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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

Letter "B"


- an element of business, which may be a small part of the shvidko zrostayuchayuschih markets and demand a large oath of cost for saving your part of the market for re-creating in the "zirki".

Valovi Vitrati

- a sum of permanent and permanent vitrates for the singing oath of virobnitz.

Currency control

- the state has the right to regulate the oath of making money in foreign currency and the exchange rate for foreign currency.

Vartisny analiz

- a way of quick virology vitrats, transferring more vivchenny okremich components in the product and the ability to use standardization, in addition to the design for cheap technology.

Vertical Marketing System (IUD)

- the structure of the channel to the channel, as long as the channels, wholesale and retail trading functions, function as one system. One of the participants in the channel is abo the valsnik of the latest company participants, but they will arrange a contract with them, otherwise they will be sufficient and sufficient to let them know the last participants.

Vibir of the Hauler

- this is the procurement process, at which company is the buyer, the analysis of the proposition, what you have to do, and the vibration of one chick postal.

Vibir tsilovih rinkiv

- the process of evaluating the affinity of the skin segment of the market and vibration of one or the segment for development.


- part of the population, vіdіbrana for marketing advancement. V. maє representative of the population as a whole.

Vibirna respect

- pragnennya people vіdmezhuvatis vіd bіlshoї part of information, yak on them vlivyє.

Vibirne sleeping

- pragnennya people іnterpretuvati іinformatsіy so, so that won won’t ponder thoughts, schо even know.

Vibirniy will drink

- Drinks at the singer's trademark product abo servants.


- World, to the point of being able to market the segment of the market segment, buying and selling and transferring money.


- penny abo inshort of the vineyard, which should be sung by the constant corridors of goods and the company’s service.