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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

Letter "C"


- A manifestation of people about themselves.

Market segment

- a group of purchasers, in the same way I react to the song set of sponical incentives for marketing.

Segmentation of the market

- I distributed the market to the group of customers with foreign vimogs, the characteristics of the behavior, the ability to see the goods, and the special marketing complex.

Segmentation marketing

- formulated by the company promoting the goods and the service, by a significant number of preferences to specific needs, which should include up to one segment of the market.

Segmentation of the geographical principle

- Distributed the market in different geographical areas: territories, states, regions, districts, cities, micro regions.

Segmentation of the demographic principle

- I distributed the market to the surviving groups behind such demographic signs, such as becoming, a growing social cycle, a living cycle, a busy time, a long time and a long time.

Segmentation for motives for healthy buying and selling goods.

- I distributed the product to the group on the right side, as a supervisor I’ve heard about the product, the actual product is the same as the previous product.

Segmentation for the Stats

- Razpodil a market on a separate group of people for a statutory.

Segmentation of Behavior

- rose to the group after living for a better knowledge of the product, the position before the product, the nature of the past one, for the reaction to the product.

Segment of the Rivne Pributkiv

- I’ve got a market for a group of people, so I’ve got a better way.

Segmentation on pіdstavі vrakhuvannya vіku

- Razpodil a market on a separate group is fallow vіd vіku spozhivachіv.

Segmentation on the part of the vrachuvannya etap_v life cycle

- the form of propounding goods for marketing purposes, so as to enter into fact the fact that with the transition from one stage of a living cycle to the lower consumption, also recognize the change.

Segment on pіdstavі shukanikh vigіd

- Razpodil market on the group vidpov_dno to vig_d, as well as bazhaє otrimati v_d goods, scho add up.

Seasonal low

- lower prices for purchasers;

dismantle mid-season purchases of goods and services.