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Criminalistics - P. Bilenchuk


Signs of the written word ображ in the image of the letter of the intellectual skills of people. Inodіh їх to feed on zagalі that okremі.

Prior to ignorance, there’s a lot of vocabulary, phraseological, stylistic, syntactic, spelling, punctuation, and before okremich –styjk ruined by movi, vikoristanny okremikh of new interests. Prior to okremich, the sign of insurance of punctuality, spelling, professionalism, professional language, slang words, and so on.

Bagato authors ’to explain the main signs and signs; three groups of signs: grammatical, lexical and stylish.

Grammatical signs (aboriginal literacy) є by specifics are pre-established, but they are ruined by modern standards. Grammatically, I’m going to learn the first hour of advancement, the awards of the living language and the rules of spelling, the syntax and punctuation. That is characteristic of pardons, improperly living roses, signs in order of words in recitations, often take on the form of steel brackets, which can be indicated by letters.

Lexical signs characterize the skills of the most recent worries and ways of living for thinking. Until recent concerns include vocabulary (vocabulary) - more words, yakimi volodya person, who’s written, for the transfer of their thoughts. Vocabulary reserve may be great and maliy (what about the history of movi). Win є an indicator of erudition, well-read people. The peculiarities of vocabulary є implantation of professional terms, viraziv, jargon.

Phraseological signs of vocabulary - all of which become more familiar with words, which means one understand (for example, "the law of gaining ranks", "bagato galasu daremno", "Katyuzu according to desires"), as I live with a songwriter, professions.

Imagine moving a word - living in a figurative list of words, numbers, words (metaphors, hyperbole, portions), as well as stylistic figures (rhetorical powering, antithesis, gradation of the latest trends). Stupіn volodіnnya with imaginative tricks, we can read about the profession of an individual, a yak wrote.

Stylistic signs about the style of the thought of the thought, about the motivation for the speeches, the new ones, the future text as a whole. The style of the image of the peculiarities of the most recent trends is up to the functional designation of the movi. There are also different main styles of the letter: scientific, publicistic, official documentary, literary-artistic, slang and pink.

Behind the signs of a written message, you can become a person, like, national, social, professional. Tsіznaki vіdіgrayut a great role і pid hour storage orіntirіv for rozshuku zlochintsya. Victory ix for identification.

Letters of letters and letters to the author of an autologous report, which is good for an hour of an expert examination by using the author’s authorization, that is, an individual, thoughts and letters for writing. The author of the text slіd vіdrіznyati vіd vikonavtsya. The author of the image is written on the intellectual skills, and the viscounter - rukhovі. The author of this can be reinstated yak for the signs of the written word, for example, the handwriting for the signs, and for those who know, the handwriting for the signs.

Sign the handwriting. Crime criminals have the rosemary knowledge of the internal and external aspects of the region. Oskilki handwriting ру a system of rukhovyh skills, such as storing for graphical ideas on the material nose, signifying handwriting special features of manuscripts on the manuscript.

Signs on the handwriting of the title and surroundings. Zagalny signs characterize handwriting with zagal. Mostly of them are rooted.

1. Violence in handwriting - technical precedence to shvidkoy letters. For viroblenistyu handwriting may be butirovaniye, malovirobleniy and neurovioleniya. Variobled handwriting, on one side, has the ability to vary the visibility of the letter, words, and from the past - steel ruchiv for a higher degree of automatism.

2. Type of characterization of the character of the zagalny pohodu. Vin buvaє simple (close to "uchnіvskogo"), forgiveness and vigadlivy. Forgiven handwriting, as a rule, is characterized by a fast pace of the weekend and a small number of letters (handwriting). For a shrewd handwriting, the characterization is not accelerated, the appearance of letters, the appearance of overhead and first-order graphical elements, and roses at last.

3. Straightforward writing in hand - that is, straightforward rukha in a number of letters (for the year-old year’s line, protest). INODI zustrіchaєsya kutastіst in rukhakh (for the whole time, handwriting is called kutastim).

4. Rosmir handwriting characterized by visota. Handwriting buvaє dіbny (up to 2 mm), medium (2-5 mm) and great (5 mm and more).

5. I got the handwriting. Handwriting may buti of law, love and direct. Law enforcement handwriting in Ukrainian registers ma nahil 70 degrees.

6. Rosgin handwriting is characterized by the right relationship between the width and the width of the letter. As far as width I transcend visota, then the handwriting is my great rozgin and is called rozmashistim; almost the height and the width of the same - the handwriting of the middle swing; Since the visibility is redistributing the width, then the handwriting of maали maliy rozgin and is called to be squeezed, cleaned, and schilnim.

7. Step in sound writing characterize the number of letters (letter), which can be seen without a pen (sign letters) to the pope, so that there is a letter. Behind the step of zvazanosti handwriting buvaє vidrivchastiy (if the skin letter is written okremo), middle zvjazanosti (yakshcho znєdnan two-three letters) and zvynyaz (if znєdnuetsya three times a letter).

Surround the handwriting in special literature to signify the special features written in the letters and letters from the point of view of the standard types of letters, in order to fix the letter of the technical writing at the school. Surround the handwriting є materialized manifestation of the rukhih skill and graphical image in letters. The letter-letter-letter is to overwhelmingly beaten by the ruks, as well as by constructive elements. On one occasion, in one element, they confirm the signs and signs. Constructive elements of letter signs є strokes (straight and indirect), ovals, napivovali, loops. For the description, the handwriting of the letter is as follows for the elements. We will change the number of terms and conditions for the selection of elements, such as rukhіv, and yakimi vikonano. In general, in the design of the letters, the central part (the letter is completely), the overhead and the back, and in the elements - the cob and the lead, the shape of the element (straight, straight, straight, oval, loop), the shape is straight 'йднання й відннесне розташування.

Різноманіття рухів, I’m imagining the skills of a particular individual in special literature in a different way. So, I. Pantelєєv rozrіznya от chotiri grupi okremih sign: direct rukhіv; the name of the letter signs; spivvodnoshennya letters of signs and that elements; rostasuvannya point on the cob and zakіchenchennya rukhіv [19]. D. Babanova appealed to six classifications: the form of rukh; straight; length; stage of sounding; kіlkіst; the last. Zreshtoy, the remains of the class of M. Yablokov, a kind of concept of V. Orlov, the largest group of okremich sign. Porvinnuyuchi klas klassifikatsії, it’s possible to have a visovka, so that they’ll be able to take a look at the group's oath. To that we take a closer look at the classification of Orlov - Yablokov, which is corroded in most expert mortgages in the hour of handwriting expert examination. There is a warehouse with such a group okremich oznak.

1. The form of rukhu is characterized by a written sign with a zagal and an okremo leather element. Let’s understand the simplified and accelerated form of rukh at the hour of the weekend, okremich litere, and the hour at the time of the element, for the looper, kutast and hvilyast.

2. Directly to the sign of letters, I can write for the yearbook and the page for the yearbook, prividim and vidim. The point of the cob of private rukh is rooted uphill, and the point of lower is below. Відвідний рух, as a rule, є on the cob of the offensive element.

3. Triviality of the rukh - the characteristic of the rozmіrnostі rukhu is the hour of the weekend of the overcladding and the first row of elements, and the single sign in the whole. Triviality of the rue is assessed "at an eye" as a whole the triviality of the vikonannya of the main part of the sign.

4. The number of letters is characterized by the manifestation of the letter of the element and the number of letters, which are not subject to the construction of the written sign: d ", zbіlshena trivial rukhіv pіd hour weekend ovalіv nap_vovalіv.

5. Lack of ruhіv yak okrema oznaka characterize the way of writing the element in the written sign. Vaughn to lie down vid frequency vidrivu znaryaddya letters to vid paper. Існує angry that ntervalnee z'єdnannya elementіv. Yakshcho zakinchennya anterior element to pass at the side of the offensive, also call z'єdnannya evil. Yakshcho pislya zakіnchenchennya rukhіv (final stroke) to assert a break in Russia for the cob of the offensive element, a stroke to be overloaded, also call it an interval (for Z. Shimanova). Yakshko triviality pretending to be literary, such a style is called non-engagement.

6. The last rukhiv yak okrem of oznak is important that if the standard design sign is broken, the last rukhiv, so that the letter is written is easier to write (for example, "t", "f", "n").

7. Vidnosnoe rozmіschennya rukhіv to characterize є іnvіdnoshennya a point of a cob that zakinchennya rukhіv. On the other hand, the point of the cob and the end of the rukhe can be upper, middle and lower. Pevnennaya znachnenyayutsya manyut points peretinannya elements in letter signs. Іх Rosmіschennya in the construction of the sign is maistyky navichkovy character.

The order of the Ignitious and the okrezimny signs: the handwriting of dekhto viokremlyu; the signs of masquerade, the handwriting of that іnshі zmіni.

Masquerade handwriting - the whole text of the text is written in the upper and lower handwriting signs. Naichastіsh zmіnі pіddayutsya zagalny signs: nahil, rozmіr, z'єdnanіst. Okremі oznaki important piddayutsya zmіnі (for example, it’s practically impractical to write, fiddlers of the circular ruhi for the year-old page).

Імітація - the conclusion of the written text with the copy and copy and copy of the zagalnyh and okremich oznach the original handwriting of the individual. For such a method of beaters, the pace of writing and the text become similar to prayers.

The letter is stylized - completing the text with hand-drawn letters and a hand.