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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

to snuff out goods. Naichastishe channels are traveling alone (one intermediary is a wholesale dealer), courtyards (two intermediaries are a wholesale dealer and a dealer), triver (three intermediaries are a great wholesaler, another wholesaler, retail dealer).

Consignment Agreement

- pleasing, for which one side (consignee) of the goiters is to lay down for the hand of the other side (exporter) to please sell goods in the warehouse in the name of the consignor.


- pleasing, for any kind of person, person (commissary), zobov'yazutsya for the hands of the last person (organization), person (part) for the winery, healthy operation for the sale of goods all the same.


- two-sided pleas, for such an organization - the clerk of the deal - to commit to transferring the terms of the organization to the purchasers (deputy) to have the right to promptly receive the products, and the organization to buy the order to pay for the purchase.

Additional materials and services

- comrade promislovnogo priznachennya, a kind of uzagali_ dumb in kintsevoy goods.

Preliminary marketing

- comprehensively up to date, including the main steps: vivchenka market, upvote zbutu, estimation of the current dominance of goods, vivchenchennya advertisements, economic analysis, motivation analysis, analysis of interest.

Forensic Poland

- a way of gaining more information for marketing marketing, of adopting vibro method. There are low galleys, there is no need to pay more, but more efficient, more, more benefits, more benefits, more benefits, more information, more information.

Doslidzhennya pititu

- the first one is for the pre-existing market environment, and the best for the general population: the characteristics of the differentiated patterns of the consumer structure, the group of the non-satisfied consumers, the analysis of the quiet demand, the analysis of the low demand.

Subsequent causal effects

- marketing docs with reexamination of the hypothesis about causal insurance.

Previous rink_v zbutu

- marketing to the market based on the system of faultless information on all aspects of the situation in the inc. The method of machine processing of information and collection of data for official statistics channels is obtained (based on the data of informative computing systems); to investigate commercial information, to appear in periodicals, advertising leaflets and other materials; It’s possible to receive data, to ensure that there are special technical companies, and to select information without any delay on the market for zbut. In the past year we have learned how to use shovnovki most of the main trends in the market and forecasting prospects for zbutu. With all of this, the method of analysis is informative: all the most mathematical methods are used before expert evaluations.

Forensic Market

- an element of marketing achievement, which requires a change in unimportant parts in part of the adoption of commercial decisions. Including such a procedure: z'yasuvannya rozmіru and the nature of the market; a rozrakhunok of the real and potential potential of the market, analysis of factors, which can be added to the market (improvement of specific features of the analysis of the market and regional market, setting the level of the existing market, etc.); segmentation of the market and business type after the main characteristics: vik, become, profit, profession, social institution, misc. pre-requisites of the need for commercial and retail (commodity and consumer) measures, about the service of the market, the presence of the wholesale and wholesale trade enterprises, the provision of security by the trading, folding and auxiliary facilities.

Affordable market

- A part of the purchases, which may be a little way and access to the singing goods, or servants.


- Mira, such as a market segment, which can be used for storage and services.


- A manifestation of the good about the goods, but to the servant.