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Basics of personnel management - V.O. Khramov

2.5. Consumer and motivation structure

Nutrition of motivation for people with the subject of theory of motivation, which is supposed to stimulate people’s behavior laid down in satisfied needs and hidden in the reach of singing. To that, at the thought of deak theoreticians, praci in the ruined territories of the world is a social norm: lyudina praciu, more praciu us. And the one who doesn’t have a praciuє, put up with underreporting and navigate the contemptible shutters to the one who is more desperate.

Traditsіyna (classical) science about economics respected, with a single motive pracі people like "homo economy" раг pragnennya zarobit pennies. But such a glance after the farewells, a few financially secure people who can be satisfied to satisfy the consumer, if not identifiable with a material good.

Motivate consumption of people with people є subject of psychological psychology and organization, central nutrition of є reciprocity stimulus and satisfaction of the lawyer. There is a special significance for one who has two models: one consumer, one with A. Maslow, one theory with two factors F. Herzberg.

A. Maslow to come up with the basic needs of people can be depicted in a visionary and hierarchical structure [22]. Happily satisfied with the consumption of lower rivnya; if you stink again, but often often satisfied, use the motivational force to consume another one. Schematically, consume and satisfy a complaint, it is possible to pay at the forensic pyramidi (Fig. 9).

Qia model has arrogated strongly criticism. It is true that only a handful of people have come to grips with those who don’t fit all into the structure of the hierarchy, while they cannot be consumed, they need to be laid down in accordance with the type of occupational group, norms, values. In addition, A. Maslow did not hesitate, but the real power of satisfaction is consumed by the need for appreciation of pleasure.

Zgіdno with F. Herzberg, the great man two see the main consumers - those that are motivating and those who can be satisfied with the process. Satisfied with the needs of the people of the Republic of Moldova. As a matter of fact, consume up to some F. Herzberg zarakhovє payment of pratsi, guaranteeing a shy job, I hide the working atmosphere leanly, do not be satisfied, then I have a little sense of dissatisfaction. Satisfaction with the rights of the winners as a result of the satisfaction of the motivational needs of the business, self-reliant, indefinable. Schematically, the theory of F. Herzberg can be levied on a camely fig. 10.

Ієrarhі consumer demand from A. Maslow

Theory of two factors F. Herzberg

Fig. 10. Theory of two factors F. Herzberg

Significant factors lie with significant significance in the process of employment, at that time, as a motivation, they were laid without interruption in the country. For greater productivity and winnings, there is, of course, a need for satisfying the needs of the consumer and an interest in satisfying the motivational needs. The position of the bullets is rooted and updated empirically, however, the results are scientifically brought to the forefront.

Interviewers mean that it’s important in practice to analyze motives for the most direct personnel management, but not for important significant motives. The specific structure of motivation is individual to lay down a view of people, social status, family status, social security, and roboticness in the organization of income generation.

Protezlidzhennya іndivіdualnogo motivational structures at the boundaries between organizations (for example, through the provision of financial assistance) can be respected by the tool of clerical personnel management.


Ozhe, the main hassle of the hassle-free personnel management is the following: identification and identification. It seems more practical, optimally realizing one’s own values, almost reaching the goal of virobnitz.

Inter-personnel management is recognized as personnel policy, such as warehouse policy and personnel statehood.

Nosyami personnel policies є, from one side, the core organization, and from the first - prazniki.

Kadrova’s policy is healthy both economically and socially, and it’s easy to frighten me (I want to have peace) with a good staff policy. In order to reach the personnel policy in the organization, we must fix special tools, which can be used in order to get enough value for the process and need to be motivated by the principles.

The motivator of the practitioner and the motivation behind the auxiliary business tools is the subject of psychological psychology and organization. The most important theorists are food supply з A. Maslow and F. Herz-berg.

Control food

1. What are the sub-activities of the personnel policy of the sub-sectors?

2. Yaku role in personnel management vіdіgraє іdentifіkatsіya?

3. Do the tools in the corridor of personnel?

4. What can people like mothers have the same motives?

5. Yaku main thought laid in pyramid consumer A. Maslow?