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Basics of personnel management - V.O. Khramov

5.3. Learn at the pardons

As a rule, crises tramp in the know, that’s why it’s ineffective to protect them. The reason for the crisis is that the fault for the wrong policy and inefficiency is to lie at the core of the company, and criticism cannot be criticized.

For the prevention of crisis, companies regularly need to organize discussions of a strategic plan, such as guiding them for interworking robots, it is possible to follow robots beyond the boundaries of organization. With the help of such discussions, I can discuss the situation of the situation, which has evolved, recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of the firms and the concept development for the middle pre-term perspective.

Urakhovuychi perelichenie pardons and situations, as negatively designated for management, you can know how to remotely manage. Signs of effective organization:

• Dovgostrokov strategic planning plan;

• Read real virology;

• emphasis on victorious strengths;

• collective management;

• a detailed kind to staff and the development of a young winter servant;

• marketing, marketing;

• forecasting of maybutnogo preparation;

• the main organizational structures of the innovation structure of the whole team;

• lively criticism and criticism.


Ineffective management has become more and more available to us, having adopted more effective decisions, as well as having taken more decisions and not being able to do so at once. To that, it’s not necessary to read out only those on someone else’s admission, but on the most powerful pardons.

Control food

1. The main causes of crisis in the organization.

2. What negative situations can be negatively spent on management?

3. Signs of the crisis of efficient organization.