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Criminalistics - P. Bilenchuk


A clear image of people’s nature є the basis of different material materials, imagery, for identification and identification of people, hour of absence, absence of knowledge, lack of knowledge. Before such material images, it is necessary for a geologist to describe a method using a verbal portrait, a sub-active portrait, plastic reconstruction revealing behind a skull (a sculptural portrait).

Description by the method of verbal portrait - nayposhirenisha system of image recognition of the people of the people for the help of special terminology. Description of the building from top to bottom at two positions revealing (full face and right profile). The skin of signs of characterization is characterized by rosemary, the shape of the contour, the position of the clearly visible parts of the body, and the color.

Description describe the scheme of classical anatomical signs. I will describe this very technique, the sign of the people’s zastosovuyte pid hour setting Ії in the criminal region (registration).

The description by the method of verbal portrait of the zasosovyut for a joke that vpіznannya zlochintsya, a joke of an individual, a yak znknila bezvisti, but a vpiznannya corpse. The next operative practitioner, who has suffered the witness-warehouse, is a verbal portrait of Zlochinsky who has guessed the scheme and the victorious one for the process of making a joke.

The description of the sign of health is based on the results gained on the result of the immediate absence of an ignorant sight of the individual, as described; for the sake of the most important ones, for example, they reckoned with all the people who know її (tolerated, kindred, familiar); for various documents, de facto information about the Rozshukuvana person (the materials of the criminal region, the history of the twig, the special reference is skinny); for the results of the vivcheniya viyavleniyh subjects, like visualization of the familiar signs of people (fotoznimkіv, clothes, vzuttya іn.); p_d I will look around the corpse of the yi chastin.

As a rule, people describe people, do not identify them by the method of describing a verbal portrait with the skills of stagnation, also describe the sutures of the imperfections: stink nonsystematic, bagatoslivnі, rozmitі.

Perevaga verbal portrait before іnshimi inventory Find our zovnіshnostі Lyudin polyagaє in fact scho vіn zabezpechuє systemic th odnakove viznachennya Find our elementіv zovnіshnostі Lyudin, daє mozhlivіst formalіzuvati Find our її zovnіshnogo viglyadu, zashifruvati їh symbols sklasti code i formula zovnіshnostі, yak Tse roblyat pid hour zapovnennya reєstratsіynih cards on unrecognized corpse and OSB, yanki disappeared, and introduction of knowledge about the memory of the computer and the basis of these automated information-system systems.

To succeed in filing a zlochintsy for a verbal portrait to lie down in front of a folded armor I will describe a sign of znovnostnosti, іkh vіdpovіdnostі sub'ktivnom image, a kind of memory, having taken an eyewitness. For a more accurate folding of the verbal portrait, it is necessary to disaggregate the criminal criminals with technical expertise and tactful priyomi.

Sub-active portrait - a materialized image of the image of the object, which can be remembered in the memory of people, since earlier it was possible to play the object (object, lyudin). Material, so that it can be closed in an explicit way, can be accessed in different ways: for children, composition (storage) for photo knowledge, composition for small technical problems.

A manifest image of the memory of the sub-active. Yogo mulyuvannya chi composition and obvious evidence - also a sub-active process, also take the fate of two individuals in another: follow-up and eyewitness, I'll wipe it out. Obsessed in such a way portraits are called sub-active.

Malovyov’s sub-active portrait can be spotlessly personless, in memory of a kindly protected image; Specialist; without interruption. The technique of gaining a small portrait of Taka:

• I’m very special, the memory of which I can exaggerate a manifest image, the mind of a little one, and the next hour I’ll finish my prophet’s namalyuvaty zlochintsya. So vipadki on practice hastily;

• to get a portrait of a small portrait, I’ll ask a special artist, who should take the fate of a patient who’s got a clean portrait and a small portrait;

• next hour I’ll finish the Vikoristovє postnik “Tipi ta elementi zovnіshnostі”; Album-rezіst іz complete the appendix "Portrait". I will show you the certificate of the most important element - signs of the name of the person: the incandescent whitewash, the form of hair, forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, skinny. There are signs that may be similar in life, the next copy on the papyrus prosorium (cigar abo tracing paper). For the sake of copying, the signs are more revealing from the overseas sight, the next warehouse is a portrait. Vigotovleniya in such a way a portrait is more similar to that of Zlochinsky.

For ideological victorious portraits, there are also small portraits, and not just words, but patriarchal ones, but seamless ones from nature.

Photocomposite portrait (photobot) - a whole sub-active portrait, additions in memory for an additional set of elements of photo-knowledge. The technique of compilation of the identikit of the polygon for the viscous of such events: patient and child show the photographic images of the small ones, the same size, the vibrate in such a way, which clearly reflects the signs of familiarity, the most important. We’ll spend the next time on the photo tags and sign the “portrait” of them, and the defects are glued to the retouch. The restraints of such a method of additions to parts of a photo-conscious portrait are called a photobot. Upbeat this way of sub'active portrait in 1952 p. zasuvav French criminologist P. Shabo. For the presentation of the zlochnosti malozhintsya, a little rosy, winding up a set of fotoznіmkіv іzі іznіh osіb.

For the image collection, the victorious as well as the technical need (for example, the PKP-2 attachment - an attractive composition portrait), tablets, albums, are called tablet identifiers. It’s necessary to say that the method of photographic identification is convenient for the uninterrupted victory of the audience (the presence of a meaningful set of ready-made photo knowledge, the complexity of the composition through the availability of information).

Compositional-malovanny (synthetic) portraits - the most important material and the most visible in the history and practice. At the forefront of the photocomposite portraits of composition-small-sized ones, you can pre-compile the standard small items before exposing the evidence. Malovanie elements of knowledge can be watched in the same scale on the other side of the picture in front of the other side, so that I can get them to enlighten and synthesize the picture in a meaningful way. Up іidentifіkatsііniy set malovanih portraits і buv otproponovaniya in the United States in 1959 p. Mac Donald’s and the names of "Identity Kit." For the compilation of compositional portraits, special technical technics are required: at the edges of the SND - ІКМ-2 (identifiable kit malyunkіv), the "Portrait" outfit; in Poland - ІМК-2 (identifiable malovaniya kit); in the USA - "Mіmіk"; in Japan - a bagatokanalny projector. The leather apparel is stored in a demonstration annex, an album-register of a small number of signs of a clean slide on a plane.

For the construction of the name of the annex for the composition of sub-active portraits, it is possible to distribute it in separate rooms, in such a demonstration an additional way is visible for the album-album of small signs (IKM-2, II compact, Japanese version) ob'єdnanі in one whole. The technique of compilation of a composition portrait for an additional name was added to the field in that, on the screen, you can demonstrate the elements (sign) of the attributes, and the number of those who have lost their memories is clearly visible. Fragments of elements of vicariousness in one scale, then on the screen the next one, but the special one can be able to construct a sub-active portrait, which is being specified step-by-step. Folding on the screen portrait photograph; It’s quite awesome, to retouch a little іz zaUvazhennymi sіdka chi patriіlogo і vikoristovuyut for a joke.

For an hour, an automated system for victorious composition-portrait painting was completed in the organs of internal control. There’s a storehouse of computers, a graphical monitor and a display. Before the memory of the computer, enter the image of the small elements, so that there is a constant view, and then for additional information, store the portraits on the display screen.

To build a sub-active sculptural portrait (plastic reconstruction revealing behind the skull), the victorious bones of the skull of a human being. The technique of painting sculptural portraits by scoring academician M. Gerasimov and A. Dzhigoryan and Yu. Dubyagіn were thoroughly reduced. The contents of the sculptural portrait are photographed, and the signs of victoriousness are for the purpose of knowing that I have lost hopelessness, and that is identifiable knowledge.

Before the most widespread views in the image of the most important people, like in the operational-operational and practical practices, to establish photo-cards (photo cards, photo portraits). There are a lot of photographs and reproductions for practical practice of capturing and representing people - filming, video recordings, video recordings, x-ray reproductions.