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Criminalistics - P. Bilenchuk


Criminal registration and criminal justice industry; such as:

• nevidomo zlochintsi, so povhohovyvatsya in the court of law, the evidence and the pre-trial;

• accused, some of the bullets were rebuilt;

• individuals, tamed for vagrancy and feverish;

• individuals who have committed zlochin, ale zvіlnenі vіd krimіnalno vіdpovіdalnostі that reproach on pіdstav, transferred by law;

• condemned individuals;

• individuals that have gone missing;

• illnesses, yuki intercourse with childlike attitudes, nursing homes for the elderly, childish nurseries, and through the holy camp, you can’t get more personalized data;

• non-recognition of the corpses of the osb, the yakin were driven into the heirs of the wicked, extraordinary vipadkiv;

• stolen, spent, wounded and voluntarily created zbroya;

• kulі, gіlzi, patrony і zlіdami zbroї, viyavlenі on mіstsі podії, uncovered zolochin;

• speeches, vikradeni and ruined ones, as well as vilucheni in the shrouded people;

• numbering of speech and virobi, due to zlochins;

• motor vehicles, due to not installed;

• documented documents, printed in a polygraphic way;

• pidroblenny pennies signs (papierov pennies);

• passports - vikradenі, vtrachenі, soі, scho belong to zlochintsyam, as well as forms of passport vikradenih passports;

• zraki handwriting osib, yakіyayutsya piddlenlenny lіkarskih recipes, transposed to narcotic and ubіbnі іm speech;

• on the outskirts of thinness, yaku bulo is viscous, and taka, scho shout out;

• follow the fingers of your hands with the most unreasonable zlochinov (at the card reader’s eyes they’ve got photos);

• follow the badge of evil and those tools with the least amount of evil (you must be safe as well);

• the fact of the rookie of the plumbing in the outbound transport;

• Methods of bringing malignancy, yakis excessively impenetrable.

With the practice of criminological registration of computers and technical technologies, the forms of concentration and information technology have changed. Cards, that is, paper folders, progressively lost on magnetic cards (pages, disks, floppy disks). At 1985 p. in the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, having formulated a “Daniy Bank of Automation” (DBA) form, all information must be deregulated for the meaning of the objects. ЄDinimation of Automation Bank Danih MAє Two Rivne: ABD Center А ABD Region. The information for the DBA is to be collected for the help of one of the other cards of the information and information for all.

Criminal registration of health and safety in Ukraine:

• Management of operational information (UOI) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine;

• State Science-Forensic Expert-Criminal Center (DNDECC) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine;

• management of operational and informational headquarters management and management of the MVS (GU UMVS) of Ukraine in the regions;

• science-forensic expert-crime-centeri (NDECC) GU UMVS of Ukraine in the regions;

• Moscow, district, transport (linear) organization internal reference. The skin with the name of the organ in health, singing, see the region. The object can be taken to the region on the basis of such documents:

• the protocol of the smoked pidozryuvanogo;

• Decisions of the prosecutor, about the case of the early arrival of the procedural primus at the sight of the trident pid vartu;

• a decree on attracting an individual as an accused;

• Virok abo praised the court.

In the Office of Operational Information Technology of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the region is:

• zlochintsiv, so that povkhovyvatsya and hesitating v_d v_dbuvannya penal;

• stray tramps and zhebrakiv;

• suicidal;

• osib, yak missing;

• Ill at ill-disposed attitudes, children’s booths, lanterns for the old, and also, we cannot be able to give to ourselves the old house signs;

• unrecognized corpse;

• vnepnalno zbroї (vikradenoї, buildings, spent);

• numbering of speeches and virobivs;

• motor vehicle hardships, hairworms of yak nevidom;

• passport;

• fact роз rozkradannya vantazhіv, luggage for out-of-town transport ’.

Obliki, like being conducted in the UOI MVS of Ukraine, є centralized, that is repeated in the regions.

The Sovereign Scientific-Pre-Judicial Expert-Crime-Criminal Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine maintains the following areas:

• kul, gіls, patrons with slіdami zbroі z mіsts nerozkritih zlochinіv;

• documented documents, printed in a polygraphic way;

• pidroblenih penny signs (paperman pennies);

• following fingers in hands with unexplained zlochinіv.

In the management of operational information of the head control and management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the regions are kept:

• stray tramps and zhebrakiv;

• osib, yakі zdіysniili zlochin, ale zvіlnenі vіd krimіnalno іvdpovіdalnostі behind іdstavі, transmitted by law;

• suicidal;

• vnepnalno zbroї (spent, vikradenoї, viluchenoї);

• number of speeches and virobiv, povyazanikh zі zlochinom;

• pending crumbling signs (papier pennies).

At the Moscow, district, transport (linear) bodies of internal health reference health:

• speeches - stolen, ruined, as well as vilucheni in clouded;

• motor vehicle hardships (for transport, hairdoors of a yakoy nevidom);

• follow the fingers of the hands with the most uncommon zlochinov (see the photo).