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Basics of personnel management - V.O. Khramov


Іdentifikatsіya (vid lat. Identificare - ototozhnuvati) - ototozhnuvannya іndivіdom yourself with іnshoy people, a group of people, a collective. Identification of the need for people to learn more about the activities, to learn the norms of behavior and social values. Identification - as well as the need for the same people, the health, the skills, the abilities, the people for the living, I have the opportunity to do it separately on the subject of otx ototozhnuvannya).

Ієrarhіya (vid Greek. Hierarchia - sacred vlada) - the order of the lower villages, the church, the organ we see.

Ієrarchіya of values ​​to the staff - steps in ordering motives, in order to understand the principles to effective dіalnostі. At СІА, this is how the values ​​of the personnel become: 1) the work of the robot and the recognition of the specialty of the outward; 2) justice estimates from the side of the roof; 3) the opportunity to take a brother’s fate; 4) stability of employment in the company and the prospects of service growth; 5) rozmir payment pracі. At the territory of the country at the beginning of the period of development of the values ​​of the personnel, the staff will always be able to.

Instance - a right-handed embrace with order and order; Institutional staffing and professionalism. Behind the support of the establishment of an organization, I hope that the structure is structured. The instantsiya may be personified by the same number of people behind the camp of persons.

Іnteres - rushіyna force sub'єkta, yak based on the material and moral foundations rіshen і dіy; the real reason for social events, yavisch, yak perebuvaє posture motives, ideas, namіrams skinny.

Information brokers are intermediaries for the market of information services, as well as service for a good customer, but not a little thing for information.

Information about the staff - consistency of operational operational features, as well as processing processes for personnel planning. Information about the staff may be given to such vimogs: simplicity (information is guilty of such an oath of allegiance, which is necessary for a skin-specific vipad); randomness (in general, you can give it to such a person, so that you can get it on very quickly, but not to take it for a bag; for the whole word of understanding and illustrative material); unambiguity - vіdomostі povinnі buti zrozumіlі (material maє buti semantically, syntactically and logically unambiguous); Porvnanny_st - in all cases guilty ones are guided in the single units and are in contact with them (as the average number of organizations, so called); offensiveness (about the cadre, like giving out for open watch periods, asking for the same methodology, submitting in the same form); relevance (vіdomostі mayut bout svіzhimim, operational and their own).


Kadri is not socially economic, but the political problem; the warehouse of the social management system is important.

Personnel virobnitstva - practitioners who are busy without any delay from virobnichnomu processes on the main working tasks, and service staff. From the first class to violate the main principles, additional servants, young service staff, students, and general guards.

Personnel quota - centralized, the number of singing categories to the staff, on the part of the disabled, young special staff, as well as the possibility of receiving, the number of employees received, the additional remuneration is paid.

Personnel policy is a system of management decisions, for some reason they are formed, different roles are required, and systems for managing human resources are secured, realization of national interests, and management of specific functions are required.

Personnel practice - a system of skills, methods, forms and methods of personnel robotics, which are fragmented and stiff in practice by the practical state authorities that control and organize organizations.

Personnel of the robot - the dyalnost of the state bodies, the governing body of the okrimich organization, the human services and the environment of the rivals, the yakram is fixed on the implementation of personnel policies. Warehouse personnel robots - form of personnel management system; HR planning, recruitment, recruiting, and recruiting staff; business assessment, professionalization and adaptation to personnel; make-up and prosuvannya frames, as well as management of the car; motivation, organization of practice and security of personnel for staff; management of innovations in personnel robot; the establishment of a normal psychological situation in the collective and that.

Kadrov’s service to the sovereign body –– the representative of the sovereign body, which has the following functions: 1) to secure competitions for the vacant posts of the sovereign service, attestation, storage by the sovereign service employees for the provision of the necessary services; 2) I will draw up the decision of the sovereign bodies, due to the passing by the sovereign services of the sovereign service; Keeping special reference of the state services; to rob the necessary records from the workbook of the state authorities; 3) a consultation of the state services with power of the legal establishment, pre-matrimonial servicing, and the obligation of the state service; 4) analysis of professional training of state services, organization of professional training and professional training.

Personnel Planning - the dyalnost is determined, the awakening of a certain pole in the abovementioned working hours at the necessary moment and at the most necessary state, the most necessary organs. I will look at the productivity and motivation of work to preserve the best practices, optimally improve their health, ensure the effectiveness of their practical work, and take care of them. Personnel plan for health in the interests of the organization, as well as the staff. For organizations, it is important to take care of them at home, at home, at the same time, such personnel are provided with a specific qualification, and are necessary for the provision of a large number of jobs. Personnel plan guilty to do something to think for motivating healthy productivity. Pracial satisfaction. Pracіvnikіv to take pleasure in the future before working, there are some things to do to develop their health and guarantee a high and fast work. Personnel plan guilty verkhovuvati іnterestsi vseh prazіvnikіv organizatsії. It’s very effective, if integrated into the zagalny process of planning in the organization. For additional staffing plans, such nutrition is available: skills, practical skills, and cost-effective; how to get the necessary and quick loans staff without skoda; more beautifully, by the way, personnel are always up to their health; How to save the time frame for the weekend of new high-tech work and knowledge to the staff for the real-time needs of the organization; some vitrates demand scheduled personnel come in; I’m sure that the staff planning plan will be realized as a success in the complex of interconnected teams, and the staff in the operational plan of the robot.

Personnel consulting - consultancy services, who are rejoicing in curvilines and special services, organizing work with staff. Personnel consulting engages in specially organized organizations.

The personnel officer is a specialist of one of the personnel management services. Often, a personnel officer is called a personnel officer of an organization.

Personnel investment - Vitrati organization at a penny on the staff and development. Personnel іnvestitsії look at the advanced companies svіtu yak nayvіgіdnіshі, so shcho shvidko pay off. The effectiveness of the personnel management services of the organization is to evaluate the payback line, the contribution of the personnel.

Cadre knowledge is science, a way to enter the system of governing sciences, staff and work with them in the sovereign bodies, suspensions, science and science, primary, viral and other organizations. The central goal of personnel knowledge is to devise principles, forms and methods for training, preparation, work and education and special services for the achievement of strategic goals of the state and the organization.

Kar'єra-bliskavka - the line to reach success, a high camp.

Kar'єra is vertical - a view of kar'єri, with such a good opportunity to understand the understanding of the business, the fragments of the whole vertical ruby ​​are better. Pіd vertical car'єroj rozumіyut pіdіymannya on the most beautiful plate of structural ієrarkhії (pidvishchennya in posad_, so as to be supervised by another payment of payment).

Carrier internal organization - a type of carrier, if a specific person is required to complete their professional development process: start, enter the workplace, receive professional training, and have Kar'єra internal agency may be special and non-specialized.

Kar'єra is horizontal - a view of kar'єri, which means transferring to the main functional area of ​​the civic role, a small non-formal formal structure, and a wider number of civic structures. Up to the Kar' горизонтальноri horizontally, it is possible to grow wider and quicker to turn on the front axle (as a rule, with an adequate winter vineyard). Understanding "car'єra horizontal" does not mean neodmіnnі і postіyniy rukhogu uphill in the organization іієраріії.

Kar'єra dіlova - the advancement of special features in the be-y sphere of dyalnosti, winter skill, power, professional ability and rozmіvі vinigorody, due to the fact that dyalyalist; pushing forward with a slash; Zdobuttya of glory, zbagachennya (for example, the abolition of great respect, respecting status, prestige, power, payment of benefits). Kar'єra dіlova - not the only reason for service. You can talk about some kind of straightforward thing to do, dyalnostі (manager’s career, sports, manager’s career, student’s career). Zhittya Lyudin pose robot іstotno vplivaє on dіlovu kar'єru, Je її Chastain. Kar'єra dіlova can be repaired by formulating sub є actively ascertaining the most powerful judges of the Orthodox Church about their work Maybutna, revealing the hats of self-expression and satisfaction with the prace. It seems more, Kar'єra Dilova - a person who is indivisibly identified with her position and behavior, she is bound up with labor and social security with a stretch of labor. See the car’s business: internal organization, internal organization, professional specialization, professional non-specialized, vertical, horizontal, associate (prikhovanny), academic part. In the process of realizing your car, you will need to take care of the professional and internal types of car, as well as update the following: securing direct planing of car’s for a specific person with a method of adjusting specific needs; securing the process of managing the car’s process; Usunennya "carrnih deaf paths", if it is practically mute abilities for development of a specialist; pіdvishchennya yakostі planuvannya kar'єri; the form of the most important criteria of service development, which are stiff in specific car’s decisions; vivchennya car'nogo potenziali spivrobіtnikіv; secure primed estimates of potential potential benefits through the use of unrealistic benefits; visnazhennya nobility of service zrostannya, so that you can satisfy the needs of the staff in need at the necessary moment in the hour at the necessary time.

Kar'єra of an associate center (shewn) is a type of kar'єri available to an obezmenennomu stake, so that, as a rule, it’s possible to have a wide range of sounds, pose, organization. With the help of a docent docent, I’m straightforward to the core of the organization’s organs, on the other hand I’ve requested the most important informal, I’m more important, I’m more important Such an official may come to one row in one of the organizations, pay the payment for transferring the winery for the work for the settlement, Yak vin obіymaє.

Kar'єra mizhorganizatsіyna - view of kar'єri, if a particular person is required to attend one of these professional steps: starting, starting a job, professional working, paying attention to your business needs. Tsya kar'єra can be special and unspecified.

Kar'єra professional is unspecialized - a kind of car'єri, extensions in Japan. The Japanese have reconciled, scho kerivnik is guilty of a buti specialist, scho zdniy praciuvati at the be-yakіy dilyansі company. On one’s service table, Lyudin’s mother is able to analyze the company’s third side doors, and not be obsessed with one rocky three rooks. To enter into a normal group, as a rule, a student will be able to attend a post. Bagato of Japanese kerivniks at early stages of their car’s practice at professional sites. The result of such a policy is that Japanese kerivnik has a much smaller oath of special knowledge (I’m not at all indefinable in 5 times), I have a clear notice about organizing, and we’ve received more information. With the marks of carrion professional (unspecified), the prince can be seen in one, so in the other organizations.

Kar'ra professional is specialized - the type of car, if you have a good time for your professional hours, is the same as in the long-term organizations, I can become the head of the organization for the first time. I can become the head of the official organization. values ​​for the landing of the intercessor of the director with the personnel management of the organization, de vin praciu).

Kar'єra schіdchasta - a kind of kar'єri, which is the last element horizontally and vertically. Prosuvannya pracіvnika may be more than just for the help of a scoop of vertical growth with horizontal, which, therefore, is a great effect. Kar'єra schіdchasta often want to finish dosing; there can be but an internal organization, so it’s an organization.

Kar'єrogram - a tool for managing car'єroy; a graphical description of who’s got to know what people are doing on the other stages of the Kar'єri. For the results of special science reports, store the carrots for the most special and professional students at the registered organizations.

Kelіnіst in personnel robots - that in the majority of personnel cadre nutrition, yak to bring up to un primed food in the office of the trainee, regardless of the business and professional conditions (for example, for extra business).

Kollegalnost - a form of acceptance, if a thought is taken for a collective, a collective discussion of nutrition, problems.

The sovereign committee is the organ of the sovereign government, such as health, as a rule, the government. The State Committee for Business and Management of the assigned sphere of management.

Competition for deputy planting - the song order is borrowed posad (for example, for scientific organizations and other major mortgages). Competition for substitution sit down with the method of systematic polypheny warehouse staff. The right of the lawyer to apply to lay claim not to adminstration, but to radio organizations. As a matter of safety, we’ll evaluate the appraisal of the dalov’s brutes of candidates for posad. Vibir for the competition - Obov'yazkova umova, I’m thinking over the terms of the contract before the contract between the official and the organization.

Consultant - qualifications of a specialist in a singing galuzy, so please please the newest specialists, who will require them.

The concept of personnel management is a system of theoretical and methodological methods that look at the understanding of the day, the principle, the goals, the goals, the criteria, the principles and methods of personnel management, and the specific organization and practice. The concept of personnel management of the organization transfer є development of the methodology of formulating the system and the development of technology of personnel management. The methodology of personnel management review of the day to the personnel of the organization, how to manage and the process of formulating the behavior of the employees with the principles and principles of personnel management, the methods and principles of personnel management. Personnel management system transferring the form of metadata, functions, organizational structures of personnel management, vertical and horizontal functional interactions, specialization and special processes, and more. Технологія управління персоналом включає організацію наймання, відбору та приймання персоналу, його ділову оцінку, профорієнтацію та адаптацію, навчання, управління його діловою кар'єрою та службово-професійним просуванням, мотивацію та організацію праці, а також управління конфліктами та стресами, забезпечення соціального розвитку організації, звільнення персоналу. До її сфери належать питання взаємодії керівників організацій з профспілковими комітетами та службами зайнятості. Нині основою концепції управління персоналом організації є підвищення ролі особистості працівника, знання його мотиваційних установок, уміння формувати їх і спрямовувати відповідно до завдань, які стоять перед організацією. Концепція управління персоналом дає змогу реалізовувати, узагальнювати питання адаптації індивіда до зовнішніх умов, ураховувати особистісний фактор у побудові системи управління персоналом. Можна виокремити три фактори, які впливають на людей в організації: ієрархічну структуру організації, за якої основний засіб впливу на людину — підкорення, тиск згори за допомогою силування, контролю над розподілом матеріальних благ; культуру — вироблювані суспільством, організацією, групою людей спільні цінності, соціальні норми, установки поведінки, які регламентують дії особи, змушують індивіда поводитися так, а не інакше без видимого силування; ринок — мережу рівноправних відносин, які базуються на купівлі-продажу продукції та послуг, на відносинах власності, рівноваги інтересів покупця та продавця. Ці фактори впливу на практиці рідко реалізуються окремо. Економічна ситуація в організації залежить від того, якому з них віддається пріоритет. Під час переходу до ринку відбувається повільний відхід від ієрархічного управління, жорсткої системи адміністративного впливу, практично необмеженої виконавчої влади до ринкових відносин, що базуються на економічних методах. Тому необхідно розробити принципово нові підходи до пріоритету цінностей. Основними в організації є її працівники, а поза її межами — споживачі продукції. Необхідно повернути свідомість працівника до споживача, а не до керівника, до прибутку, а не до марнотратства, до ініціатора, а не до безтурботного виконавця. Треба перейти до соціальних норм, які базуються на здоровому економічному розумінні, не забуваючи про моральність. Ієрархія відійде на другий план, поступиться місцем культурі й ринку. На основі досвіду вітчизняних і зарубіжних організацій можна сформулювати основну мету системи управління персоналом — забезпечення організації кадрами, їх ефективне використання, професійний і соціальний розвиток.

Кореляційний і регресивний аналіз — спосіб встановлення лінійної залежності та близькості зв'язків між параметрами (чисельністю персоналу та факторами, які на неї впливають). Математичний апарат кореляційного і регресивного аналізу докладно розглядається у спеціальній літературі зі статистики.

Корпоративний дух — ставлення до мети фірми як до власної, відчуття належності до неї. Корпоративний дух виховується через залучення працівників до справ фірми, управління нею.

Кулуарний добір кадрів — метод добору кадрів за допомогою закулісних угод, махінацій в обхід установленого порядку призначення посадових осіб у державному апараті та інших організаціях. Кулуарний добір кадрів прихований від суспільства; він здійснюється групою зацікавлених впливових осіб з метою "проведення" потрібних людей на відповідні посади.

Культура управління — цілісна система організації та здійснення управління, яка включає сукупність знань, їх структуру та глибину, морально-етичні норми, ставлення до праці, навички в організації праці та виконанні її окремих елементів, уміння володіти собою й розуміти особливості людей, які працюють разом. Культура управління проявляється в естетиці праці, прагненні виконати й оформити її красиво. Культура управління характеризує як індивідуальну діяльність працівника апарату управління, так і колективну працю. Особливо важлива культура управління для керівника, тому що основне в його праці — спілкування з людьми. Розвиток культури управління — важливий фактор удосконалення управління та підвищення його ефективності.