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Criminalistics - P. Bilenchuk


Criminalistics is bound up without interruption with the most advanced legal sciences, secrecy by administrative law, civil process, criminal law and criminal law and ship statistics. Until then, it’s been tied up with bugs by the natural and suspension sciences, which are not legal. In the middle of the natural sciences, a living medium for criminology є us ahead of physics, chemistry, biology, cybernetics and informatics, the results of which are based on a lot of technical, physical, chemical and scientific methods.

Medicine ships, vessels psihіatrіya, psychology, YETİK, logіka that Naukova organіzatsіya pratsі takozh pov'yazanі of krimіnalіstikoyu, more їh teoretichnі Ambush she naukovі PROVISIONS vikoristovuyutsya krimіnalіstikoyu for rozrobki tactfully priyomіv, stvorennya zasobіv i metodіv zbirannya, doslіdzhennya that vikoristannya dokazovoї Informácie pid hour rozslіduvannya zloine.

Criminalistics and natural sciences . Given the natural sciences and technical sciences, they have to be quick to go for the same age and more. For example, for the purpose of developing special criminal criminals, take photographs, microscopes, roentgenoscopes, and see the technology (without any kind of special processings and the different methods) in Russia. For example, a stereoscopic MBS microscope is fixed without any need for special construction tools for the most efficient use of data and the hour of access to biological and biological data. In order to get a closer look at the stereoziomki strokes, they’ll overturn, for the help of the microscope, the quickest way is to set up a special setting — a table, to bother.

On the basis of physical and chemical laws of color materials, a new method for recognizing color for the additional photography is available without any delay for color photography, which has become possible because of the wide range of invisible documents.

Occasionally, with consistent laws, the approval of the most important words is due to the fact that there’s a little bit of admission for you, I’m willing to react to it. Know this crime criminals. Manganese oxide kaliy (permanganate kaliyu) has appeared on it. At the time of the inflicted deed on the object, the invoice of the invisible next to the far and the first visible is visible. Thus, criminals, on the basis of recognition of the laws of law, have broken a new way of showing the invisible fingers of fingers on the fingers of materials.

Surround the biological methodology of the objects of the creature’s and the vernacular nature of the boulevard, they are thoroughly transformed with the criminal methods and transformed by the criminal methods (for example, the establishment of group due diligence analysis).

Criminal science is infused to fundamental science. So, the method of criminal identification and identification of bagato in the natural sciences is the main method of recognition, and the method of criminal analysis of pennies and the underlying files is the basis for the creation of technical books for the majority of detectors.

Criminalistics and shipboard medicine may have a long time and a great deal of sound. The shipboard medical knowledge of the Vicorists was much higher at Roskritty’s malozhin, lower than the crime history vinicle. In addition to medical treatment, I’ve noticed that I’ve got to pay attention to the crime rate, hacking, baggage of criminal and technical benefits of a good medical treatment.

Criminalism and ship psychiatry . Sudova psychiatry, such as ship medicine, was formed in a form of forensic crime and was indebted by independent knowledge of the clear division of subject matter. Sudova psychiatry doslіdzhuє psyche people, її behavior in time to the distribution of mental dyalnostі. The psychic camp of malignancy without interruption of obligations to the appointed yomu miri prejudice and zagaglenii attracted to the criminal vіdpovіdalnostі.

Criminalism and ship psychology . Danі psihologії widely vikoristovuyut in krimіnalіstichnіy taktitsі th metoditsі rozslіduvannya okremih vidіv zlochinіv and takozh for formuvannya spetsіalnih techniques zokrema teorії spіlkuvannya on poperednomu slіdstvі, vivchennya zvichok zlochintsya, metodіv rozpіznannya іnstsenuvannya that klasifіkatsії sposobіv vchinennya zlochinіv, viznachennya emotsіynogo will dopituvanogo toscho.

Criminalistics, logic and ethics . Criminology of wide creative creativity I will postpone the provision of formally and dialectically logically, especially such as understanding, synthesis and synthesis, induction and deduction, hypothesis, analogy, understanding, abstract. Logical laws and principles should be laid down to the methodological foundations of criminology. On osnovі їh zastosuvannya Bulo rozrobleno "logіku slіdstva" vchennya about krimіnalіstichnu versіyu, logіku dokazuvannya in krimіnalnomu sudochinstvі.

With the increased penetration of psychology and logic, criminal justice has become a headache for developing programs and algorithms for searching for specific types of malware, for developing automated systems for informing and informing about the process of taking action. Expert recognition systems accept automatic automation of information processing, classification of evidence, automatic identification of a number of available indicators.

Tactful priyomi it is powerless to discern without urrahuvannya ethical rules іlkuvannya th behavior in suspension. Tactically accept robots with objects of animate and inanimate nature to be fully appreciated. Do not take it all quietly, so that it’s possible for the achievement of an inorganic object, suitable for work with wildlife, especially people.

In addition, criminology is connected with the scientific organization of the law, more than one person, the judge, the prosecutor must comply with the laws of the science of the organization, automation. On the basis of the organization’s organization, it is widely to stiffen for planning and planning. Remaining an hour on the basis of the principles of the scientific organization of practice, the practice of site planning is carried out.

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1. Criminal science is a science.

2. The law of crime criminology.

3. The subject of criminology.

4. The head of criminology.

5. The system of criminology.

6. The legal essence of criminology.

7. Mіssets krimіnalistiki mid legal sciences.

8. The sound of criminology with technical and natural sciences.