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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

Litera "F"

Financial intermediaries

- Banks, credit and insurance companies, as well as establish and install, as well as support financial operations, as well as insurance and insurance, and buy and sell goods.

Formula marketing

- sukupnіst chotirokh warehouse warehousing marketing: prices, goods, advertisements and rozmіschennya.

Formula straightforward rozroblennya (FNR)

- Formulation of strategic (forthcoming strains) fragmentation, what about the most vibrant vibrations and descriptions of goods / markets and technology, in order to sober up respect, so that there are some plans to reach.

Fragmentar Industry

- characterized by wide abilities for competitive competition, while the skin is not significant.

Franco-Vantage (FOB)

- smart delivery of goods by road, which is included in the list of services;

Franco Prikordonna Station

- the type of delivery, for a certain type of crawling goiter’s obligation to deliver the goods to a prikordonnoy station, with the help of a person about the process of transferring the first transport document transmitted by the contract.


- the basis is umova postachannya, which is the basis for the procedure for the payment of goods on a monthly basis, I have the legal right to pay, the region has prices for transport, ventilation and distribution.

Franco Umova

- Umova sale, all the way up to some kind of customer’s purchase, without any advance sales, transportation, maintenance and sales, and the product is included in the price.


- Licensing, right to conduct business, reward for song compensation.


- Malovіdoma firma chі dіbny pіdpriєmets, who have won the right of the franchisor to do the job with the trademark і zobov'yazyuetsya to keep up with the standard of yakostі.


- 1) the system is transferred by the detachment to the private company of special rights, privileges, for the victory I will pay a fee; 2) a form of marketing for the distributor of goods, for such a “father’s” company (franchisor), it is solely necessary for the second party to the company (franchise) the right to receive a robotic business at a reserved form for a limited period of time.

Specific Marketing Functions

- comprehensively managing the market and economic conditions, analyzing the virological and productive capacities of the company, scaling up marketing strategies and programs, conducting commodity, price, distribution and marketing management, marketing and marketing services

Functions Market

- Straightforwardly and completely filling out the patronage of people's statehood, business, organization.

Functional book (a book of the sphere of trade)

- Reduced price of goods, which sellers can attend to channels of commodity exchange, like singing functions, for example, sales of goods, yogo zberіgannya i vedennya obl_ku.


- Deposits vitrate with income from the income for security.