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Criminalistics - P. Bilenchuk


Oznaki of knowledge of people, their material and ideal views, the basis for the identification of individuals. Існує кілька видів інентифікації people behind the signs of knowledge from the victorious methods of verbal portraiture. Falling into subidentity of an individual individual can be identified through an individual's appearance, photographing a corpse for recognizing an individual, and without interruption, the recognition of an individual with photographic knowledge; operative pratsivnik p_d hour of operational-rozshukovyh visits; expert for additional crime-related crime.

The presentation for the recognition of the sight of the procession, art. 174 CPC of Ukraine. For recognition, buti can be pre-presenting an individual, a corpse, and a photo-knowledge of an individual corpse.

The presentation for the recognition of an individual for material images in the foresight of sub-active portraits (minor, photographic, compositional portraits, sculptural portraits revealing the skull) is not transcribed by law, and this is not specified. 174, 175 CCP of Ukraine to Zaboronatsya.

One of the types of identifiable individuals is also a non-contingent arrangement of social media with photographic knowledge. Tsey type іdentifikatsіі zasosovyut for the conversion of individuals, Wiklikano і on dopit yak svidok, patience, pidozryuvaniy, accusations; When there is a special demand for documents and a new identity of a person with a photo card in them.

Identification of individuals of uninterrupted portions of history with a description, summarized by the method of verbal portrait, photographic knowledge, detail, photo composition and composition of minor portraits, operative portraits

Expert identification - uninterrupted access by an expert and specialist in knowledge of the most important people, saving on the photo, at the same time, there’s more and more information. The literary dzherelakh calls this examination in a different way: portrait-criminal, photo-portrait, identification, examination with the method of identification for rice.

Criminal portrait examinations should be recognized if you need to reinstate individuals of unobtrusive bodies, underestimated corpses, more than one person, more than one time, you must be more than justified. You will become expert with the examination, that it’s the most individual of the image on the present photo consciousness and the other material image.

For the expert assessment of victorious knowledge of the image of the people - fotoznimki, movie video, as well as signs of specific people. Criminal expert identification of sub-active images (small portraits, compositions) is impractical through visual methods of analyzing explicit images of a common sight of people.

For forensic portrait examination, vicarious, visual, graphical methods, as well as summing up and overlaying.

The visual method is the most common; I want to get more information for one and the same one from different perspective portraits for another, more careful and more unique forms, more than that and more different signs of knowledge on the best photo knowledge.

The method of linear and indentation is used for obtaining single-view photo-knowledge; there’s a winnings in that, on photo-imagery (photo-reproductions), there’s a need to violated the number of anthropometric points needed, more than one way, more often, more than that.

The graphical method is used to prompt and in the coordinate system graphs, which characterize the linear rozmir vidrіzkіv, scho znduyut vіdpovіdnі anthropometrical points, і step іnі іnnіng іnnіvіvnyh іnіnі. Dovzhinu vidrіzkіv, scho znєdnuyte anthropometric points, vimiryuyut compasses that lіnіykoyu, step vіginu contour curves - a special attachment.

The method of summing up the image of a flag is that, at one and the same time, you’ll be able to pick up the lines, and then drag out the most informative and clearly marked signs. When you take a photograph, you impose it on the Internet, and an expert visitor, who wants to know the same signs.

The method of superimposing (photo-measuring) polygons is that, in the same course and equally large-scale positives (or negatives), you can use them for examination of photographs, impose one on one after the same anthropometric points at different points.

An important part of portrait examination є valuation of the manifested zbіzhnosti and retail in the signs of knowledge and valuation of adequacy is a sign for the categorical expert. For objective evaluation criteria, mathematical and statistical methods are available.

Control food

1. Anatomical signs of humanity.

2. Functional signs of humanity.

3. Vіdmіnnіst mіzh with a special sign and a memorable oznakoy.

4. The principles will describe the nature of people by the method of verbal portraiture.

5. What about the person of zlochintsy can you reject the diagnosis of Tatuyuan?

6. Sub-active portrait of that yogi see.

7. Mostly see the identifiable people behind the signs of familiarity.

8. The main methodology of criminal forensic portrait examination.

9. How can I do a healthy criminal portrait examination for sub-active imagery?