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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

Letter "G"

Generation Idea

- systematically organizing business meetings and new products.


- discipline, scho vivcha є interconnection between the middle and the demographic characteristics of the population.

Glibina of commodity nomenclature (glibina of commodity nomenclature)

- Varіanti proponuvannya skin-based product within the assortment group.

"Glybin" market

- this is the scale of business activity per market, which is not a wickedness;

Global galaxy promyslovostі

- a cliche of words of appreciation, in any strategic position of competitors in a given geographic or national market, they are designated as global global positions.

Global Organization

- a form of an international organization, all the way up to a certain core of a company and staff; plan for a wide range of products; Global functions have been heard about their activities without delay before the president, and not before the distribution of the international meeting.

Global company

- company, yak, praciuciuchi in kіlkoh regions, arrivals of such surpluses in science and technology, marketing, marketing and finances, as well as inaccessible to competitors.

Global marketing

- marketing, inquiries on integration and standardization of marketing activities on the other geographical markets.

Horizontal marketing systems

- a scheme to encourage the channel to rozpodilu, for any more than one company riviogo uzgozhuyut your mind, so that you can learn new marketing moglivostі.