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Criminalistics - P. Bilenchuk



Handwriting to the court - all okremiy distribute crime statistics, scho vivcha letter like jerelo information, yak cherish one author, that’s the main factor, so do the forefront and that court.

Theoretical basis of ship handwriting є psychophysiological vernacular academic І. Pavlova about the danger of nerve dyalnist people and that dynamical stereotype; scholarship about the skills of writing, ix of style and vindnoznu nezmіnnіst; scholarship about indivisibility of letters, imaging in the continuity of the first sign, which will be felt on material noses.

Handwriting of the court with the interpretations of є letter ’, поч handwriting’, нав naviche ’,, sign’

A letter - a message about the thoughts of people behind the auxiliary system of specially created smart signs - alphabets (abetok). Writing system (lіternі, klinopodіbnі, ієroglіfіchnі toscho) zabezpechuyut spіlkuvannya people obmіn іnformatsієyu give zmogu lyudinі zdobuvati novі knowledge. Before the peculiarities of letter writing, it is simpler to make it easier to hear it and the sound of a phonetic movement. A letter є in the wake of faksatsіid sіlіdіv pam'yatі (sub є active images, knowledge, judges ’thoughts) people, so that is a manifestation of д д dynamic authorities.

A letter to the two sides - to Zmistov (semantic), to be called my letter, to graphical (technical), to the graph of the letter, letter, symbol, handwriting.

Pisemna mov - the whole meaning of the text, the text of the text (written) on the material nose (folders, trees) with the latest interventions, as well as for the imaging. Letters of letters are different, digitally and symbolically.

Handwriting є system rukhіv, yakі lyudina zdіysnyuє pіd hour of the weekend sign, letter. On the other hand, the technical side of the letter is fixed in the manuscript of the system of sound rugs, the basic form of which is to lay the letter-rukhov naviche, so that rukh (dyya), which is characterized by a high degree of recognition and regular regulation of the rule of law. The letter’s prefix is ​​formed in full of the middle treasure, the beginning of the viral writing dyalnosti, physical and psychological peculiarities of people. For the purpose of formulating the letters of pretentiousness, in order to ensure that the vocabulary of vocabulary is in harmony with grammatical and stylistic norms and rules, the rules of the letter are signed. Razrіznyayut the skills of perception (chuttєvі), ntelektualnі ta ruhovі (which should lie in the main form of the letter sign).

The result of a trivial trenuvannich of a letter-writing trick becomes automatic, so as to complete an hour of writing a written document, the respect of people is not limited to the graphical picture, but to the text. Automatically letter skills zoom in on the nervous system of people’s nervous system. Designated principle принципи the basis of the individual and the postal skills of writing.

From now on, a letter is written for people of the intellectual skill of people, and handwriting is for the imagination of the ruling authorities. Formed іntelektualnі (letters mov) і graphіchnі (handwriting) skills †‹вЂ‹ with images of the dynamic power of people in the middle of the middle. The main characters of the letter є vchenny І. Pavlov’s account about the dynamic stereotype, the knowledge of the letter may not be clearly formed even more clearly, locked up in the front of the nervous system in the vision of the dynamic stereotype. Let me take a look at the tips of a written message and a handwriting to have the same authority, which I want to get from a psychologist and a physiologist of nervous nervousness — dynamism, style, automatism, variability.

The skills of writing and writing are characterized by identifiable signs, as well as for identifying individuals, as I wrote, and the establishment of special powers of people.