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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

Selective rozpodil

- More than one, but not middlemen, I want to sell goods to Denmark.

The middle of the call

- Recognize the best practice, do not stay in business (business, organization), and save for more time for more strategic planning.

Power to the gust

- yakіsna size, scho otsіnyuє mіru in the flood of grave, filed for the help given broader widespread.

The system of the above values

- a system that can be stocked up with business values ​​of a particular company, as well as a postal manager, distributor and a customer account.

Systems of a single dzherel

- electronic systems, be careful, if you want to make sure that you’re getting more feedback on television ads (sign up for an extra meter), so you can buy in stores (sign up for an extra scanner).

Skladna kupivnya behavior

- the type of behavior that has occurred within an hour has been taken about buying in a situation, if the world is better, there are more brands of goods.


- direct comrade with low shvidsti zrostannya and a small frequent market, so that you can bring a decent income for your own words, but do not evaluate the article with more serious necklaces.

Social and ethical marketing

- the principle of well-informed marketing, one way to the other company is to take advantage of the sphere of marketing with the right to live care, the company, the lively business and the leisure industry.

Speculative positsіonuvannya

- a request to check with the owners that there was a notice about the company’s capacities, the handling of goods and trademarks.

Specialized Industry

- Industry, within the framework of an important bag of opportunities for competitive competition, you can reach the magnificent rozmіrov and secure a higher level of rotation of the input cost.

Specialized Kramnitsya

- rozdrіbna kramnitsya, I’m going to give my university a group of goods with a great assortment of clay.

Special Come

- Come in, I’ll get along with me to inform the audience of specific issues, for example, for press conferences, ceremonies for more detailed presentations.

Splina brand

- the practice of two home companies is one of the most famous names of one product.

Спільна підприємницька діяльність

- Viad on foreign markets by way of recruiting foreign companies using the method of delivery of goods or services, service or service.

Sleeping Volodinnya

- with the company, in a certain company, to invest with investors on a foreign market through the practice of business. The company є is a partner of the whole company and take care of them.

Spozhivcha cіnnіst

- otsіnna dumka sogozhivacha about the health of goods to satisfy the consumer.

Good living, what to hope

- Rіznitsya mіzh succulent good living price and succulent vitrates of living with me at times otdbannya given goods; Vigoda, right now.

Living rinok

- okremі individuals and sіm'ї, to add comrades and servants for a special residency.

Thank you

- zbіr of the first Danish pid hour, be cautious for people and priests, as well as an intercession.


- the process, the leaders of a kind of ludin’s video, the organization’s internal information, the form of a private picture of their own.

The readiness mill

- a mill, through which it is noisy for a buyer to go through to the moment of acceptance of a decision about purchase: understanding, knowledge, stability, transfer, reconfiguration and health -

dream purchase.