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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

Litera "Ts"

Tsіlі entry to the market

- 1) shvidke penetrated by a new market; 2) gaining maximum income for the minimum Vitratum and the given oath of the real goods.

Tsilovy marketing

- We are directly engaged in servicing one servicing group as a whole group of employees, as a whole we will need any characteristics.

Tsilovy rinok

- 1) more purchasers, who want to have similar needs, but if you have other characteristics, such companies should take care of services; 2) a part of a qualified market, for a certain company you have direct contact with your company.


- 1) supreme product. At the core of the price lies the affinity, the price of a particular product, we can vidhilyatsii vid vid napidnogo drink and proponuvannya, monopoly price

the assertion of that; 2) a groshova sum, yak take the goods for the goods, but a sum of quiet values, as well as an exchange in exchange for the right to voluntary or victorious goods for the goods.

Price "FOB"

- the contract price in the international business, including the goods, as well as the exporter for delivery to the port, including on board the vessel. Rizik vipadkovo zibelі chi psuvannya the goods to pass from seller to buyer at the time of actual transfer of the goods of the ship’s handles to the ship at the unauthorized parties.

Price "FOB-airport"

- Including the basic understanding of the FOB (“securely at the airport”): seller of goitrements to deliver the goods and transfer the goods to the repeated destination at the airport designated by the buyer, to arrange for the first and foremost transfer agreement; Buyer of goiters' obligations to pay for transportation, take the goods.

Price "FOB-ship"

- Including the basic understanding of the FOB (“on board the vessel”): seller of goiters for their rakhunok deliver goods on board the vessel at the navigable port of Navigation and hand over the bill of lading; buy freight, pay for the ship, thank you for selling about small amount of cargo. Rizik psuvannya goods move to the buyer at the time of transfer of goods to the vessel.

Price "FOR"

- Including the basic information on the FOR FORM (“free on rails” French free station): the seller for transporting goods, zantanga at the railway car to the station warehouse, transferring the purchase of transport documents. The buyer will pay the goods transported, arrange all the documents, carry the goods and the goods at the time of transfer of the goods to the transport authority.

The price of "free"

- price, in the event of insurance and transportation of goods to the hour of the first delivery to the designated cordon (Moscow).

Price "ex-wagon"

- the price, including the basic costs, the seller of the products to the point of delivery to the point of transportation by the seller: seller of goiters for their rakhunok replace the car and get the goods in different goods from the different car wagons; to deliver goods to the warehouse warehouse and to obtain a document for the delivery of other goods to the party. Strengthening the moment of transferring the service to the payroll store.

The price of “ex-factory-hitchhiker”

- the price, including the basis for the umpteenth time, for such a seller does not carry the same goiter'zan for delivery of goods to buyers. I’m selling the goods to the buyer in terms and conditions determined by the contract to get the goods purchased in the buyer’s vehicle. The buyer carries all the goods for the goods from the moment they were acquired at the warehouse.

The price of "ex-cordon"

- the contract price for the call for goods, the price of the goods, the cost of transportation and the insurance of the goods for the hour of delivery to the standard cordon (delivery).

The price of "Franco-re-reznik"

- Including the basic umlo clause “for sale”, for a seller of goiter ’obligations to sell the goods at the order of the buyer at the point designated by the buyer, hand over the bill of lading to the buyer, and I will charge the carrier for the transfer; Buyer pay є Vitrati форму form vantazhnyh parties,, vivantazhennya goods. Navantazhennaya will pay for the seller’s lot.

Price of forward lands

- Razvidnoy price at the market economy for the operation on the exchange.

Tsini etalonny

- prices, like showing up at buyers and those who are buying and selling, if you are buying songs to sing.

Цінова еластичність

- mira kostylynostі poitu to the winter price

Pricing on the basis of bezbitkovost (securing a whole profit)

- Establishment of the price in such a way, so as to show Vitrati virobnitstva i prosuvannya goods; Establishment of the price on the plan of the planned departure.

Pricing based on current prices

- Establishment of our priority on the basis of competitive prices, and not on the highest standards, but on the other.

Pricing on the basis of valuable goods

- Establishment of the price on the basis of the value of goods by the buyer, and not the seller’s vitrate.