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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

Letter "N"

Naguvalnaya advertising

- advertising, which is necessary to stash so that they don’t give to their friends forget about the goods.

Extra charge

- the price has been imposed, yaku pay purchases for the great quantity of goods.

Assortment of goods

- zbіlshennya rіznovidіv the product for the rachunov finishing new models to the obvious.

Science and technology middle ground

- force, what to do with the development of new technologies, wise winners of new technologies and marketing.

Nevddilnist servant

- One of the main characteristics of a servant, a yak poleє, is that you stink at once and live. Їx it is not possible to see the dzherela, irrespectively, of being able to rely on the servant by a human or a machine.

Nevpevna kupіvelna behavior

- the type of behavior is valid for an hour accepting a purchase about buying in a situation, as long as the price is higher than the minimum brand of goods is small.

Non-differentiation marketing

- one strategic strategy for the market, for such a company to enter the whole market with a single position, one-time business segments of the market.

Nedovgіchnost servant

- One of the main characteristics of the servant, a yak polyagus, is that they cannot be sold for a fake sale, anyway.

Ambiguously positsіonuvannya

- Mercy pidhid until positsіonuvannya, the inheritance of a person who has a desire to get along with them is confused about the given company, third-party commerce and trademarks.

Nepovnotsіnnі comrade

- Products, scho not toil ni "mittєvoї privablivostі" ni perevag in dovgostrokovіy perspektivі.

Disappointment of service

- one of the main characteristics of the servant, a yak poleє, is that the way you can do it much more strongly depends on the fact that, if, de jakuh nada.

Non-tariff trading bar'єri

- intermittent entry into international trading, secrecy, discrimination of foreign companies, establishment of viral standards, discriminating standards for goods of foreign companies.

Nova procurement

- a situation of health purchases, for such a purchase, given a comrade, or even better servants.

Newbie rinkovih nish

- a company in a yakiy-nebud galuzі promyslovostі, kotra servantsє a small segment, which is our first firm to let out with respect, but ignore.

Stock rate

- the minimum number of material resources, so I will keep you safe and secure.

Nosії advertisements

- Specifically cover widespread information about comrades, for example, for servants, for example, singing magazines, television shows, or radio broadcasts.