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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

Marketing Development

- marketing for the minds of consumers, to form, for comrades (servants), as long as consumers need this product, they will not be able to realize that they’ll be paid for food. M. p. Hailing scity buy before accepting about buying and formulating an adequate model of buying behavior.

Stimulating Marketing

- marketing activity for the minds of zero nourishment. There are three forms of M. s. : 1) tying the given product to the chi, the servants are up to some kind of need in vipadki, as long as the comrade springs to buy like that, they’ve lost all value; 2) Zmіna ob'ktivnyh minds with such a rozrakhunom, so as to give the goods good value on a given market; 3) a wide range of information about the product, whether it’s the product itself, if the product is null and vikly, it’s okay to reject the product on the market, but if the product is not prepared before the given product.

Marketing of commodity-differentiations

- virobnichtvo two chi kіlkoh goods with different dominions, with a different design, different attributes, with a different distribution, etc.


- Separation of the market for the complete sign, the vibration of the same price and the fragmentation of the products and the complex marketing to the price of the price tag.

Marketing price tag

- the principle of well-informed marketing, one by one until a good company contributes to a large part of its resources with significant value.

Marketing prices

- marketing strategy, which is characterized by the value of products with the help of secured formulated strategy.

Marketing, marketing

- The principle of well-informed marketing, that with some company we must conduct our marketing business and organization з з look at it right now.

Marketing Information System (MIS)

- fakhivtsi zi zbirannya, klasifіkatsіії, analysis, assessment and expansion act-

There is a great deal of accurate information for accepting marketing decisions, as well as more methodological methods for taking advantage of them.

Marketing ability

- An affluent, straightforward marketing gadget; for a specific company, competition can be achieved.

Marketing loop Yakostі

- a schematic model of interdependent types of activity, which can be used to integrate products and services at the winter stages - a visual representation of the need for evaluation of satisfaction. The last transition is one loop and one loop is the following: marketing, business and entertainment; project and separation of virobu, material and technical security; virobiotto virobu; control, vypobuvannya; packing and saving; realizatsiya i rozpodil; installation and operation; technical service and repair; utilization. All the same is repeated in the same postity, and even to the highest level of visibility.

Marketing revision

- comprehensively, systematically, repeatedly and regularly updating the marketing agent, setting up, strategy and operational activities with the help of any problems, as well as the opportunities for further marketing and improvement.

Macro Marketing

- a complex of factors and minds of a broad social plan, which is without interruption in the ability to service marketing. Prior to M., the factor of demographic, economic, natural, scientific and technological, political, cultural nature on the scale of the okrug region can be attributed.

Marketing mikroseredovische

- a complex of factors and umov, which is kind of unceasingly bothering the most of the іnd ogo abilities. All the same business, posters, marketing mediators, salespeople, competitors, and specific audiences (who can show interest before working with them).

Marketing middleware

- the supply of business beyond the boundaries of the company’s sub-sectors and forces, so that you can invest in the development and marketing services of the marketing teams with the most important customers.

Marketing middleware firm

- the buy-in of active sub-entities and forces, which is necessary for the inter-company interactions and the ability to engage in the marketing and marketing services, to establish the best and most effective customer service opportunities.

Marketing audit

- comprehensively, systematically, independently and regularly vivchenchenya middleware, goals, strategy and company with the method of identifying problems and abilities, as well as for a more comprehensive presentation of the plan for the future, directly on the market.

Marketing complex

- a set of marketing tools, as well as control: product, price, methods of distribution and distribution of goods, - sale of special companies to Viktorov for the acquisition of a bazhano reaction of the whole market.


- the kind of dyalnosti, which is one for the other information, sound, buying, and the big deal with a marketer; Information was held to serve for the manifestation and recognition of marketing opportunities and problems; viroblennya, more convincing and otsіnyuvannya marketing dіy; v_dstezhuvannya result marketing dіyalnostі; polypropy rozumіnnya process ceruvannya marketing.