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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov


- the main tendency is that there is a fallow of small insignificant prices.

Popit fallow

- Drinks on the dear type of product, but you can get more information on the basis of the need for more detailed supply of the product, more than the highest level, for example, drink on the part, which must be entered at the unit of the machine.

Popit Kintseviy

- Drinks, saves us before going to live comrades and servants of the population, to setting up for the establishment of new viral fond funds, as well as to the meeting of the second part, which will be in this city.

Popit nadmirniy

- Drinks on comrades and servants, I’m going to redistribute the real need for them. For this I’ll become a consumer market, consume purchasers who will be overwhelmed with unhappy ones, and winery deficiency. At all times, for supporting demarketing, we can reckon on weakening P. n. , coexist so come in, like a half price, a change in a stimulus and a service. For vibrating demarketing, it’s okay to frighten while walking at the name of the dinky dinky market.

Negative drink

- Stan market, for what a great part of them I am ready for singing vitrati I’m glad to see goods for the market. Zavdannya marketing - proanalіzuvati cause vorozhost_ to the given product and the opportunity for additional marketing dіyalnostі zmіniti negatively posed to the product (re-scrutinized goods, lower prices, more actively stimulate).

Drank unelastic

- Drinks, what’s the tendency to get lost indiscriminately, independent on small zmіni price.

Drank maladies

- the part of real livelihood through the marriage of consumer goods was not realized that was unavailable goods and merchandise of buyers. Prikhovov P. n. realizing the purchase of analogous goods, the obvious - to match up to the growth of pennies;

He will drink

- Drinks on Virobi, so as not to be included in the kit of a certain Virobi of greater visibility, which can be used to get this information.

Pops non-rational (ірраціональний)

- Become a marketer, for the kind of purchase of a winery є bazhannya to pick up goods and their services, who want to scream for к ич оди (((narcotic habits, impairment, pornography and other). Coming to marketers - reconfiguring people who’d like to get some good products for another, more truthful things about such comrades and servants, quick and easy access to goods.


- Stan market, for any kind of need for a given product, which is why you need to reach out, season, finish. Coming up with marketing - shukati, how to do it by drinking and drinking will drink after an hour for the help of the infamous prices, special visits and stimulation.

Popov null

- Stan market, for a kind of potency potential for the goods. Coming to market for marketing in the world of ways to control the product of natural products with the natural needs and interests of people.

Optimal drink (up)

- such an oath of sale, so you can be as safe as possible for a given drain the norm and the amount of a profit. At times, one company is guilty of shukati dodatkov_ spheres of acquisitions of their own products and modern izuvizi, in order to ensure that they’re free to lose their competition.

Will pop up

- Forecasts will be consumed by the goods, a kind of nobility before the establishment of price. Method of Visiting: Feeding Potential Buyers and Sellers; control market experiments with the sale of a given product on winter markets for winter prices; forecast that ін.

First drink

- a rhubarb of gross food at all trademarks of a given product; for example, there are servants, for example, gourmet drinks on motorcycles.

Will popit

- Drinks scho vinika на hell of defice for singing goods. The clauses of clause are declared for instability of virological needs and are limited by structural substitution virology.


- drank to the comrade ’s servant, caregivers’ purchases. Vidbivaє secured a small part of the population’s consumption in a particular number of goods and obedies of the services of the singing and living signpost.

Popit povnotsіnniy

- become a market, for a kind of buyer who is not in a great deal of satisfaction and consume consuming goods for sales and services.

Popit pohidny (receipt)

- Drinks on products that are technologically connected with the best goods. Zbіlshennya living with such products is inevitably wiklikє zrostannya will get to receive from her comrade.