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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

Letter "B"

Bagatomarochny pіdkhіd

- strategy, for a certain seller of more than two brands for one category of goods.

Bazhanov collective

- a group of people, until a certain individ baja.

Bazhanі tovar

- Comrade, so as to bring great satisfaction to the Great, and to have the opportunity to move to the future prospects.

Database about purchases

- Organizing a wide range of information about buyers (including potential) buyers, including information on geographical, demographic, psychographic nature, as well as information on buying behavior.

Basis analysis

- more products and processes for the company with goods and processes for the competition of the best companies and the largest galleries for the transfer of products and the effectiveness of the company.


- a financial document, a kind of demonstration of activity, pass and hold on a song date.

Business Portfolio

- change of view of the company’s business, as well as goods, such as won’s interest.

Bіrzha barterna

- Commodity exchange with natural commodity exchange, winery є for brain deficiency of products є, я х форм,,,,, yak і б б є є ит ит ит за за за за за за бра бра бра бра бра бра бра бра бра бра за. As long as you have familiarity with these areas, the barter operations are inevitable.

Commodity exchange

- the type of commodity market for the wholesale purchase and sale of goods in bulk distribution, the realization of which without looking back at the standards and standards for delaying the establishment of minimum parties. On B. the t. Are formed rinkov_ prices are fallow of the actual factual relationship to the feed and proponuvannya.


- the form of a permanently functional wholesale market, deletion for purchase and sale of valuable shares (stock exchange), but for all goods, which can be sold for standards and prices (commodity exchange).


- a wholesaler, who does not have the right of authority on the goods. The main function of B. Polyag is that of organizing the sale and purchase and taking part in the negotiations.