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Basics of personnel management - V.O. Khramov


Єuninitiality - the organizational principle of management and such a form of organization of the system and management of the viola, as long as the prince of one of the most unbroken chief. For such a kerivnik system ер one-headed organization, a certain right to praise the name of one’s own organization ов legally obov'yazkovі rishennya; I’m talking to the special person, I’m personally responsible for the activity of the organized organizations.


Security guarantee of employment - the problem of personnel management in the organization. Deykі kerіvniki navіt not bazhayut to see the problem. Stink vvayut, scho in minds rinku p_dpriєmets himself vir_shuє whom zvilnyat. However, most of the cer- tics of the organization check out the rules of readiness and readiness for productiveness, the possibility of efficiency and the possibility of guaranteeing the protection of robots. The Japanese pre-paid hire system is one of the forms of guaranteed borrowing. Nin іn svіtі pіdvishchuіtsya іnterests to guarantee zaberezhennya robots. This is caused by such reasons: fear of losing the goal of the nervous environment and reducing the productivity of praxis; fear, shch zososuvannya new possession of prized to haste working shy, to cause galvanovany technical development of virobnitzva; visoka plinnіst pracіvnikіv is expensive, especially for organizing staff with high qualifications.

The protection for the profession - the amusement of the people of the land to the right to sing, see the performance of political motives. In deyakii kraїnakh svitu person, yakuyut to work, guilty pass and turn to loyalty from the side of the sovereign houses. All the super-right to the right of the population to wipe the kind of dyalnosti irrespectively of the form of vіrospovіdannyy y rekonan. Inodіz of organizing zvіlnyanyayu pracіvnikіv, politichnі look, they are not satisfied with the water.

Parkinson’s law is to keep the oath of robots in order to take care of the world, such as taking an hour, visions of the Holy Week. Sosterigayuchi for the work of the sovereign attitudes, Parkinson pomitiv, scho officials to scare zbіlshiti kіlkіst pіdleglikh.

Zamorozhuvannya hire of new people - a method that makes it possible to administer by changing the number of employees for the staff of natural change for staff and vacant posad. All the indicators of the work of the organisation, the more natural the staff is to change, as a rule, for the retirement fee, the number of employees, and the other may be able to wipe the robot. The result of such personnel policy in the organization of the winery is a deficit of qualification specialties.

Intercessor of the director of human resources management (personnel) - an employee , a kind of human resources personnel working in the following personnel management cycle: review of employees prior to their first appointment in the organization. Yomou pіdporyadkovanі takі pіdrozdіli upravlіnnya personnel: vіddіli kadrіv, navchannya, organіzatsії pratsі that zarobіtnoї pay, sotsіalna service that INSHI vіddіli sotsіalnoї іnfrastrukturi, vіddіl receptionists pratsі that tehnіki BEZPEKA, laboratorіya sotsіologії, vіddіl NAUKOVO-tehnіchnoї Informácie that іn. Intercessor of the director of the organization with personnel management I will confirm the status of the director of the personnel management service, applications for the next part of the meeting with the proposition of structural members, the main part of the program; graphs of health; graphs of chergovostі vіdpustok pracіvnikіv service personnel management; Instructions of safety technology; applications for university graduates, technical schools and middle primary mortgages; staff lists of services and structural organizations; position about payment pracі; planting and instructing the personnel of the personnel management service; graphs of re-knowledge of knowledge and special services; exams for the conversion of knowledge of knowledge and special services; position about the assessment of the dіyalnostі spіvrobіtnikіv; graphs of robots for industrial organization; Acts about rozslіduvannya extraordinary vipadkіv. Patron Director of upravlіnnya personnel pіdpisuє mandates about priznachennya, peremіschennya that zvіlnennya kerіvnikіv i spetsіalіstіv (krіm direktorіv fіlіalіv i zastupnikіv direktorіv organіzatsії), about zvіlnennya of torn down trudovoї that virobnichoї distsiplіni, priznachennya Relief zhіnkam, SSMSC toil dіtey vіkom to troh rokіv have furrows zatverdzhenih koshtorisіv; about the material for the juvenile at the boundaries of the fixed costors; about nadanny vidpustok zі zberezhennyam that without zaberezhennya salary pay; hand-in-hand documentation; hour of registration; documentation for the wage payment for helping mothers, so that they don’t prate; punish nadanny one-time vinogoroda p_d hour leave for retirement; about the beginning of the practice of organizing; about the organization of practical training for university students, technical school students and vocational schools; about the approval of kvalіfіkatsіynih komіsіy; Introduce punishment, prepared by service personnel management, as well as maintain their competence; Agree with institutes of secondary qualifications, primary combinaries and primary mortgages between fixed koshtorisіv; arrange agreements with science-institute institutes and organizations for the weekend of science-affiliated institutes; punish the hardened staff, the use of vidpovidnymi services and pidrozdilami; provision on payment of rights, special services and other services of the personnel management; rozrahunkovі vіdomostі social social insurance; bonuses, payroll and social insurance; to the service of correspondence and telegrams; statistical soundings; applications for a downdown of scientific ustatkuvannya, rules, methodical informational literature, technical concerns for the protection of children and children; negotiate a sanitary treatment of the processing organ; a comprehensive plan for the protection of the minds of the public health and health visits. Intercessor of the director with human resources management and the director of the organization of nutrition about the appointed director of the file and the intercessor of the director of the organization; organization of the beginning and seniority of the organization behind the cordon, lines and programs of the beginning of the next management; іz the intercessor of the director of economic nutrition - koshtorisi income i vitrat, vikoristannya koshtiv fund; іz the intercessor of the director of commercial nutrition - security service management staff office equipment; іz directors of files - points of a collective agreement, staff list, a plan for the prospective development of the number of employees and pay the price, structural costs.

Zvіlnennya pratsіvnikіv umovne - ekonomіya robochoї Sealy (skorochennya required in nіy) in rezultatі vdoskonalennya sistemi upravlіnnya, poєdnannya profesіy, pіdvischennya produktivnostі pratsі that obladnannya, sidetracked ekspluatatsіyu novih ob'єktіv, pogliblennya spetsіalіzatsії that rozshirennya kooperatsії virobnitstva, skorochennya rіznih vitrat robochem hour, zmenshennya labor costs of products, a permanent job for the Fund for working hours, and a short time for the standards. Also, the highest number of hours, the highest value of the working hours, and the foregoing reference to the highest productivity. Due to the magnitude of the low labor productivity, it is not a single hour of work, but a middle school (smart market), but an average monthly staff. This indicator is of great importance for increasing the effectiveness of virology, moreover, satisfying the consumer needs of products without having to add more labor resources, as well as for re-distributing the regional victorious personnel.

Zlozhivannya by the service camp - I want to go to a special place, because I want to go to a number of service departments, it’s unlawful, but I must not be guilty of it. The motive is the malignancy of the service camp є pragnennya posadovoi individuals to possess the main character of non-mine character.

"Gold of hands" - a method of stimulating voluntary ringing with an organization zavivih pracіvnikіv. We plan to call on the priests to receive additional compensation and pay for the help, even if they are significantly higher for official transmission at the same time. In addition, I will give you the opportunity to unanimously apply for help through the need for professional advice and denying your permission to possess, as well as mother freedom for the candidate for the call.

"Golden commerce" - high qualifications and special services, which can be as good as your professional knowledge.