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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

Sales Manager

- control є оди, зд зд зд зд зд зд, представ представ представ представ представ представ представ представ продажу продажу продажу продажу продажу продажу продажу продажу продажу продажу продажу продажу продажу продажу продажу продажу,,,,,,,,,,,, оди оди, оди оди є є є є є є є є є є контрол контрол контрол контрол контрол контрол контрол контрол контрол контрол контрол контрол контрол контрол контрол контрол контрол є контрол контрол - control є контрол, зд зд зд с с с представ представ представ представ представ з representatives for sale, at the regional and national rivial season fallow.

Advertising Manager

- a plan к Keru д advertising dyalnіstu vihodyachi z cіley klіntntіv іhіhnіh financial abilities; Coordination of the advertising agency’s development of advertising programs, confirmation of the presence of other issues of mass information, appear at the time of advertisements.

Service Management zbutu

- analysis, plan, spent in life and control of service to the public. Including fragmented strategic and service structures for public service, pre-training, pre-training, training, winery and the sale of business agents, cerulent assessment of the business.

Meta Advertisements

- Specifically, an introduction to informing the singing and auditorium by stretching the singing period of the hour.

Competitive parity method

- a view on the budget of the sums, of the competitive vitrats.

Method for Model Market

- a method that mainly seeks to win basic business, such as comrade of industrial designation, for evaluating the market potential of the city, the region of the country based on the manifestation of all potential purchases for the market.

The method of calculating the index official in zbutu

- a method that is often overpowered by virobods of living goods for assessing the potential potential of living goods.

The method of rasrahunka in percentage to sumi sale

- a drawing to the budget of the investment in the singing percentage viraz vid over-stream vitoru abo vitoru, which is predicted, but as a percentage of the price of the goods.

Method rozrahunku vid gotivkovih koshtіv

- a company’s view of such a sum on the sale of goods, yakon won, on a small thought, may be allowed.

Consolidation method “social security plus allowance”

- completion of standard premium product.

International viddil

- a form of marketing of an international organization, one up to a certain branch of control of the entire international company. Favorable marketing, virobniztva, doslіdzhen, plan and staff to become responsible for geographic or virological recognition, as well as international sales for sales and sales.

Міжринкова Segmentation

- formulated segments with similar needs and buying behavior, living in one and the same country.


- a form of total marketing, for such a company that has its own marketing programs for the consumer, clearly identifies and completes higher geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioral segments.


- officials, tіso pov'yazanі z company_yu; stink vplivyut on її health of servants klіntiv. Up to these officers to establish the company itself, intermediaries, post-overs, competition, value for life and contact auditors.

Microstructure of the market

- personal assistance and personal offer of goods (services) of specific products within the framework of the given product group (for example, automobile of the given company within the boundaries of the foreign market of automobiles). Bagato is important for the segment of the market.

World of readiness to purchase goods

- etapi, so call me to go on a hat to buy, including knowledge, knowledge, roztashuvannya, re-transfer, reconfiguration, buy, buy.


- The style most popular in a particular hour in a song galuz.

Monopolistic competition

- the majority of the market with a great number of buyers and sellers and sellers of one type of product.