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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

Letter "E"

Economy Middle

- sufficiency of officials, which can be used to buy and sell goods and their structure.

Economic analysis

- estimation of actual sales, sales of parts, parts of the market and new products with new values.

Exclusive Rose

- nadannya obmezhenіі kіlkostі dealers exclusive rights to the distribution of the goods of the company to the songwriter territory.


- The selection of the first tributes for the auxiliary view of the group of people and the control of the warehouse and the reaction group in the situation.


- Visa to foreign market through sales of products and sales of Abo for the other middleman of the international market (indirect method), but for the help of the most prestigious business, branches and sales representatives of the company ().

Export vіddіl

- a form of international marketing organization, which is stored as a service clerk zbutu and kіlkoh ogo pomichnikіv і zdііsnyuє іvdravlennaya merchandise company for the cordon.

Elasticity of propensity for prices

- an indicator, scho viraє zmіni full-fledged proprietorship, like v_dbuvayutsya at zv'yazku zі zrostannyam price. At times, if I’ve completely changed my mind, I’ve overstepped the growth of prices, then it’s very characteristic that I’m more elastic.


- fence for import of singing goods.

Stage Vivedennya on the market

- This is the life cycle, for which a new product should be left out of sales.

Etap non-West

- This is the life cycle of the product, for which there is less sale of the product.

Etap zrіlostі

- This is a life-cycle for a product, for which a simple sale is likely to be sold, but at the same time it’s unavailable.

Stage Zrostanna

- This is the life cycle of the product, on which the sales of the product can be restored.

Ethnic motives

- I succeed before them if I need to turn around before justice and orderliness of the audience.