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Criminalistics - P. Bilenchuk


The handwriting examination may be described in criminal, so in the civil right. Vona rozv'yazuє soі zavdannya:

• іdentify_catsіynі (repeat the instructions for a specific text, pidpis, digital recording);

• classics (you have to believe in the setting for the handwriting of okremich of brutes, but the sign is an individual that is characteristic of the singing groups of the population, for example, stats, vocals, private messages, professions);

• Diagnostics (due to the fact that I want to see the specific manuscript (document), as well as the goals of the memorial camp).

For additional diagnostic assistance, an expert shall establish an attachment to a graphical material for an identifiable reporting; chi vikonano text with zm_noy oznak pidpisu, z kop_yuvannyam i for yaky furnishings; Chi Viconano manuscript instantly two persons; camp of people; hour, now past the moment of the end of the manuscript.

For a handwriting expert examination, you must submit the following documents:

• for identifying - manuscripts, documents, scho chi і spirnymi; more and more experimental writing;

• for classifications and diagnostics - only the manuscript.

With great impressions є manuscripts, viconies (folded, written, worn on a drunken machine), we will voluntarily and fully authored that self-righteous pose with an audible voice, yak rozsliduyut. Vіlnі zrazki the handwriting of the next good, a whore's hat, jacket, look around. For the sake of knowledge, you need to look around and establish the lack of soundness of the due diligence. The next one is experimental and experimental.

Experiments are called rallying, obsessed with the search for criminal criminals. The next good deed of art. 199 CCP of Ukraine. For the whole next wiklik і pidozryuvannogo (ch accused) and the last word for writing handwriting for singing techniques (for example, the next vibration note є song text for writing, writing smoothly). Acquired zrazki next meeting and presenting an expert for the next.

Handwriting up to date, I will require the following:

• вільних зразків підписів (up to 10 primіrnikіv);

• vіlnikh zrazkіv handwriting individuals, yak pereіryayut;

• Experimental writing of an individual, yak rewriting, at the sight of a person written words of an individual, pidpis yako oslіdzhuyut (10-20 primіrnikіv).

Vimogi to zrazkіv, yakі ser_dchiy dobiraє for the next day:

• self-viscanny, so that the text can be written as a super-instrumental, except for the accusations;

• a lot of opportunities for the manifestation of the complex of signs, which are characterized by a unique and an indivisible;

• I’m most likely to hear the accusations of accusations, but I am guilty of writing at the period, which is close to an hour before the end of the document, which is a little more. A break in the hour of the end of the document, such as the last, the first and the last minute, the person, the identity, the final form of writing (student, student);

• Subjects to the text of zrazkiv for reaching the handwriting of practical significance is not the least, and that is to say, for the sake of zrazki bully reznomanіtnі for zmіstom.

The next letter of a stylized letter will require more words, written by other handwritten letters, signs, symbols. Behind the serpentine surroundings, may repeat the serpentine text, such as dosljuyut.

The methodology for handwriting prior writing is as follows:

• ahead of time - looking at the material, scho nadіshov for examination, fіksatsіya yogo tsіlіsnostі, vnoznachennaya character pakuvannya, the manifestation of zvіdchenenіh pіpispіv;

• okreme doslidzhennya - byznachlenny k_lkosti zrazkіv, scho vpnivnuyutsya, viroshremennya zagalnyh andindividualnyh znak in the text, such as zloslidzhuyut, і in zrazka, as well as znazhenneniya frequency ikh repeat; I’m familiar with the text of the document, I want to read it and I’ll write it in okrimich arkushas (for this I’ll put the table, write the letter for the first graph (sign), for the other I have the most words for the rest);

• next door - next door, handwriting, handwriting, topical and next door signs. By mathematical methods, the step-by-step nadnost oznak, yakі zbіgayutsya, і form іdentifіkatsіnі complex, otsіnuyut yog yak unique to urakhuvannyam razbizhnyh oznak;

• Estimating the results of the regular assessment and the expertise of the expert - it’s manifested and shaped in order to recognize and appreciate the importance of the importance of establishing the same value. On the whole, they are based on food, putting them in place. Autorecognition of expert appraisal of authorization - establish author - document document. The author and the Vikonavets may be more special persons, as a rule, a document of spellings is a dictation of chi simply of rewriting (oversampling). Vikonavtsya handwriting the text for the signs, in order to achieve the necessary insight, the handwriting is the most graphic image of the letter. For the author’s authorization, the author’s handwriting is not obov'yazkovo, the author’s authorization is due to the fact that they are written in the form of stylistic, lexical and grammatical letters, so that they can be written in handwritten text, as well as in handwritten copy.

The objects of the author's expert examination є handwritten, druskarskie texts, copy texts, possessed in the drukarsky way.

For additional authoritative expert examination, authorize the author of the document and establish the fact of an unidentified and diagnostic nature.

The methodology of an expert author's recognition is based on the analysis of a written letter, as shown in the documents. The methodology has a comprehensive collection of linguistic, psychological and psychological methods, which can help me to identify the author, the accuracy of the documents, the fact that the author is nervous and psychologically ill, that there is little knowledge of the author’s, of the author, to be with the yogi of a sociolinguistic portrait.

Control food

1. Theoretical foundations of handwriting.

2. Signs of the letter mov.

3. The subject of autosensitive dosledzhennya.

4. Basic handwriting.

5. Zavdannya, in order to develop the need for additional handwriting expertise.

6. The stage of handwriting.

7. Zavdannya, in order to develop a need for an additional expert knowledge.