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Basics of personnel management - V.O. Khramov

Chapter 4. Outreach to staff

The development of staff, the view of the training of young people are important.

4.1. Qualification kerivnitsva

Indicated the position about the management style, sober the management of personnel so that they can have a shameful, inconsistent character. Prote kerivniki, who manage the staff, order of subject matter management, management of rozv'yazyut manure personal kerivnitsva people. The very same thing, another aspect of praise for managers and discussions, and discussions about those who can "get a glimpse of the cursive", who wants to give birth to people, do not quench anymore (they didn’t give concrete results).

As a practice, the manager’s qualifications are stocked with problems, adherence and prior management.

Hailing to control cannot be completely invoked, it can be explained by such special motives, as it is very frustrating, respectful, ambitious, clumsy by robot, penniless.

Due to the manifestation of the necessary crank grafts, which means that they can be added to specific robots, the number of empirical digits, the boolean, the proto, did not give representative results. At the present time, management has violated the following basic characteristics and health of the core:

• health is strained;

• Intelligent;

• health to the independent judges;

• Health and safety;

• special practitioner;

• Intuition;

• self-control;

• creative pidkhid;

• vіdpovіdalnіst;

• reconfiguration.

Surround the environment and the health of the skin in the corpus curliculum in a different way, and to see the "ideal manager" is impotent.

An important and familiar sign of qualification of cherries, which is important for the specialty, is the basis for the development of such brutes, as is reconfiguration and health. On the other hand, by the way, the form of appropriation to the core robots can be especially useful.

The behavior of a curious person means that it’s overly important to be special, as it’s practically unfeasible to go for the different methods of training (group training, developing creative potential and sensitivity). In addition, in practical behavior of the corpus, it is necessary to become aware of the specific situation and vidnosiny spivrobіtnikіv.