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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

Will pop

- become a market, for a kind of buyer who is not in a great deal of satisfaction and consume consuming goods for goods and services.

Popit spozhivachіv

- the supply of goods that are appropriated to the market by physical and legal persons for the purpose of adding goods to the living purpose.

Stimulate stimulus

- Drinks scho сп sprya є лен став став став став став став до товару товару товару товару товару товару товару товару товару товару товару товару товару товару товару товару є є є є є є є є сп сп є є є є сп поп є є поп поп поп поп?

He will eat

- the penitent is consumed by comrades and servants in the country. It is important to share these categories: drink the population for good friends and servants, drink the company and order for investment, drink the central and government bodies owned by the friends and the servants; he will drink foreign residents and companies to comrade and service from the form export. P. s. viznacha і ень в в об об от і,, and later, р ень ень зай зай нят зай зай..

It’s okay, fall

- Stan market, for a change in the oath of the sale of goods chi servant. In such a situation you need to think about how to analyze the reason for the failure to establish the best way to stimulate a way to send new prices, in addition to the characteristics of the product, health and efficiency.

Last product breakdown

- the method of fragmentation, for which, at a certain moment in the skin, there is no need to stumble one more stage of fragmentation in a certain company from a company; After completion, the project will be transferred for the completion of the offensive stage to the previous stage.

The servant

- be-yak dіyalіst for good, yak one side can be given in honor. A servant on his own day є unseen and do not lead up to the revival of power.


- the non-material result of viral duty, which is shown to be immediate in kind of duty that is directly related to the return of the current dominance of products.

Material services

- Servants, relying on our partners, it’s important for the sphere to take advantage of a suspension product. P. m. To have private property and organizing cable transport, procurement, trade, material and technical posting.

Services on the new market

- Servants, who should go to the famous market, since they don’t have any form of objection. Stink to approve of the new market of services, which are to be divided into more high schools of the market: licensed and know-how, engineering and consulting, transport services, are so thin.

Poslugi z pіslyaprodazhnoї pіdtrimki goods

- services, hidden on the product real product.

Trading services

- dodatkova dyalnist trade pidprimentstva, straightened to the forefront help shopping at the

Dreams of goods, delivery and vikoristan.


- companies and private individuals, so as to protect the company and rivals with material resources necessary for the provision of goods and services.

Postіnі Vitrati

- Vitrati, so that you won’t be obliged to pay attention to the law and order.

Potential rhinoceros

- sukupnіst purchasers, yakі viyavlyayut zatsіkavlenіst to the singing goods, but the servants.


- a remedy that has gained specific form of identity before the cultural level and individuality of people.

I send to information

- this is the process of accepting the decision about buying, on which you can reckon on how to get the message to the information; Well, you can just show respect, and you can take up the most active ways of choosing the necessary things.

Buying a Poshuk

- one of these is the sale process, for a certain sales agent to find the potential customers who have accepted for themselves.

Poshuk postachalnik

- this is the process of buying, at which company-buyer you can get the vibration of the fastest postalnik.

Poshukova kupivnya behavior

- the type of behavior that has occurred within an hour has been taken about buying in a situation, if it’s not so big to get more and more goods with the latest brands of goods.

Пошукове долідження

- The campaign of marketing and information technology, so I can help you to identify the problem and visunuti hypotheses.


- one of these is the sale process, for a sort of sales agent for the ikistor history ’of a preached product and a demon, as it’s itself won’t be born for the sake of buying.


- comrade, it’s possible to hear it because it’s shameless, because for a low price, there’s a sponical motive for buying goods.

Challenger for leadership

- a company that wants to see another friend in the galaxy and lead me to stop fighting for my own share of the market.

Private label (in the middle, dealer, shopmark)

- a mark, a yak is hindered by a reseller of goods;


- World, in a yakiy for the immediate market segment, you can be divided into effective marketing programs, targeting the services and servicing of your needs, you can keep up to this segment.

Natural medium

- natural resources, such as sirovin for virobnitz; Ecology, I’m able to help you in the flow of be-itfulness of people, including marketing.