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Basics of personnel management - V.O. Khramov

3.4. Management Method

At the boundaries of the methods (concept) to management, the effectiveness of the transfer of the “human factor” is transferred more effectively, the main reason for them is the “management of human resources” [19; 20, rozd. 6].

The methods and methods of management often get used to the goals and methods of management, so you can transfer the rules of conduct and set the rules for personnel management, although I want to know how to manage the organization. The methods of management are characterized by the elements of conceptual management of organization and personnel management. Let’s see the main methods (concepts) of management.

Viznazhennya vinyatkovyh situations

For the sake of conception, we must introduce the leather complex, as well as the complex of singing and self-management. Tiles from vinyatka vipadki, if there is a vidhilennya in an delivered set, to be transferred to the hands of a vstavno іnstancії in the process of taking a rіshhennya and an overload.

Meta to the principle of a pole in that, how to organize the organization of routine robots; the transfer of information on the recognition of goals and competencies, as well as an indication of the super-situations (so called critical values).

It’s more problematic for those who have a good understanding of what is important to distinguish between sound and supranational situations.

Viznachnnya Tsіley

The main concept of management is to lay the system of principles, the structure and the principle. The organization and the bottom lines of management at once scribble the read and complete the concept of goals, I’m not guilty of the presence of unsubstantiated subcents, right up to the last instants. Promote the number of sub-months to get so much for each other, for example a leather one, for sure, taking a lot of water out of the reach of the main organization.

A meta-meta to the management method is that in order to "rozvantazhiti" kerіvnitsvo organization, having obtained it through the process of realizing (ale not formulated) goals. Freedom of dyy, yak іsnuє for such a method, ma ¬ dvishchuvati motivation іvrobіtnikіv і razvivati ​​іhnyu іnіtsіativa.

Problems can be won over again, if the cerious people get involved in the lower rules and authoritarian order, they recognize the values, as well as at the time of the conflict.


For such a method of management, the weekend will be visited, rewarded and vіdpovіdalnіst for vikonuvanu robot delegated to the lower level. A meta-method to the method of development is almost identical to the maximum possible realization of maximum health. The head of the kerivnik is the familiarity with the control and health control.

The delegation of the function of routine robots and the adoption of simple solutions. Kerivnik can dedicate his working hours to complete control, which is why the most important thing is to convey the best practice.

Prote delegation is possible only for singing. And the responsibility for managing and lying on the core, at the link with which you can wait, you can get in touch with the sphere more importantly. Vіrogіdna nezbezpeka bureaucratization, as a rule described posad and directives zadadto details detailed. For this reason, wait a second time to find the numbness of the system, which can be used to tempt the shvidke to react to winter (for example, time and time resolution; development of design groups).


For the sake of conception, it is grounded on what motivators are willing to do, as much as possible are self-fulfilling within their own organization, to identify themselves with it and to strive to reach their goals. At the intervals, the method of motivation for satisfaction requires the use of respectable self-esteem and freedom of maneuver. Before the representatives of the company to put a gray note and to wish for positive feedback of the letter.

For motivation in the organization, there is a system of incentives, such as the transfer of pennies, the most important social policies and the most effective work.

Analyzed methods to grind on the backward character and do not, by themselves, endorse the Unified Management Concept. Okremі method Mayayu deyakі spіlnі oznaki. For example, more efficiently delegate more than you can for readings of the show. Management viznazhennya vinyatykovyh situations of the most powerful, if delegated re-singing.


From now on, we looked at the most important components of the personnel management system, to the point where it should be included, the principle and management styles, as well as methods of management.

The principles of managing may of roses are clear. You’ll be able to recognize the foreign interconnected behavior and management of the company and the management of the company, to close the management of the company and the public.

For healthy personnel management, the organization of the organization is in need of management. Of these, yak_ without interruption are victorious for management, they are called straight. Prior to them, delegate responsibility and covenant, negotiation in the team and the lack of interest, criticism and service, service visibility and control over the results of the robot, information and communication, directives and orders.

Until indirectly managing to establish the characteristics of planting, evaluating the workplace and the specialist. It’s stinky to have an organizational character, to absorb the process of personnel management. On management, also informal groups and a working atmosphere are absorbed.

Managed style of visnacha vidnosini kerіvnika and pidleglikh. At the time, the singing continuum of management styles was taken as the basis, to some extent lay down, secrecy, authoritarian and cooperative styles.

Methods of management include imagining part of the spectrum of all management issues - setting goals, delegating goals, motivating and managing in extreme minds. Often stink close to the serpent and demand a docile combination.

An important combination of efficiency and management is the optimal combination of common parts. The main management style is to recognize the vocation of singing interests and the management method.

Control food

1. What are the parts of the personnel management system?

2. Take care of management. Who is the reason for the direct involvement in the management of the indirect?

3. Reasons for the winnings of informal groups. Is Yak Nezbezpek tied to this?

4. What does the continuum of control mean?

5. What is the reason for the idea through management?