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Basics of personnel management - V.O. Khramov


The table of labor activity and the function of the control system - the function of the functional function and the labor costs of them in normoins and in the hryvnia beyond the river.

Theory of management about the role of people in the organization - the knowledge system about the role of the human factor in the organization of a social and economic system. Vaughn started at one time with the different schools of management, which was designated in the Russian name. By the stretch of the table (period of the industrial revolution), the role of people in the organization was constantly changing. There are three groups of management theories: classic, human resources and human resources. Representatives of the classical theories - F. Taylor, A. Fayol, G. Emerson, L. Urvik, M. Weber, G. Ford, the theory of human idioms - E. Mayo, K. Argeris, R. Likart, R. Blake, human theory resources - A. Maslow, F. Herzberg, D. McGregor. Classical theories developed from the period from 1880 to 1930, theories of human idioms began to stagnate from the 30s of the 20th century. Theory of human resources sochasnі. At the world, the stench development became Dedali humane. The essence of the theory is reportedly examined by special literature.

Technocracy - a high degree of specialization in the field of technology and technology, in order to take part in the management of organizational and state economic policies.

Personnel management technology - more ways, forms, and methods I will be able to fill in the staff with the process of hiring, vikoristannya, development and calling with the help of the removal of the remaining residual labor results. The technology of personnel management is regulated by specially fragmented normative and methodological documents: norms and regulations, regulations, regulations, organizational standards, document schemes, schemes of functional interrelations and other documents.


Managing a business car - 1) come in, have a good time with the personnel service of the organization organizing the organization, motivating the control of the service development of the person who needs it, their needs, their abilities, their needs, and their needs organization. Management of the business card in the form of business management, interest in the organization, productivity of the products, changing the number of employees and the increasing number of people’s health. More information on how to organize, how to manage, manage a car’s career, weak motivation, people do not want to, do not have to change their rights; 2) dіyalnіst іndivіda, yak repaired at the end of the hour accepting a job with the form іn formіvі spіvbesіdi. Maybutniki prazivniki put the robot as such powered: How to put in the organization to the young specialists? What chance do you want to make a living? How many days do you have at the front of the road to the river (secrecy, zarubіzhnі)? What are the prospects for developing an organization? Chi є a book in times of purchase of products, yakipaє organization? Do you practice robotic organisms? What are the payment systems in the organization? Hto є competitor organization? Chi maє organіzatsіya vlіsnі dіtyachі, lіkuvalno-health-improving mortgage? What chance do you want to look for a posad? What are the ways to think, to prepare, to prepare for the preparation? Can you plant a plant for any other reason? Can I be more than once to help organize the work of the Prachslavtuvanni? What is the principle of formulating the pension fund and the possibility of pensions? Managing the full-fledged business card for an hour of work, you need to try to follow these rules: do not waste your time on the work without an ineffective, unpromising curvature; zrobitsya іnіnіtsіative, operational kerіvnikovі; expand your knowledge, nabuvati new skill; getting ready to take part in the payment of food, as soon as you become vacant; recognize and appreciate the people who are important for the Vlasnian Car'єri (father, member of the homeland, friends); to put together a plan for an additional day for the whole day, to take a lesson for those who love them; Pamyatati, what’s all there is to live about: ludina, ryvne її knowledge and skill, rinok, organizatsiya, navkolishnє medium, first assessment - is important, important for kar'єri; the decision at the sphere of car’s is practical, wait for a compromise between middle-aged and real, middle-aged interests and organizational interests; we don’t have to go by (let’s pass the picture in memory not like that, just like a damn; you won’t turn it up); not to admit that Schloss Vlasna Kar'єra was developing for the sake of shvidsha, less than that of the Inshih, be comfortable, as a matter of necessity; think about organizing yak about rinok pracі; don’t ignore the support of the organization of praztsevlashtuvannі, protege in the humor of new robots on yourself.

Personnel management organization - the number of employees in the warehouse is organized, as well as special and special personnel management systems, the principle of transferring staff to the development of the strategy, the principle of the strategy. Personnel management of the organization’s field in the form of a system of personnel management, staffing plans, robots, operational plans; Zdіsіnnіnі marketing staff, viznesnіnnіy personnel potential and consume organization for personnel. Technology Human Resources Management Organizing a wide range of functions for receiving and receiving personnel: for hire, for employees and employees; Dilova appraisal to staff at the time of receipt, attestation, appraisal; Professionals and labor adaptation; motivation of labor and personnel to that new city; organization prazіy dotrimannya ethics dіlovih vidnosin; Conflict management and stress management; safety assistance to staff; management of innovations in personnel robot; Navigation, training, and retraining; managing a business car and service and professional prosuvanny; managing personnel behavior in the organization; management of social development of frames; vivіlnennya staff. Personnel management, organization, transfer, information, technical, regulatory and methodological, legal and business security systems and personnel management. Cursors and managers of the personnel management system; Organizations to determine the most important results; special careers; special management;

Management of service and professional requests - planning, organizing, organizing functions, controlling and analyzing the functions of planting systems for staff in organizations; sufficiency of assessment methods, selection of all categories of management personnel in the organization. For evaluating the choice of candidates, I’m hanging out on a management landing, stitching special techniques, keeping a system of business and special characteristics, you can store a group of broths, vikoristovvani otsinkovymi centers in your robot. In the distant foreign countries, there is a big amount of bagaty dosv_d management service and professional servicemen of management praxivnikov, a yakushno victorious to watch organizations. In Japanese companies, a young specialist, having a lot of experience, go through a row of lines (1-3 rock), stretching out a kind of warehouse, ispit, so you can know the real value of a university diploma. Dali win the course of training at the right of the company (type 2 times up to 6 months), as well as additional transfers, securing loyalty. I’ll write a test lead of the official to pay for the permanent job, with a length of 8-10 rock to be in good condition, to rotate to the landing, from the front to the back, and also the seniority. Otherwise, there is a system of high-level handrails, which will accelerate in an hour. Until the age of 36, the pratsivnik is already kind to the company, and I can give you a little more support: send someone for the system of training personnel, or for the specialist. With a systematic plan of rotation, an official knows that after a singing hour, the message will be received and the required number will be changed. Thus, at most dynamically more than one time, there is a reserve of frames for more.

Management of the hybrid type - management personnel, some knowledge and practical skills in the field of business, as well as information technology and information management systems.

Participation in management - to be present on a regular basis, workshop, organization for the whole. For foreign practitioners, on the lower level, there are groups of people who have problems, like working on jobs, self-employed brigades, have more work, and have more work. Participation in the management of the rivals of the organization of supranation of the functions of the special organs - the viral glad of that.

The fate of the authorities is the method of acquiring practical principles before the process of increased productivity and that of practicality, and the change in the strength of labor. Submission of a number of rights to the participation of the authorities for the approval of the transfer of documents for the sale of shares for the participation in the authorities. For example, at a SILA company, there is a system of closure and participation in power, and there may be a separate payment.