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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

Letter "O"


- the act of revoking the cloak of the bazhan ob'єkt, the replacement of the ob'єkt.

The image of life

- Understanding, characterizing the special features of the everyday life of people and turning around in their interests, interests and glances.

Inspection of the marketing plan

- an open hand to the marketing plan with a short weekend of basic goals and recommendations, submissions from the plan.

Likewise positsіonuvannya

- pardon to the position, for the company’s position, being brought to the best of my customers, I’m having a better idea about the company, the company is trademarked.

Overnight service kіlkoh nіsh

- strategy, for such a company, I will keep low-priced goods and services, pay attention to the best customer care, and keep up to the high school segments.

Oligopolistic competition

- the small amount of the market with a small number of sellers, the skinny one is great sensitive to the policy of marketing and marketing strategy.


- trade operations, which are two sides. Nevid'єmnі warehouses and operations - two (as minimum) comrades, who can save my time, please tell me what time it is.

About Descriptions

- marketing is done, so that it can be done more precisely than any other marketing problem, situation or market, such as potential product or demographic characteristics and look at it.


- zbirannya of the first tributes, hidden in z'yasuvannya knowledge, glances, consumer needs and special features of buying behavior.

Wholesalers with servicing cycle

- to pronounce that there are no more exchanges for the transference of servants to their post-graduates and students.

Wholesalers with a new service cycle

- wholesale dealers, who will offer you a wide range of services, such as reserve stocks, salespeople pressure, credit, regular delivery and distribution at the cherub area.

Wholesalers, scho to trade for gotіvkoviy rozrahunok і without delivery to goods

- wholesale traders, scho omyut obmezheny assortment of running goods, for example, groceries comrade, igrashki, zasob for looking after the crib, clothes, electrical adjoining, office ownership and working materials. It’s stinky to sell the goods to other merchants and to non-profit merchants with inappropriately paid purchases and calls not to deliver deliveries.

Individuals of infusion

- members of the procurement center of the organization, who are interested in accepting the decision about buying. It’s nice to stink to help you to get a good deal of goods, to bathe, and also to give information, an estimate for alternative solutions.

Individuals, praise praise

- members of the procurement agency, which may be of official or inadequate reassignment for the vibrator of any residual hardened postalnik.

Sales specialties

- Representation of the goods to one customer only, potential customers, healthy sales as a result of direct sales and sales on the basis of sales and the establishment of three-way sales with these customers.


- this is the procurement process, for a company that is kind of good for the post-worker, the rest is free, I agree on the technical characteristics of the product, the need for the best quality, the most accurate terms and the warranty.

Otsіnyuvannya varіantіv

- This is the process of accepting the rumor about buying, on a certain basis, on the choice of vibration, наruntuyuschie on the acquisition of information.

Otsіnyuvannya efektivnostі robots hover

- this is the process of purchase, at any company-buyer otsіnyu є own satisfaction with the robot of the post-master, I accept the decision to buy food, and if you please, please.

Otsіnyuvannya characteristics of the goods

- This is the process of buying, at any company, buying a business card, vibration and technical characteristics of the product.