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Basics of personnel management - V.O. Khramov

Chapter 5. Ineffective management

5.1. Mainstream Organizations

After an hour, there were frequent vipadas, as long as the organizations (firms) rely on the crisis site, but they are bankrupt. Priklad_v tsoogo can bring bagato. Well, why could the cause of the collapse of the company?

Economy and suspension, in some ways, organize, characterized by permanent changes, so that it is unstable. On the cob of the 90s rock XX century. In the most distant lands of the country with new ideas and know-how, they have come across virtually insatiable markets. Non-grievances are drunk by securing good luck and fast development.

Nineties in the powers that have been approved on the terms of the indigenous SSR, the situation here is such: insignificant markets, active foreign competition, intensified competitive struggle, active involvement in social and economic development.

A successful rosette is rewarded with a stable and unsecured item. Change models of people’s attitudes. For example, understand the "authority" and the "hierarchy" in a straight line, lower the message of another communication.

For the conservation of organization in such minds and the successful management of it, it is necessary to secure the process of updating the virobluv products, services, technology, organization and management.

5.2. Ineffective Management: Causes of Situation

Pardons are allowed at the be-organization: assessment of the market situation is incorrect; a new product may appear unpromisingly skinny. Protech the collapse of the organization zooms in is not okremi pardons. Crisis (and in the big hit - crash) vinikaє tolki at times repeated repetitions of pardons and take the wrong rishn.

Ineffective management means that you need to take the right decision, but the need for the market.

Probably the main reasons for crisis in the organization:

• funeral arrangements for strategic planning conceptual approaches;

• amateurish pidkhid before management;

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• nevmіnnya correctly put the values ​​in front of the traders and those who are in danger;

• absence of control.

Ineffective management сл on the basis of pardons and accepting the wrong decisions of specific people - the manager is not the best company, but not the result of a fatal situation.

Negatively absorb the following situations on the management:

• if there are firms, like a three-hour hour, they efficiently, go on retreating for old recipes, just as long as there’s a lot of criticism, but not a lot of criticism, but if you’ve got more time, you can extend the power;

• Firms may be a “bureaucratic” apparatus, which, as a rule, is dominated by great organizations, the structure of these organizations has uncontrollably expanded, and there are many non-economic organizations of all kinds;

• at kerivnitsvy viduvatsya fight for moisture, іsnuє unhappiness vrozhіst, zdіisnyєєsya in time єєmene blocking the rush, panum, cumulative bail;

• Vlad is clouded by the fact of power for lack of control; All of these often hang around in family companies, as a rule, hairdoers (or rather slow) repair the robot, if they’re too young, they don’t have to know the rest of the knowledge and control, realize their thoughts in an authoritarian order without control;

• general conceptual approach to management, a more effective management style, lack of information, not to take part in the decision; on the whole territory of Ukraine in other cities; відсуні віразні цілеспрямування.

For dear companies the power to immediately disclose short descriptions, through the first day and the next and the second, the second, the manager and the manager. Such companies are unprofitable, they try to fail, middle-time ones move in the middle. In fact, crises are often tramped around in such companies, while in the biggest group there’s a drop-in of their checks and their sales. Especially often cryzy vdbuyvayutsya on family companies as well as average organizations, as their specialties are capital, as a rule, it is not large, whose banks and postals can be spent on nihdoviru.