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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

Conversion Marketing

- marketing for the mind of the negative consumer goods, because of the service, if there are most of the most profitable segments of the potential market, you need to offer goods and services for the purpose of entering the market to be ready to carry vitrates. The sutility of M. to. Is reduced to the manifestation of the causes of negative consumption, the fragmentation of the reasons for neutral reasons, and then the form and development of the social commerce (services).

Masovia Marketing

- marketing dyalnіst, tied up with mass media, widespread and stimulated marketing of the same product for all purchases.

International Marketing

- marketing of goods and services beyond the borders of the country, in one organization.

Marketing on the Rіvnі rinkovih nіsh

- formulated by a company offering goods and services, more than one need to meet the specific needs of one or the same market segment, which is often characterized by a lower competitive market.

Marketing science and technology

- specifics of selling and buying results of science and technology, patents and licenses, nature of marketing robots, which is associated with the preparation of licensed and patent materials for the sale of patent rights.

Marketing undifferentiated marketing

- Zernennya fіrmi with the most self-proposition to the full extent of the market for the protection of the average muscularity on one market segment. When I have a company, I will be guided by a good practice and a change in marketing marketing. M. n. not yes the ability to widely protect the market.

Marketing of one-step parts

- Directly arranging please get the sale on the phone, on the other hand, the coupon voucher. For such pleasing positive view on the trade offer є act of purchase.

Passive Marketing

- Establishment of low prices and minor marketing vitrates. For the sake of strategy, it’s almost always possible to lay down in the main form of business, for slightly competitive, great market and good purchases, which make the move to this product.

Marketing pіdtrimuvalny

- marketing dyalnist at razovnogo (povotsynnogo) pitit. M. p. Will need to preserve a wealthy ryvnya drink in every day dyalnostі, as well as constant respect until these dignitaries, who can drink something. When tsyomu discreet tactful zavdannya, pov'yazanі with the correct policy of prіn, camp zbutu, servants soozhuvannyam living well.

Marketing test

- an analysis of the increased market, if the maximum maybut is estimated on the basis of a short-term, geographically distributed sale of a new product and its services. When you have a company, give me a present on one or the other market for a short period of an hour.

Field Marketing

- Interchange of companies with sales organizations, which we will accept comrades and servants for further work, and, as part of the organization, resell to the residents.


- marketing activity for the minds of non-rational consumerism, it is almost necessary to build up to zero. For marketing, demarcation, which is straightforward to change the world’s supreme population, M. p. Buy and sell this product (service) as a whole, you can prevent the interests of suspension (for example, drugs). M. p. Spriaє prinipennyu vipuskuyu goods, yogo viluchennyu, conducting campaigns, straightened against the given goods.

Marketing direct investment

- vivchennya minds zarubіzhnoї іnvestitsіynoї dіyalnostі, bіlsh gliboky i vsebіchny analіz mozhlivostey new robot pіdpriєmstva i Yogo zbutovoї aktivnostі and takozh spetsifіki organіzatsії sale zovnіshnomu market analysis of pіdpriєmstva scho virazhaє Interests materinskoї kompanії, ale funktsіonuє of laws Kraina, de vono roztashovano.