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Criminalistics - P. Bilenchuk

Sets of criminological and operational technology

Prior to criminal investigation and operational technology, there is a need to include Polish criminal investigations, such as equipment, add-ons, materials and adjoining, as well as unquestioned prosecutorial offices, internal consultations, and regular information.

Sets of criminal technology are often designed for the sub-type and type of duty. For the next, in the bodies of the prosecutor’s office, before and after, two kinds of sets came up: a portfolio and a valise of the next. Ninís portfolio is taken from virobnitstva, and valiza is morally old.

Technology has been provided to the public, so as to ensure that they are secure, they will be able to pay more and more information to the public at the moment. Seamlessly in the set of technical amenity for the types of activities: photographer; for vimіryuvannya, folding plans and schemes; robots with slides; poshukov; additional.

I want you to take photographs and get them, as a rule, get a pose with a technical kit in the environment, valise. Prior to this, there is a camera, standard lenses, impulse electronic lamp-sleeper, base lamp, tripod clamp, photo exposure meter, video monitor, light filter and receiver.

We have a good time to take advantage of the following: large scale, roulette (sometimes large and small), a protractor, a cutter, a tricycle, a caliper, a quick and easy reading and a manual,

At industrial robots with technology there is a technique for revealing fingerprints - magnetic fingers and hairs (brushes), colorless powders, coarse chemical fibers (all); Hook up a fingerprint - a fingerprint, Drukarska farba, a plate for rokachuvannya farby, a fingerprint; hassle that material copying and modeling slidiv - daktiloplivka (svitla and dark), sticky lines - zakinniki daktiloplivki (adhesive tape, leukoplastir), photoplivka, fotopapir; put in place for the robot with the niggas and the transport - gips, the capacity for preparing the gypsum rose, spatula (atone tablespoon), 10 m coils, hair spray, perchlorovinilova resin; adhering to the speech for the robot with the biological objects - the blood dances, the renowned speech.

Prior to starting the test, lay down the probes (probe-spoke and probe with open nozzles for taking samples from the clay up to 1 m) and the magnetic instrument.

Additional hobbies зап tools that are limited to the other areas of professional stasis - passati, skloryz, torsion, folding, handle with a set of tools, knife blade, scissors.

In valіzu Attorney-krimіnalіsta enter bіlshy nabіr tehnіchnih zasobіv scho daє zmogu not tіlki pratsyuvati Zi slіdami in polovih minds and th zdіysnyuvati nayprostіshі poperednі doslіdzhennya Jerel Informácie, napriklad lyumіnestsentny analіz for Relief dzherela ultrafіoletovogo vipromіnyuvannya OLD-41 vіdnovlyuvati zafarbovanі anіlіnovimi barvnikami text, stand in Temryavi for the support of the sacred bachenya, differentiation of speech. The most important types of gadgets are metal shukach, an attachment for showing shoved corpses (gas analyzer), a magnetic shukach, a tally indicator, a trawl for servicing water vessels, and a slight increase in visibility.

Nine equipped prosecutors-criminals are stocked up with complete sets of video audio technicians, specializing in sub-active portraits, copy and electronic technicians (personal computers).

The prosecutor’s criminal prosecutor’s фотограф stationary photographer’s photo library and criminal laboratory (PKL) have been staffed with different types of complaints and information about them is necessary. Such a laboratory, as a rule, may be in sight: save electrical energy, save autonomous life, security light (searchlights), radio technology and technical equipment; pick up the signal and signalization; Tune in and take care of the manifestation, fiksatsії, viluchennya and the next dostlіdzhennya speech dzherel; phototechnology and photolaboratory; viddil videota sound recording; copy technology (drukarska machine, copier); protection tools and tools; Sanitary and technical technology.

The PKL salon has two kinds: for the next week, for the first time, for the laboratory, for the first and the next, the evidence for the last week. For the extra urgent hassles, it’s possible to quickly transfer information, to wash it in banks, to hear it from the other people, and to connect it with the authorities.

Technique of expert expert advice on material dzherel

It is locked in the material information and the information is not obvious, and the signs are often impotent to see the previous reports for an additional set of technical services for the next. For the sake of the greatest number of speeches of the Dzherela, I need to come up with an additional ship's expertise - as a rule, in the old minds of the zososuvannyam special technical concerns. This technology is made up of external galleries of science and technology that is arranged in a laboratory kit.

So, the expert-criminological organs of the internal organs of Ukraine may have special base laboratory singing profile: up to date materials, speech viro; biologic, automotive technology, vibro-technical, ballistic doslizhen; doslіdzhennya kharchovih products.

In NAUKOVO-doslіdnih ekspertno-krimіnalіstichnih centers Upravlіnnya Mіnіsterstva vnutrіshnіh ref Ukraine dіyut laboratorії (groupies), de skontsentrovano ekspertnu tehnіku for daktiloskopіchnih, trasologіchnih i balіstichnih doslіdzhen, tehnіko-krimіnalіstichnogo doslіdzhennya dokumentіv handwritten tekstіv, holodnoї zbroї, zovnіshnogo viglyadu that oblichchya Fig.

To select such an expert technician: laboratory, vimyuvalnu, ovlitlyuvalnu, viddvorennya image, mikroskopichnu, acoustical, dostlizhennya mikroob'kt_v і to smell, automation and that computer uterization.

Laboratory technology є with an auxiliary ambition until the end of the school year. Until it is necessary to hold the chemical utensils, pick up the bag and accessories, pins, magnifying glasses, tripods, power tools, complete tools (for example, salivary, carpentry), sober up the heated and modeled skinny.

Vimіryuvalna technology of expert laboratories significantly vіdrіznyєsya vіd interest in vimіryuvannya, so enter as a set. For the additional help, we’ll have to choose the right height in the be-aggregate station. So, for folding and precise hard disks, the great tool microscope BIM-1 and the most popular models are available; -test F-2 "that ін. For vimіryuvannya empty, the calipers, nutrіri, calibrometers, templates, for vimіvuvannya temperatures - thermometers, thermocouples, pyrometers and in.

Take care of it. Creme of luminescent lamps and rosary lamps in laboratories is widely represented by a dzherel of ultraviolet, x-ray, infrared and laser laser.

Take care of the image. Presentation of the progress, the sign and results of the progress of the expert stage of progress. The image can be rendered with different methods beyond the previous range of all electromagnetic spectrum spectra - from cosmic promises to radio. In criminal laboratories, they have the technique to remove the image from the x-ray, ultraviolet, visible, and infrared spectrum spectra.

Microscopic technology. In criminal laboratories, it is often necessary to stereoscopic stereoscopic microscopes of MBS of different models, biological, luminescent, optional for MC-51 and special criminal MCM-1 (mnc). Most of the folding microscopes are equipped with a photo camera, a television system, and a picture. In simple microscopes, the image is free to be fixed by the camera for the help of special microfotonators MFN-1, MFN-2, MFN-5 and other attachments.

Acoustic technology in phonoscopic laboratories is compiled with the help of an automated work desk expert (ARME), before which you can enter an additional visual phonogram, a personal computer, a spectrum analyzer, a movi synthesizer.

Take care of the microparticles and the smell - the optical accessories and microprocessors, magnifying glasses, micropipets, tweezers, luminescent lights, and the complete range are specially designed for your use. In order to satisfy the smell, it is necessary to use physical and chemical methods. On the other hand, there are odorologic valisi and simplest robots with smell.

We hassled computer and automation automation to expert laboratories in the middle of the 20th century. I just got into the work of an expert, having called out a regular routine of robots, before going through the processing of the most accurate readings in the last hour of the authorities and an oznak about them. For additional computer technology, they form the indivisible and the second bank accounts, the donor information, the methodology for accessing a specific object. Zreshtoyu, software hassles automatically bothered to form visnovksv expert in the hour hour before. For additional new programs, you can enumerate VIPs and donations and press expert information to take into account the latest decisions.

Technical complications of criminal prevention of malignant diseases

Prevention of maladaptation is a special kind of dysfunction of polyagia in the case of neutral and neutral reasons and reasons, to bring to the right, as well as from the right amount of excitement, which may be due to chance.

At the thought of greater authorship, criminological prevention prophylaxis is okremim with the distribution of crime, and, to some extent, not all the methods must be taken care of alternately, but only criminal. Vivchennya ship-and-practice practice, better practice, more and more knowledge, more rapid, criminal and special technology. The first method of crime prevention is to thoroughly classify the types of preventive zavdan:

• technical methods for showing the facts, yaky spiritsya vchenennyu chi vihuvuvannya zlochinіv - technician specialist, helper sleddychogo, as well as technical equipment criminological operative technology; custom method of expert dosledzhennya; using the non-procedural method of capturing criminal and operational techniques;

• technical hassle and method of harassing objects of malicious wickedness (for example, tidy up security signalization); for a change of heart, you need to go to a new house for acquaintances, requisites, a special dad, specific rules for keeping documents and singing letters, for example, farby, you have to pay attention to the documents you have to pay attention to );

• technical hassle, I’m trying to think about winnings on most of the days and nights of dodate slips (for example, hands), sound, smell. In special and operational technology при special attachments, they can be called “pastes”, gagging to some odds, arms, hands and hands, invisible greens, and they are extremely sensitive;

• technical methods; deceiving information about zlochini, scho to be prepared. All the special technology, as well as organization of recognition of the work hour of the operational-pinky activity, on the side of the matter of unwritten documentary of malicious activity, video recording, knowledge of the information;

• technical methods of active psychological excitement for those who are preoccupied with the right order, for example, setting up the latest television systems in most people (at stations, in supermarkets, in supermarkets, on the roads).