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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

Potency potency

- Sufficiency of buyers with similar needs, stoichi to a particular product, whose services, with sufficient resources, as well as readiness and availability of purchases.

Salesman Rinok

- Rinok, at a certain seller may be better than I’m more active and more active, buty to shoppers.

Rinok real product

- Rinok, on which the bargaining is carried out by real goods on the form of the form of financial trading. On R. p. t. I’ll lay it out for the sake of unprotected postochannyam (“spot”), so і z postachannyam in termin, at maybutnymu. Form of organization R. R. t. - auction, pre-contract contract, “telephone and telex rinok”, one-time pleas, tender, real product exchange, etc.

Rinok regional

- rinok, divisions of the singing territory. Territorial distribution of the internal market of the country, as usual, to get into between the administrative administering. At the same time, regional markets can be assimilated behind the most signs, for example, the middle and the next markets, etc. Within the framework of regional functions, there are marketable goods, however, the same can be mother and middle character.

Living rinok

- Rinok, to a certain extent, add comrade and servants for a special residency.

Rinok, scho service

- more purchasers, as if they had already added song goods to the service.

Riven goods carrier

- Lanka middleman, in order to understand the function of the goods and the transfer of power to a new retired lancey centerpiece in front of the last.

River Plan

- a short-term plan, I will describe the current situation, the company, the strategy for Maybutniy, the program, the budget and the form of control.

Rishennya about kup_vlyu

- this is the process of taking the decision about buying, for some reason I actually added some goods.

Rozdrіbnі kramnitsі, scho trade for a Got_vkovy rozrahunok і without delivery

- great kramnitsі with a low level of servicing, so that you can smell a great assortment of goods and give books a great lot of goods.

Shopping malls with obmezhenim servants

- Distribution of kramnitsi, so as to please the customers of the premises of the range of services.

Shopping malls with service staff

- distribution of kramnitsi, so as to please the customers with a wide range of services.

Self-service shopping malls

- razdrіbnі kramnitsі, so you can smell it a little little change of servants, but you don’t feel it ugly; buy self-jokingly, pick up and pick up the goods.

Rozpovsjuzhennya zrazkіv

- impregnation with a small quantity of goods for testing.

Rozpovsjuzhennya goods in the invisible viglyadі

- Zbut the goods on the foreign market without being any kind of products.

Rospodilny Center

- a great automation warehouse, appointments so that you can take comrade in business and ’postalnik’, take in the cloak, effectively оп opratsovuvati ’and yaknaishshidsha post the comrade to the deputies.

Rosrahunok price for the method of direct vitrati plus a profit

- Narrachuvannya standardnatsnats on sob_vartіst goods.

Rozrahunok price on the principle of bezbitkovost_

- Valuation of business meetings for marketing, marketing and distribution of goods for the sale of bazhanoy.

Rosoblennya new products

- the creation of original goods, the launch of new trademarks by the forces of a science-pre-owned company.

Assortment expansion

- Zbіlshennya kіlkostі goods_v, scho vipuskayutsya.

Brand extension

- strategy, for a secondary type of product the brand will be expanded to new products.

Brochure between Victoria stamps

- Successful trademark for the launch of a new or new product in a new category.

Extension between the market

- dіyalnіst fіrmi zі zbіlshennya zbutu for a rakhunka in a day of delivery of the most obvious new goods on new markets.

Rosshirennya family brands

- trademark closure, yak maє success, for the purpose of pronouncing the most beautiful brand name of the highest grade products, the singing category products, for example, new dimensions, the form, color, and packaging terms.

The role of people

- all the succupity of diy, scho ix, very thoughtful, guilty of condemnation of denim individ.