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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

Advertising is cooperative

- 1) advertising paid for by the company-virobnik ії Іїї zbutovymi agents (sales agents), tobto dealers and virobnik; 2) advertising, which will finance the number of advertisers (foreign national, local).

Advertising on sale of goods

- Vitrini shops, vivisks in trading floors, packaging.

Advertising on vehicles

- Extensive advertisements in the Republic of Poland for transport interests, such as poster, poster, postcard, baby boy, unshaken. Zabezpechuє bagatorazivstvo vpliva i іzpererevnіst hostility by advertising in the fasting passengers.

Advertising is indirect

- the end of the advertising functions is not straightforward, but in the veiled form, not the victorious direct channels, the wider advertising motives and the non-random, non-timely advertisers.

Advertising is perconvival

- Reconciling one after another to give Daniam Virib herself, to the servant and to pay coup, not to vkladkuyuchi. R. p. Vikoristovitsya on this stage of growth of the life cycle of the goods, if before the firm post is finished filling out the form of vibrant food.

Advertising p_dkrіplyuvalna

- advertising dyalnist, it is fixed on those who want to sing along with the correctness of the vibrated vibrator. For the first time in advertising atrocities, I often get satisfied with purchases, so that I can fill up with these goods. R. v. Vikoristovitsya on this paths of maturity and input into the life cycle of the product for the use of the product and the product for the company, and also for the image of the company.

Advertising pіdtrimuvalna

- a set of advertising visits with the help of a pay-per-click statement on goods earlier than advertisements.

Advertisement porіvnyalna

- propaganda of the overtaking of a specific virabu by a method of unrivaled characteristics with one chiolkom іnshimi virobi within the framework of a given commodity class. R. n. Widely stash in such commodity groups, such as automobiles, tires, toothpaste, deodorant skinny.

Advertising is prestigious, abo firmova

- advertising overpriced companies, as a rule viddnizy ії vіd competitiv. A meta of such advertisements is the creation of a medium volume and usability of active and potential purchasers of a respectable image, reputation, a vibrant image of a company, and then a click on the bi

TV_zіyna advertising

- advertising dyalnіst, tied up with television broadcasting stations. The r.t. permissive to effectively duplicate the voyages of overtaking bagatooh by advertising. R. t. Vidriznyaetsya specific minds transmitting advertising information: a great audience, dynamism, barista, especially that and. For the accumulated teleauditors, one can judge about the market. R. t. - the most widespread type of advertising.

Advertising Trading

- more organizational, technical and economic, natural, psychological and psychological concerns and methods for a wide range of informative population about the power and the extent of trade and trade.

Advertising, scho nagaduє

- advertising dіyalnіst, straightened out on the assimilation of conquered positions on the market for the additional reconfiguration of purchases in dotsіlnostі th further purchase of the given product. To be victorious at this time of the life of the product cycle, for this reason, the purchasers will remember about the product.

Advertising souvenirs

- Corinthians with advertising signs for them, so that they can be handed out to our friends without any cost.


- marketing in situations of low consumption, characteristic of all types of goods and of any period of time.

Referent advertising

- a selection of the initial written version of advertising events for the radio and television on the first information manager and the advertising department, which must be filled out with the advertising service in advance of the financial opportunities.

Reference groups

- groups, with straight lines (at times of uninterrupted spillover) or indirect objects for portions, but not for viewing in the process of looking at any behavior of people.

Rinkova strategy

- the sufficiency of marketing visits, for the help of other companies, maє namіr, to reach the plan for the sale and sale.

Market leader

- Firma, scho to develop, as in Prague, rub your part, not "spoiled choven."

Rankovy pretended t

- Firma, scho to develop, as an active struggle for zbіlshennya their parts to the market.


- sukupnіst usih purchasers of a singing type of product, but servants who are obviously awkward, so potential.

Active rinok

- rinok with a singing look of valuable folders and goods, yak тами ob'єktami of frequent and great lands.

Rinok auktsіonniy

- Rinok, for a certain way of selling the goods, the non-destructible main lane, as well as the valuable folders from the public bargaining, if the buyer is the one who needs to buy the price for the goods.