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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov


- Nova tekhnologiya abo nova produktsiya, yakі, at the thought of good luck, may be, but do not have to drive ahead of the same competitive products.

Vinakhid news

- Creation of new goods and services for foreign markets.

Viperedzhalny іndicatori

- hours, rows, like a parallel parallel to the company’s zbutu, but at the same time I’m able to transmit it.

Vitrati Marketing

- koshti, who want to spend more time on products and services for incentive calls and calls (trade negotiations, advertising, transportation, prices for trade upgrades, credit, folding operations, registration, and other offers). At V. m. Virobnik enter koshti, which will spend on marketing goods from given companies trade organizations, through their company their products. V. m. Classify for types (pay, tents, singe, electric power, materials, etc.) and for func tions (plan for assortment, advertising for thin). One of the problems of analyzing V. m. Is rosodalism between the main types of zbutovo dyalnosti. Direct vitrati without interruption to bring to the vidpovіdnі functions, vitrati, scho piddayutsya rozpodilu, in the year also raznosyvat for types dyalnostі. Єdinі for rіznih functions рати vitrati зв sound do not give up. Firmi, scho vyroblyuyut a wide range of products, stockpile reports about vitrati for commodity groups. A diverse assortment of products, such as vipuska, will need a regional V. m. For geographic markets. Practitioner V. m. Zdebilshogo reinterpreted vitrati virobnitstva (in front of many goods of national coexistence). Information about V. m. Is regularly paganized, monitored and transferred to the company for taking over management decisions.

Відбір ідей

- May be the name of the Yakomoga earlier than the previous agreement on the unapproved proposition.

Відбір цільових segmentsів to the market

- assessment of the affinity of the skin segment of the market and vibration of one or more of them for development.

Vіdkrit nourishment

- yes, respondents can answer an hour of food in their own words.

Internal Audit

- Estimation of the company’s effectiveness and the supranost structure of the "stagnant business card".

Internal marketing

- marketing of the organizational sphere of services, a kind of victory for the beginning of effective motivation of the public, contacting them immediately, as well as the small number of service staff in the public team.

Internal service to zbutu

- trading agents, who can conceive their services without any delay in office, have telephone contacts and accept deputy and potential purchasers.

Vplivova person

- Lyudin, as if by his authority and becoming a source of energy for the process, he took the decision. Such individuals often have additional specifications for buying and securing information for evaluating obvious alternatives.