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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

Letter "P"

Public Relations

- advertising, popularity, creation of a secret thought about the virobnik product, whose services are not only mid-range potential, but in the press, large organizations and vibration installations, right up to the order. The whole goal is to reach for the help form of the friendly image of the company - imiju. I have a good reason to tell people about widespread ideas about those that don’t get more money from the business (it’s a natural part of normal trading), but it’s good to stay alive.

Parallel product division

- a method of fragmentation, transferring information to other companies and companies, allowing you to save time and efficient robot operation.

"Parasolka price"

- Підтримка цін on the singing rіvnі, established by the company-leader. At a given Galuzi virobnitstva chi torgіvlі "parasolka tsin" zvichayno pіdtrimuє bіlshіst pіdpriєstv galuzі. By the most pleasing method of such training є regulation основ the main virobiki of the galaxy of their own abuses in such a way that you can protect the price of the leader.

First Danny

- Information, information for specific non-specific products.

Redrawn advertising

- advertising, which is necessary for formulating a vibrant drink on a competitor’s brand for another reason for reconciling people who want to shame their yakіst for their penny.

Preparing to contact

- one at a time during the sale process, for a kind of sales agent to reckon to know more about his potential before he, as if he were in contact.

Pidryadne virobnitstvo

- a special offer, if the company has a contract for the release of products from virobniks to a foreign market.

Pіdkhіd for equal labor

- one way before the value of the value of the service is provided, for a company with a separate distribution for different classes and a separate number of trading agents that are available for contact

Cognitive (cognitive) dissonance

- I’m not satisfied with it, because it’s the result of the correctness of the vibrator, I’ll win the message.

Product range of products

- products zroblenі for rakhunok vidhodіv the main virobnitsva, for example, surplus abo rejection virobіv.

Perchove positsіonuvannya

- mercy pidkhid to positsіo

nuvannya, vnaslіdok yakogo kompaniia, її comrades abo torgovі vtrachayut brand in the eyes of spozhivachіv yakus Pevnyi pozitsіyu.

Povna cіnnіst spozhivacha

- the value, for yak of the benefits of a particular living right up to an o'clock hour, if you are overwhelmed by the company’s key, transferring vitrati to sales, sales and servicing of your entire life.

Repeat Data

- Information, even later з, the name for the latest purposes.

Take a look

- Stiіkі ryadatlіbo бо a несп unpleasant otsіninki, almost respecting and ильн ильн ост д предмет предмет предмет предмет предмет предмет предмет предмет предмет ей ей ей ей ей ей.

Podolannya outlets

- one at this point in the sale process, for a certain sales agent who is a visitor of the whole sale and is cross-linked from the side of the assistant to the drive of the purchase.

Position_onuvannya goods for the market

- a complex of stores, managers at home, in Denmark, the goods are strictly to competitive products in the world, in the past and in the evening for the company. Formulated competitive position of the product and detailed marketing complex for the new one.

Product position

- mіssec, yak posіdє dany goods at іnvіdomostі іn good conditions іn similar competitive goods і.

Information Marketing

- Philosophy of marketing, in fact, that marketing of a company is more optimal and more func-


- a person, a yak, without delay, I’m buying, I’ve accepted that ya rіshennya about buying.

Political Middle

- the sufficiency of laws, the prevailing attitudes and structures, how to absorb and objemyut dyalnіst company and okremich osib in this suspension.

Popit azhіotazhny

- an avalanche of indefinite loss, since it’s not enough to lie down in price, because people need to buy in reserve, rely on insuring yourself in the future because of an economic crisis, but if you take off unprofitable pennies. Reasons P. and. - Inflation, growth of national currency.

Will eat bazhanov

- I’ll drink, I’ll take care of the plans for the sale of goods and sales, and the cost-effectiveness and sales.

Drank second

- the situation is on the market, if it drinks on one product, lay down on the other. So, he will drink on the products of the virobiotechnical and technological designation to lay down the food for the preparation of the virobi, the cream, the automobile, the refrigerators, etc., etc. call takozha "drunk on zahist."


- drinking, specifying the characteristics and needs of the service providers, professional workers, promoters, living with them, living in the population, the most powerful organizations, and their internal strength, they need to be empowered.