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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

Letter "R"

Rational motives

- more than once, due to a special auditorium, I’ll show how the goods can satisfy the consumer. By the butt of R. m. Є advertising, demonstration of the product, its economy, value and performance.

Reaction to buy

- here’s the process of accepting the rumor about buying, for some reason I’m glad to receive more goods, I’m grateful for some satisfaction or a little dissatisfaction.

Realization Marketing

- the process of redesigning marketing strategies and plans for marketing, come in, directing yourself to reach strategic marketing goals.


- be paid by a specific sponsor, the form of a non-deliberate representation and prosperity, goods and services.

Advertising is mediocre

- advertising on commercial minds, right up to the point of advertising, directly visually advertising function is strictly related to a specific product and specifically firm.

Advertising in Presі

- advertising dyalnist, is established on vikoristannі perіdichnyh vidan as a channel in an extensive advertising beast. R. in p. - one of the most widely used methods of advertising in international practice. Two types of ads: direct advertising (advertising) and indirectly (public: articles, reports and news.).

Advertising vnutrishnofіrmova

- advertising dіyalnіst, straightened to those, so that you can update the number of times in the world with the right. R. ricket. є: business process organization structure; social pіlgi for spіvrobіtnikіv; firm newspaper; vizertseva behavior of kerivnitsva in partnership.

Advertising for Professionals

- advertising dyalnist, rozrahovana on pіdpriimstva і fіrmi, scho viroblyayut іnshі comrade; on pracіvnikіv, scho vіdpovіdayut for procurement ustatkuvannya. The river of the village of Okhotlyu such as the sphere of affairs, such as bargaining and industrialization, state thanks, assistance to the public, protection of health and that, in some ways recommend the comrade of industrial designation and virology. On vidmіnu vіd advertisements for living, r.d.p.chastich vikoristovuє logical arguments and maximum power.

Advertising for

- commerce is addressed to the public and to the immediate population (population), who is informative about the specific and special power of the advertised product and its services. R. d. widely vikoristovє emotsіynі way to pour on the buyer, including the number on pіdkіrkova svіdomіst.


- advertising dyalnist, yak нruntuєtsya on vikoristannі special_drukovany vidan: catalog, prospectus, leaflets, booklets, memos, tabs.

Advertise with me rozshirennyazbutu

- the main area of ​​advertising business, it is tied to the concept of “marketing mix” - coordination of all interchangeable bureaucrats, which will invest in sales; base on the main vivchennі market.

Advertising with the technique of building prestige of a company in suspension

- advertising dyalnist, tisno povyazana z vnutrіshnyofіrmovoy advertising і z vikoristannyam such concerns: contracts with representatives of the Pres; numbed in the presupposition, in order to advertise not immediately goods, but access to goods; the fate of currencies in the suspension of life in the country.

Advertising is commercial

- advertising on the markets of the mainland of Ukraine, transferring to the organization of the shops, advertising sales, sales and distribution of goods and literature, advertising films.

Advertisement Зовнішня

- I have a lot of advertisements, it’s important to bring advertisements to the public, so that I can help you get a good deal of typing, posters, billboards, panels, banners and bulletin boards, setting up mass numbers for people.

Institutional Advertising

- Advertising with the help of corporate identity corporation, and not sell the product to the service provider.

Advertising informative

- advertising, for the help of a certain kind of rinok, we are filled with new information about new comrades who want to understand realizatsii. R. i. to become familiar with this product for the first time and to buy the first product, if you need to know how to learn about how to move and how to create a new product.