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Basics of personnel management - V.O. Khramov


The homeworker is an ancestor who has been assigned to an organ workhouse at home.

Home - work is one of the forms of occupation in the minds of surplus of work.

Naimaniy pracivnik - pracivnik , a kind of ukavl with a robotic master a labor contract, but I will fall asleep for the reason remember labor labor for a singing winery.

Mentoring - a form of higher education and vocational training for young people in higher education, at vocational schools and that. Mentoring ma і individual that collective form. The mentors had such straights: the patronage of the primary team (brigades, dilnitsy) over the okrems of the young princes; іndivіdualne patronage of veterans pracі over groups novachkіv; mentoring between the family dynasties and that. In the organization, we can have a meeting of the mayor-mentor, who will be able to teach young people how to work out and go through the period of adaptation to the most important team. Mentor to get indivisibly from urachuvannyam thoughts of teams of brigades, winter men, children, de-vie praciuyut, viddili frames, kerivnik workshops, maystri. For coordination of the mentor’s mentoring, I need to organize for the sake of the mentor, I’m striking away the most robust teachers, as well as representatives of the huge organizations and administrators. There are two sectors for a glad mentor: a virological one (for robotics, one for technical activity, one for a second one), and one for a second one, for a second one

The chief is Posadova, a person like Yaku Keru, я we are the head of the organization.

The head of the personnel management department is the employee of the organization, a certain function: take part in the personnel policy of the organization, complete staff of the office, the work is approved, and the work is approved; analysis of the psychologists for the results of a comprehensive social survey questionnaire, social metrics for working hours, indi- vidual tests of praxists; rozglyadє declare ск ги ги ги сп сп сп сп з з з пит пит пит при при при,,,,,,,,,,,,,, неправильн неправильн неправильн неправильн неправильн неправильн неправильн неправильн неправильн неправильн неправильн неправильн неправильн, з zdіysnyuє control over professional education rivals; I control the preparation of the projects and the order of the personnel warehouse and the work with staff; I will draw up the necessary documents about the appointment for planting, moving and calling in the garden, and about paying the employees for the transfer of the wineries; I control the preparation of the materials at the vineyard, the selected wine list and the taste of the wine; without delay kerє collective viddilu; pіdtrimuє vіdnosini with curved іnshih pіdrozdіlіv with power of competence viddilu; permanently complete knowledge and skills; Підвищує profesіyniy івень Robots with staff Organizational.

Incompetence - lack of knowledge, knowledge, skill of the last brutes of the primate of the vimogam plant, yaku vin obimma. There is incompetence of professionalism, social, social, intellectual, social, and ethical.

The normative method is the method, the kind of transferring the system of standards, the number of employees, the number of employees for the functions, the type of management structure, the criteria for the management of the management system the number of control steps, the lanok, the scale of the order, the order of order and the order), the cooperation and special management and special management organіzatsії staff. However, the standard for a thorough management of personnel is far from enough.


The range of services is the category of ethics; internal usvidomylyuve almost respecting the right for the commission; rosumny neobhodimosti, corinosity, the importance of their rights and the summation of their statuses.

The operational plan of the robot with personnel is a complex of interactions of the personnel appointments, directing to the implementation of specific goals of the organisation of the skin specialist, a kind of plan of all the personnel with the organisation. Tsei plan to store, as a rule, on the river. For the development of the operational plan of the robot with the staff, for the additional specially divided questionnaires, it is necessary to take the same data: about the permanent warehouse for the staff (I’m, by Batkov’s address, address, month of residence, I’m on, the hour I’ll start work on that).; about the structure of the staff (kvalіfіkatsіynu, article-vіkova, national); about washing invalid, robotic, service, professional robot and in; about plinnіst frames; about one hour as a result of idle times, absenteeism, twigs; about the triviality of a working day (for quietly, that’s busy again and often, and quietly, that’s one hour at a time); about triviality; about the salary of the employees and the service (structure of the pay, the additional pay, allowances, payment for the tariff and the tariff); about services of a social nature, such as a power and legal bodies (for social consumption, as long as it’s legal until the law and tariff grounds).

Organizational project management system for personnel management - development of project organizational viral systems and management systems. A meta of the organizational project of the personnel management system is the process of developing new systems, as well as the development of the science, the knowledge of the system. Organizing a project so that I can form a system with predetermined characteristics, so that I can have a look at the project documentation. About the organizational project, you can come in at the sphere of the organization of virology, personnel management, and organization of the whole. Complex organization of the project of transferring the receipt of the systemic approach, at the intersection of one organization, the supply of the system immediately and for the management of the organization, as well as a project for the skin and warehouse, as well as It is projected to interconnect these components in a complete system and all-in-one organization and those.

Organizational - a system set up for the achievement of commercial or some commercial values. Organizations to commercialize and non-commercial. Commercial organizations - as a result of state partnerships, virobnich cooperatives, state and municipal unified organizations. Noncommercial organizations are disposed of in the form of resident cooperatives, huge and relevant organizations (obdnan, fund and institution).

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the project in the personnel management system - more economically necessary training and further development and additional visits to the development of the personnel management system. For all the necessary investment, for that, for the development of economic efficiency projects, follow the guidelines for evaluating the effectiveness of the investment projects for financing. Look at three types of project effectiveness: business (financial), yak vrahova financial and project implementation for a non-participant participant; budgetary scho vidobrazha financial support for the project for the sovereign, regional chis budget; People’s economical efficiency, which means I’m going to have to implement a project to spend the results, as well as to go beyond the direct interest of the participants in the investment project and allow for the whole project. For large-scale projects (such as interest in the city, the region in the country), it’s necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of the national economy.