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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

Diversification is concentric

- updating the assortment with new virobes, from the technical and (marketing) marketing glance to the most obvious products of the company.

Diversifikatsiya lіkvіdnostі

- diversification of investments for terms with the help of security.


- Різноманітність, Різнобічний розвиток. D. virobnitstva - a one-day roster of bagatochs is not just one for one type of virobnitstva, expanding the assortment of viroblench goods.


- Firma, scho zdіysnyuє overwhelmingly import operations and whitelist as a trader for a contract for sales of the right to sell. D. Pribbavoy realizovuє comrade vid of his name and for his rakhunok that perebuva зв, as it may soundly, at the Ukrainian-importer.

Product differentiation

- Violation products of the company with the best competing products for additional price, capacity, packaging, trademark, and skinny.

Differential commodity

- view of our goods and services as a special, more and more competitive and services, securing for them okremich nish popit. Differentiation factors can include but are not limited to: specific requirements for power, especially available rates, technological transfers, transfers, increased sales, available goods, and the sale of goods and services;

Differentiation price

- Establishing a different price range for the same product in conjunction with economical, natural, territorial and other independent businesses located at the windows of the country, and also look at the current type of product. not.

Differentiation marketing

- one of the strategic strategies for the market, for such a company accepting the benefits of ordering for a segment of the market and for the skin area with propulsion.


- a way of visitor zmіnyuvanih price, so that is ready to pay. Yogo bazhannya pay to lay down my cherb of the structure of the consumer needs and the food they eat.

Dyni Cows

- direct dyalnosti abo comrade with a low pace of growth and a great frequent market.

Marketing marketing

- dіyalnist pіdpriєimstva, company on the market, scho transfer є: more reliably vrahuvannya consumer goods and services; I will become a dynamic speaker; situatsії, scho laid down on the market, and ії development; it is possible to prioritize the consumer market to the consumer market, to the potential and potential supply of purchasers; more active in the form of drink, market of goods and services; control over the minds of the sale of goods and services; to the grouper of reacting to the winter meal.

Marketing service

- complex robots of economical, monetary and financial, planned, technical and viral, zbutovy and pre-character.

Dovgostrokovy plan

- I will describe the main officials ’si, how to get in touch with the organization of activities by extending the offensive rockets; To find the pre-hosted values, the main marketing strategies, as soon as possible for the achievement of goals, and the transfer of necessary resources.

Dovzhina channel commodity

- signify the number of independent middlemen (chi rovnіv rozpodіlu), as the last healthy