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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

Rinok vidkritiy

- Rinok, bargaining for something can be done, and prices are appreciated by those who drink it.

Rinok vіlniy i vіdkritiy

- rinok, on someone who wants to drink and do not need to be disheartened and do not form anything price (for the view of the controlled market).

Rinok internal

- the scope of commodity exchange, is surrounded by sovereign cordons; sukupnіst ekonomіchnih vіdnosin goods iorobnikіv і іng with the part і realіzatsії goods.

Secondary Rinok

- a market without intermediaries, for which there is a need to buy and sell foreign land goiters and internal and internal stores after the initial market for the first market. Koshti vid sale should be granted to the owner of a valuable papier (investor), and not to a corporation’s public authority, which will let him go. For commodity plots R. century. є for sale or resale of goods by an intermediary, not the first seller.

Rinok bilateral

- Rinok, at the price of buying and selling.

Two-tier rinok

- currency market with a fixed regime, for a certain one exchange rate є maximum and lay down the other kinds of market forces, and the last - to be regulated by the unit using the online control method.

The rink of the sovereign

- establish the powers to procure or rent comrades and servants, for the basic functions of the core.

Rinok dealer

- a part of the market of the old servers, the rule of dealing with the dealerships, which means that you have the right to receive the latest drink and the need to evaluate the number of the doors to the portfolio.


- Stan the market, if the shares are listed on the secondary market.

Rinok with inadequate drink

- an active and competitive market, for which the great oath of operation and the high school are evidently worth the price of buying and selling.

Curtis Rynok

- commodity market, dealerships and purchases, related to the different forms of non-commercial deposits: legal deposit, system of share and financial control, co-operation with special credit, commercial cooperation scho do not have a very commercial nature.

Rinok zmіshany

- rinok, at a certain price, one is declining.

Rinok Invert

- Rinok, at a certain price for salable goods, food and drinks, for pleasing terms, and prices for goods with the closest terms, buying food for prices of distant positions.

Rinok Inzhinіringovih servants

- the obscene oath of engineering and consulting services, put on a new market. It is important to evaluate through the lack of statistical significance, the greater part of these services is to enter the contract for the construction of the cordon, the delivery of machine-technical products, and the licensed goods, etc.

Rinok Mlyaviy

- Rinok, it’s apparently a little pleasurable and you don’t have to remember.

Rhinoceros of noncommercial organizations

- schools, public schools, private clinics, international organizations, as well as encouraging the comradely and servile suspension to be corrupted by subsidies.

Rinok of the mobile auction

- rinok, de bagato and sellers, buyers, and all the same can play the role of auction (typical stock - terms and funds of the USA).

Rinok shopping

- Rinok, at a predominantly overpriced price to make purchases and de-active purchases to sellers.

Rinok middleman

- trade organization, company and legal entities, who are willing to sell goods and services through the use of offensive resale. The subject of sale is the real product, so the document for the goods and the services. Organizatsionno R. p. Funktsionuє yak birzhі, auctions, fairs, tenders.