account the nuance of the hour of the integrated access to the market, you need to go to the store, if you need to enter the market with a fundamentally new virobe.

Competitions, lotteries and gras

- Come in, you’ll especially have to live in order to stimulate zbutu, as well as give you a chance to vipadkovo, but after you have completed your musical efforts to play something, don’t, for example, pennies, vouchers or comrades.


- Organizations of rukh masses and sovereign bodies, directings on food and drink of buyers to sellers of products.


- one at a time during the sale process, if the seller is confined to the buyer.

Contact Audience

- a group of people, like Viyavlyaє real abo potentiality interest to the company and the like to lay down, which is easy to reach your company.

Marketing control

- kіlkіsne viznenchennyy i analysis of the results of the implementation of marketing strategies and plans, as well as the most important goals for the achievement of supply goals.