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Criminalistics - P. Bilenchuk


Vbnepalnaya zbroya - a whole pristrіy, in some cases for vilotu kulі from the channel of the trunk vikoristovuetsya energy of the chemical distribution of vibuhovy speeches. For the virgin food, to set the subject up to the highest level, except for the installation of the sign - the whole sign, it’s necessary, so that you can satisfy the criterion:

• for methane shell makuti vikoristana energiya, yak to assimilate in half an hour zgoriannya vibuhovoy speech (gunpowder that in.);

• the subject is guilty of a mother barrel for directing the collapse of a shell;

• manifestation of the subject of annexes for a closed trunk channel and for a lit charge;

• a wealth of hostile shell projectiles;

• Adequacy of the construction of the subject.

Three first criteria are possible visually visually, looking around at the last. Criterion of transmission design, which is possible only with one building. The opposing force of the projectile is less than 0.005 kg / mm2.

Sudova balistika doslіdzhuі tіlki that vognepalnuyu zbroyu and ammunition to it, as a zososovuyu zlochintsi for the fulfillment zlochinіv. Such a є manual page is vnnepalnaya zbroya. Knowing the budding and constructive features is necessary for gaining information about the furnishing of malicious activities and zbrosuvanny zbroї.

I manually vnnepalnuyu zbroy klasifіkuyut so:

• for the most important purposes - the battle (gvintovki, carbines, automatic, pistols, revolvers, rushnitsi smooth-bore special and the combat designation of the skinny), misla );

• at the stage of automation - non-automatic, automatic, self-loading;

• for the charge method - treasury charge, muzzle charge;

• for trunk trunk - one, two trunk barrel;

• for kіlkіstyu charge і - one bagatozaryadny;

• for the constructive features of the trunk - smoothbore, narcosis, smoothbore (with a paradox);

• behind caliber - malocalburn (up to 6.5 mm), middle caliber (6.5-9 mm) and great caliber (ponad 9 mm);

• for the method of cooking - factory, handicraft (it is made by the mayor-zbroyar as a specialist in handicrafts, without preliminarily setting standards and, as a rule, in small parts) it is self-explanatory (as a rule, in large quantities, it’s not necessary factory vigotovlennya);

• for the special design - standard, non-standard and atipova.

Non-standard zbroya ma vernochny constructive vіdhilennya іpіvnyano with the standard zbroya іn analogy type - a decrease in the number of barrel trunk. Prior to the group, keep bagging barrel and revolver, obrіzi gvintіvok and mislivsky zbroї. Great value is the nutrition about the criteria for the distribution of views and views of the public, with a good sense of taste. It was revealed that the shortened trunk of the misleading rushnitschi up to 500 mm (including the chamber) є with the boundary, the pose of such a rushnytchi with the doctor’s ballistic power and the collection of the signposted battlefield. As a matter of fact, I’ve overdone the trunk є 500 mm and the bed isn’t short, such as the rushnytsya to lay down to the rushnitsy lighter construction. Atipova zbroya also has a non-standard design, a main main єІ special features ск maskuanny pid be-yakі pobutovі speeches - pens, parasols and other. Up to one type, it’s also necessary to attach annexes for building, rebuilding from alarm installation and starting pistols, rocket launchers.

The skin type is zbro і mє specific design, which is the main designation; with osnilnymi signs є trunk, trigger and trigger mechanism (fasting for triggered vibuhova speech) and fasting for curved trunk channel.

The barrel of designations for directing the usefulness of the cooler (shell). One end of the barrel, there are a number of violations at the diameter and is called a chamber, at least as a treasury unit, and the other - a barrel, or a muzzle unit. The chamber has a cartridge with a powder charge and a projectile. The internal channels of the trunk channel of the combat and sports sports may have screw-type grooves - narizi. To this, such a reason is called narcotic. Look between the narratives are called the fields. Most of the models have a unique look and feel, as if angry right to the right. In okremich iznozemnih zrazhe transmitted ponad chotiri narizi. Narizi infuse cool obitual rukh, a kind of positive influence on the power of str_bi. Trunks of misleading zbroi do not have a chance to narcise, so that they call it smooth-bore. For the battlefield’s muzzle strengths, the barrel part in the okrimich types of zbroi is weak (chock), and inkoli narizi (paradox).

The diameter of the trunk channel is called caliber. On the other side of the street, on the other side of the house there are opposite fields. Boyova vіtchiznyana zbroya maє kalіbri 5.45; 6.35; 7.62; 9.0 mm; sports - 5.6 mm. Caliber of misleading, special, combat smoothbore zbroi - the whole diameter (diameter) of the barrel; to recognize yogh for a round lead lead crop, go for a diameter to reach the entire trunk and go for one English pound of lead (453.5 g). Naiposhirenіshі vіtchiznyan myslivskyі rushnitsі mayuy calibri 12, 16, 20.

Caliber of zbroї applications on the breech parts of the barrel and on the dense cylinder.

Trigger mechanism and shutter (attachment for bending to the bore of the barrel) - the system of parts of the broom is connected, assigned to the charge (feeding the cartridge to the chamber), bent to the bore of the barrel at the time of construction, the capsule is pulled (trigger release) Rosryadzhannya (viymannya v_dstrilyanoї gіlzi s chamber), scho v_dbuvaєatsya pіd dіyu energіїporogovih gazіv, as well as vinikayut pid hour hour built, but hand in hand. Fallow is the stage of automation and the principle of the trigger mechanism and the shutter is vnepnalnaya zbroya to be automatic, self-loading and non-automatic.

In automatic zbroї energy of powder gases, a projectile will be wiped out, reloading and setting the zbroi to a battle star is healthy. The result of the onslaught on the lowering gachchka is one bucket, and the whole cycle is repeated. Such a reason is called self-loading automatic. Tse pistoleti Tokarєva (TT), Makarova (PM), "Parabelum". As a matter of fact, onslaught of the descent hitch to go on the road, it’s called automatic self-fire, for example, the gun’s gun, AK, PKSh, PKS tain. For non-automatic recharging and setting the shutter to the battle star, please manually. So, to prepare the screwdriver to the next step, slide the shutter backward, then pay forward and close the barrel; at mishlivsky rushnitsі - open the barrel, put the cartridge into the nose and close the barrel. Prior to manual installation of military guintvings, rifles, revolvers, and the greater number of misleading rushnits.

For the construction of the necessary charge, it is necessary to stock up with vibuhova speech (gunpowder) and projectile (cool, meal). Suchasna is hand-made vnnepnalnaya str_betskoy zbroya buvaє one and the same rechargeable: first I’ve written the skin cutter to recharge manually, and my friend a special pristrіy (store, drum), when I’m ready to charge.