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Criminalistics - P. Bilenchuk


The main types of manual manual sports, such as ship ballistic, revolvers, guns, guns, automatic guns, screwdrivers, carabiners, sports cars and sports.

The revolver is short-barrel (barrel dovzhin - 57-267 mm) bagato-charged non-automatic vognepnaya zbroya. Special revolver є revelation of the drum, de patronized cartridge. Strelba zdіysnyuє be solitary structures, patrons stochayutsya with a drum wrapped in the rest of the hour setting the trigger on the battle star. Pislya strіlbi strіlіnі gіlzi whirling hand in hand with a ramrod at the same time all at once the hour of the drum’s jam.

Pistol - manual short-barrel (barrel dovzhina - 53250 mm) bagatozaryadnaya automatic vognepalnaya zbroya with caliber 2.7-11.45 mm. Mostly, there’s automatic revolving of the pole in automatic reloading, the absence of a drum and the appearance of a store that is in store, as a rule, at the handle.

Pistolet-machine gun - it’s very dangerous at first, it’s industrial, and it’s promoted with guns and machine guns. Dovzhina trunk - 112-360 mm. Vіdmіnnіst pistol-machine gun vіd pistol guns in the automatic page of the store’s appearance, such as 70 and more patrons. In the case of a cartridge ready for construction, the cartridge must be replaced in the store, and not in the chamber, as in the case of a cartridge. For the main shutter, you need to bring back and close the battlefield. When pushing the shutter trigger the bolt is straightened forward, the cartridge is finished to the chamber and the capsule is capsule - the bucket is built. The shutter with powder gases to go backward, to wipe the gun, and to the battle star. Most likely, the trigger gutter is natis-nutium, the cycle cycle is repeated automatically.

The names of the Shpagin (PKSh), Degtyarova (PKD), Sudaeva (PKS) are called automatic machines. They have a victorious standard pistol-machine gun ammunition caliber 7.62 mm zrazka 1930 p. Pistoleti-kulemeti may have risen pink roses and caliber, for example Uzi (Israel) - 9.0 mm, Ingrem (USA) - 9.0, Scorpion (Czechia-Slovakia) - 7.65 mm.

The automatic machine is manual mid-barrel (barrel dovina - 225530 mm) bagatozaryadnaya is automatically vognepnal zbroya, from which it is possible to drive as one by one, so and so.

Automated operation of the air conditioning system, positioning and driving range (up to 600 m), the construction of the shutter and the mechanical construction. In automatic machines, recharging is also possible with gases, as well as assimilating for an hour I’ve built, not immediately, but through the introduction to the special outbuilding.

Gvintivka i karabin. Gvintivka - pre -bore (barrel bargain - 600-800 mm); however, bagato-charged is non-automatic (or, automatically, chi is self-loading) vnnepalnaya zbroya. Seamlessly gvintіvki ryko zasosovyut for meeting zlochinіv through Іх Громіздкість. Naichastische zlochintsi from military gvintіvok vigotovlyayut obrіzi, zmenshchuyuchyu dvozhin trunk and butt. Karabin is a mid-barrel (barrel re-engagement - 600 mm); however, bagato-charged is non-automatic (or self-loading) vognepnaya zbroya, is made on the basis of screwing for a shortened barrel and buttstock.

Mislivska zbroya, as a rule, is a buva of a factory wiggle (protect the artisanal) and follow the form of a projectile, like a gun, for a crop, a shot and a combo.

Kulova mislivska zbroya maє, as a rule, one narizny trunk, for which it is only possible to walk. Behind the caliber and the view of stagnation of ammunition, you can see the same culture and the most beautiful rushnitsy: fittings and carabiners.

Drobova mislivska zbroya mєileki smooth, not random trunks (one or two), rosatashovan horizontal and vertical. In such a place it is possible to use meal with special meal.

Combined mishlivshki rushnitsy designated for strіby as a meal, so і kulami. The stink can be mother one and more trunk. Yakshko rushnitsya has only one trunk, an inferior trunk-insert has been reached before it, but the trunk is poorly tuned with narcises (paradox). In rushnitsyakh iz three-tree trunks two smooth-bore, and one - narizny.

Sports zbroya stock up with trenuvalno (tse, as a rule, small-caliber gvintivki and pistols), stand zbroї for trenuvan and zmagan.

Ammunition - ammunition, without any immaterial built. Bose-series stockpiled from vibuhova speech, projectile and pizhu, shells for the latest charge in one place. Old-time rallies of vnepalnogo zbroї, okrimi mislivsky and so many self-possessed rallies of muzzle-row, so that they charge through the muzzle of the trunk - a little more time to boil the gunpowder, then a little more room to eat For construction, it is necessary, through a special opening at the breech parts of the trunk, to burn the powder, and less than that, to be built. Taku ignition zbroy vigotovlyayut, as a rule, not completely. In practice, they call it home-made.

Warehousing for the current charge in the same annex, which is called a cartridge. Such a cartridge is called unary. Behind the form and the design of the cartridge, there are many possibilities: for example, mothers and children who are in need of a speech to inflame a powder charge. For the price of a different sign, the patrons of the central and lateral occupancy are different.

Now you have to use steel, to cry and to coat with anti-corrosion varnish. The form of the cylinder can be conic, conical and cylindrical. Gilzi old zrazkiv (for gvintіvok), myslivskih and other sporting cartridges for denim to turn the head, and gilzi new zrazkiv - kіlcevu groove. At the center of the є capsule, there is much more, in the yak, the capsule with shock-vibration (іnіtsіyuvalnoy) speech.

Close the projectile (kulu) at the front of the cylinder for crimping (screw-and-cannon-and-machine gun cartridge caliber 7.62 mm zarazka 1943; other caliber sports cartridge caliber 5.6 mm; combat cartridge 5 mm caliber, caliber 5 mm) Pistol-gun bullet cartridge caliber 7.62 mm zrazka 1930 p.) and air landing (cartridge caliber 9.0 mm).

Patrony for a reasonable price may be a cylindrical metal or a cardboard cardboard baguratoise. After the first construction, you can spoil the order for the help of special special annexes (for example, "Diana"). Cool fighters for the form of the front part are fighting for the guests, the planes are on the surface. Khvostova part of okremikh kul (important, armored) main form. For the construction of cool on shells and columnless. Obolonkovі Mayayut steel shell, all in all, like some kind of leaden lead, but a wholehearted one for the best kill. Bezobolonkovі kulі - tse monolith iz metal (lead, chavunu). Fasten ix at sporting and miscellaneous cartridges. Zlochintsi naichastishe browning with cloud-free walks. Special cylinder-free coolers for the patronage of patrons of a miscellaneous. Inkoli zlochintsi vikoristovuyut special_kuli for str_bi z z obrіzіv mislivskі zbroї.