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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

Marketing intermediaries

- Firms, scho to support companies in prosuvanni, zbutі і rozpovsujennі goods in the middle of the school. Prior to the settlement of merchandise, there are trade intermediaries, companies, companies with the organization of commodity exchange, agencies with marketing services, credit and financial insurance, establish insurance.

Marketing ros

- Higher information about marketing in the middleware, as an aid to managers to implement and manage marketing plans.

Marketing Plan

- The main tool for marketing marketing policy of enterprises; stink uzgodzhuyut tіlі rinkovo ​​і dіyalnostі і ways to ikh their reach. Including such elements: 1) setting of control indicators; 2) a week-end in-line marketing situation; 3) a change of opportunities and abilities; 4) relocation of problems; 5) marketing strategy; 6) programs diy; 7) budgets; 8) control procedure.

Marketing Principle

- the sufficiency of the business rules of the marketing organization. Before M. p. Enter: organization of virology based on the unreasonable knowledge of the market situation; the effective realization of products and services on the singing markets for the planned obscurations for the terminology; reaching the pre-delivery performance of the virological-commercial commerce at the first presentation of the market for novelty products; One of the strategy and tactics of the violinist with the help of actively adapting to the short-term vimoginku market; formuvannya popit i stimulyuvannya zbutu skinny.

Program marketing

- a system of reciprocal visits, which means that you have to do business at the job hourly with marketing marketing. Form a program for marketing to be presented on a comprehensive presentation of a comprehensive integrated market, to identify current and future needs and to cherish potential needs, including strategic strategies and marketing tactics. M. p. Є with a full-fledged network of small business and commercial services of consumer goods and science-and-technology, design, technology and virology services.

Marketing tactics

- form and realization of the offer for the skin market and for the leather goods for a specific (short) period of the hour for the strategic marketing and evaluation of the continuous market situation for the regular period of time.

Marketing Functions

- the main directions, galuzi, the sphere of marketing activities, in the main part of the normative documents of the company. Golovnі M. f. : analysis of the marketing medium; vivchennya market; development of goods and plans for the assortment of goods; appreciation; organization zbutu, trading operations, savings and prosuvannya goods_v; organizing advertisements and stimulating zbutu; After sales service and assistance.

Markuvannya vantazhiv

- merchandise supply, information, where to find the details of the importer, the number of the contract, the number of the trance, the plumbing and dimensional characteristics, the number, the number and the number of the part and the party. M. century каз in case of transport companies that need to be renovated and for the necessary changes about the problems, because of the venture.

Markuvannya vantazhiv (trader by contract)

- she is a legal person, who has shipped goods to a viral worker who is an exporter of sales contracts for singing territories for negotiating new minds. Zmіna territory realizatsії zdіysnyusnyutsya with written permission of the poster. We shall forgive the right to sell the goods (except for merchants, but for the seller there may be more sellers), vinyatkovim (the merchant for the contract - the single seller for the given territory), vinyatkovim with deletion. The post-hitcher is the product of its own name and for the purchase of a rakhunok kupuє from a virobnikіv product and I sell it for sale. The ways of the winery are recognized by the fallow method of establishing realizable prices: as the price is lower than the realizable price, established by the stoker; books on resale with fixed prices.

Masova Industry

- Industry, for which characteristic is the appearance of a small set of abilities for competitive competitive moves; The skin of such surpluses is even greater and greater than the average value added.

Mass Marketing

- vikoristannya, by the day, of the same product, the method of stimulation and the price is unavailable to the specific consumer needs.

Materials and kit viral virobi

- comrade of industrial designation, which will have the same potential as a virobility process. These include resources, ready-made materials and complete virobi.

Matrix zrostannya / part of the market

- the method of planning a portfolio, which is an important strategic business company, I’ll take a look at the growth rate of the free market and the ideal part of the market for the market. Isnu chotiri tipi SBO: “circuses”, “dyni cows”, “important diti” and “dogs”.

Manager w

- Vidovіdaє for all the solutions for the sphere of marketing, who will relate to the entire viral distribution cycle given to the product, moreover, they need to be divided into a generous plan for marketing, which is designated for securing robotic products, and you need to learn more about them.

Marketing Manager

- Posadova person firmi, scho zd_y-

I’m taking analysis of the marketing situation, realizing plans and controlling functions.