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Criminalistics - P. Bilenchuk


The legal essence of criminology is conceived by заг ок foreign envoys and distinctions, subject matter, particularities of interests and methods of disclosure of malice, clear legal provisions, and legal rules of law.

It is evidently accepted in the science of knowledge of the classification of specific legal sciences that are classified as galusevi, midzhuluzevі and special. Until now, keep up criminal statistics, criminal statistics, criminology and deyaki іnshі galuzі knowledge. The essence of criminology in legal science is clouded by the historical fact of the Russian film - criminal law and criminal procedure, with the development and form of the subject of self-talk. Now there’s won’s the subject of subject matter, I know the methodology. Protein criminology is tied up with legal and special legal sciences. The legal essence of criminology is conceived by the following provisions [2]:

• subject, object of knowledge, special method, such as criminal criminology, retraining from the sphere of legal knowledge;

• service functions and orders, such as criminal investigations, to follow the sphere of activity of law enforcement agencies, to the legal processes of judicial review, judicial review and pre-trial;

• recommendations, such as criminal analysis for practice, based on the law and the letters contained in the law; stink of the demands of the practice - of legal legitimacy, the strength of the fight against evil;

• criminology is tied up with bugs by the natural sciences, but the tones are straightforward to the core of science-and-technology concerns and methods of work with evidence. The main living Zherel krimіnalistiki є law, that is, legal science, case study and ship practice.

Criminal information is absolutely necessary, which can be traced, imagined in the various necklaces of a material medium. We have the right way to materialize, so that you can inform yourself in the red law gala, we’re in front of the criminal, de-recruitment form of evidence, but it’s just a character. Criminal-procedural law has criminal information to be vikoristovatsya to take tactful decisions. From now on, criminal justice is tied to criminal law and criminal law, civil law and administrative law, the theory of operational-rozshukovo dyalnostі.

Criminal analysis of the methodology and the need for health information and material dzherel. For the whole, knowledge of natural sciences and technical sciences is stagnant - physics, chemistry, biology, anatomy, physics, psychology, ship medicine and that.

Criminalistics was born in the nadra of the criminal process, that for all the hat of the development of the Internet to pass uninterrupted calls with criminal procedural law. The procedural law є by the form of realizing criminal techniques and tactics in the methodology of the search for specific types of malignancy. To select and prove it, prove it from the CCP. Krimіnalіstika, at his own house, is also thrilled to the criminal process. Rosyulyuvani her tactful acceptance of the information technology (for example, the next experiment, but the interpretation is shown in the presentation) often become the basis for the implementation of new procedural norms.

The sound of criminology with criminologist is in fact that they are in good shape є prophylaxis of malignancy. Dani kriminologії vikoristovuyut for criminalіnalistichesky characteristics zlochinіv, and you can take a zbirannya prophylactic іnformatsії informatsіvy zatosovuyut at criminologists.

Criminalism is tied up with the operational-rozshukovoy dyalnіstyu. You can hear the sound of turns in front of the priyoms, which is shady, the tricks of the manifestation and the selection of evidence of information, the manifestation of zlochin. Protein of operational-rozshukov’s duty to choose a mobile phone, to disclose confidentiality of technical concerns and tactful prizes, to learn from them, but not to prove them. In order to ensure that the information technology has gained the status of evidence, it is necessary to prove it with procedural tricks. The hour of the weekend is closed by the bagato of operational technical concerns.