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Criminalistics - P. Bilenchuk


In the regions, like organizing an internal reference, reinstate accusations, shame, condemnation, particularities, like that, prejudice, and malicious ones, because you have to change your mind. May is the skin type of the region, which remains, avenge the social and demographic and anatomical and physiological data, as well as the information that it’s necessary to apply the method, that way; a tribute about the repentance of that month of the Holy See, as well as a new report about zlochintsya and zlochin. Specifically see information, how to get revenge in the regions and the DBA, which are indicated in the cards in the information and the cards for the specific type of region.

Vidomosti about zlochintsya, a certain person who wants to change their minds, at the cards of the region and the ABD are separated - there are a lot of information, health information, there are obvious,

The accused, convicted and misused of the malicious code are sent to the alphabetical and fingerprinted area, and the malicious, are identified as having little need to reconsider, to reinstate the same way that the other is recognized.

Alphabetical region of malevolent and old history; Win to finish the simple. The essence of the yogi polega in the memorized alphabetical cards for the person, the yak committed zlochin. Alphabet card for a person (form No. 1) I’m reminded of the following: I have to take a decision from the criminal authorities and directions to the UOI UMVS region. From time to time to an individual of a special visit at a wiggle’s trident, there’s an alphabet card, I’m reminded of the person of the insulator, to exaggerate the person. At the bottom, on the card, to scribble the farbings of the bits of the finger of the right hand of the individual.

Enter the personalized demographic data, the data on the criminal record, the qualification of zlochin, the information on the determination of amnesty, the number of paid remuneration, the hour of remand, the first time, before the alphabetical card. Enter the fingerprint formula as well as the code for the beast to the fingerprint file. Cards in card indexes are stored behind the names in alphabetical order. Through the entire card index and the first region, they are called alphabets, but behind the nickname.

By way of analyzing the child-specific characteristics, we have committed, we have committed malice, I have written the right information, I have also a statistical card per person (form number 2), I’m available for a little more information. character; description of the residence of the citizen (citizen resident, migrant, resident of the oblast, powers); blessing; subject of encroachment; incitement to the zoolina at the warehouse of the group, an organized zoolina of corruption; motives for zolochen; step іn sound.

Fingerprints are sent to the fingerprinting area, such as bullies, they are penalized for having taken care of zoolina, zarestovanі, condemned to amusement of will, and also zamrimanі for vagrancy and zhebruvannya. Fingerprinting region is based on the fact that on a special form-dac-tylokarti rozmischuyut zafarbovanny ten fingers in the right and left hands in the singing order. We’ll take up the fingerprint formula - the main part is that of the extended part.

Існує кілька видів dactyloscopic region. As for the oblika, we take ten fingers, then the oblast is called the ten-finger. You must have a new layout (systematization of cards) for fingerprinting formula - special code. Dactyloscopic region, in a certain form of fingerprinting, fingerprinting, called p'yatipaltsevym. Systematization of cards at card indexes to keep a record of the conviction from the right hand to the right hand and the all-skin group for the special formula. Since the systematization of cards is one behind one finger of a finger, the card file is called one-finger.

I understand the same file cabinets on the top of the valley, however, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not stink. The file cabinets are available for the okremich chastin of guilty lips - the nose, the nose, the auricle, the forehead.

The fingerprint formula is the main part: the main one is the dodatkova. From the main part of the formula to classify cards for the appearance of curlicue patterns. For introduction of the main part, the formula of all ten fingers is added to the fifth group for the cards and leather groups assigned smart symbols: 16, 8, 4, 2, 1. Note the number of curls on the fingers, note the number the flag The numbers of the znamennik and the numeral are pidsum and hold the formula for the cigar fraction, for example 17/15 (it is not possible for mathematical mathematics to do this, because it cannot be reconstituted).

On the fingers there are three types of patterns: arcs, loops and curls. In the main part of the formula, the amount of curls is patterned, in the case of dodates - the type and pattern.

For the introduction of the pre-doc part, the formula for all types of patterns is especially pleasing and identifiable fallow in the future and the rosette of the deltas and loops. Sight, arcs - number 1, loops - numbers 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, curls - 7, 8, 9, and the other hand is on the finger; however, it is impossible to identify the type of pattern - the number is 0. Potentially digital finger icons hold the right hand at the numerator, and livo - at the flag; ahead of blame the meaningful basic formula. In such a way, clear the fingerprint formula.

As if on all the fingers of a non-fashionable curlicue, then you should complete the formula for the basic one. As a rule, you should be overlooked for the most important basic formula.

Dactyloscopic card file with fingers of fingers and fingers is centrally centralized, there’s one finger. Cards are systematized for the special formula, for the numbers-codes on the cards, deletion is done. For the purchase of cards, there is a technical system, including a computer. The card file is formulated as follows: occurrences on the majority of slides (one or the other) to photograph at the natural size and to know the knowledge (at some primaries). Enter one sign to the business card file, and send it to the oblast (NDECC GU UMVS of Ukraine in the oblast) and the center (DNDECC MVS of Ukraine).

Fingerprint file osib, recognized by the internal organs of reference for the region, form on the basis of the Regulation on administrative review of individuals, as if they rang out for the purpose of adding will. These are the fingerprints and photographs. Cards are available for business cards of the district (Moscow) business directory and oblasts, and photo cards are glued to albums, and they are located in the city parking area for public transport. Cards are systematized in a charming way - for the formula chi nickname.

Oblіk osib, scho disappearance of powerlessness, centralization and incentives for victorious knowledge of clothing and clothing. Card for a person, a yak disappeared, revenging a personographic, socially impaired and virological vidomosti, yakі seridchy іz іz declare relatives and close ones, as well as robots of such an individual. Fotoznіmki (like stink близ at close chi at viddіlі frames) come to the card, as well as to the album osib, like I disappeared. The card should be sent to the file cabinet of the region, and the albums should be collected on the spot.

At the time of the manifestation of the corpse of an individual, establish the yaku of the mute, and restore it at the card file of the unrecognized corpse. For recording to the oblast’s next door I’ve got a card of an unrecognized corpse from three primaries. Before the price of the card, enter the signs of clothing and clothing, as if they were saved. A corpse is photographed in full face, profile (right and livy), and fotoznimki are glued to the card. As if fingers were saved, then the corpse is duck-thyloscopic (on the map there is a message for the video bit). For fingerprinting, ear and finger fingers of a corpse, get a special doctor - a ship doctor. Card catalogs of unrecognized corpses are clear in the Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and those in the UOI MVS of Ukraine.

The area of ​​stolen, ruined and viluennyh license plate speeches and virobiv (yearbook, photo, film, video technology, motor transport is easy) is described through the description of the number and condition, material, speed and speed. At the card index, the cards are classified behind the view of the object, model, number with the same signs.

The area of ​​vnognepalnogo zbroi - stolen, ruined abo zdano - to keep at the viglyadok cards of any collection zbroї. Enter the following information on the card: model, number, month of birth, hour entered to the oblast, who, if they have received it, have characterization of the signs of the address. For the benefit of the public, it’s been put on the field, to experiment with the experimental data, and most of them are at the file cabinet, overcooked for the card file, used and unprotected.

Oblіk kul, gіlz і patronіv zі slіdy zbroї lead at viglyadі kolektsії ob'єktіv аbо іх fotozhnіmkіv. Region of centralization: DNDECC MVS-center, NDEKTS-region. Usuli kuli that gіlzi, viyavlenі on mіstsі zlochin, pіdlyagayut pererіrtsі for the price of a card index for the installation of a single Dzherel ikh their resemblance. Before the oblast enter tilki ob'kti at the right about nerozkriti malignant chi roskritі, at some zbroya perebuvaє in rozshuku.

For staging on a regional culture, cartridges and patrons, photographing a foreign view of the cigar, as well as revealing it on them in a large-scale way; enter fotozhnіmki to the card. Qiu robot to gain the expertise of NDECC UMVS region. Cool and check out at the cool stores, and their photos - at the Central card catalog of the DNDECC MVS of Ukraine.

The area of ​​penniless signs (pepery pennered pennies) to keep documents at the card file office, through the poligrafic method.

Oblіk pidroblenich metal pennies zdіsnyuyut crime іnalіstichnі і pіdrozdіli at the forensic collection of coins of any kind of photographic knowledge. To place the coin on the oblast, send the coin to the NDECC UMVS oblasts, take photographs of the expert and store the description of the map on the map. Insert a coin to the ring, be called monothekoy, and send the photo-knowledge to the DnDECC MVS.

Oblіk pіdroblenikh dokumentіv, vikonanih polygraphic method, centralization; yogy zdіsnyuyut criminal іnіdіdrozdіli іn viglyadі folded collection of documents іdroblenіkh documents аbo іх fotozhnіmkіv. To place the document on the region of photographs, photograph the documents, enter the signs on the card and paste on the document’s photo-knowledge of it. The document is sent to the Central filing cabinet, and fotoznimki zberigayut at NDECC UMVS region. Paperov pidroblenny pennies in the whole region є dubbed rozdіlom. So it’s okremo to passport passports, diplomas, dedication, rights and other documents, passwords and passwords of polygraphic methods and concerns.

The area of ​​administrative and legal disruption and security, yakі іх have been established, to lead the organization of militia, and all information will be concentrated in the DBA-area and ABD-center. For the form of the Single Bank, a standard card has been introduced for the administration of the administrative information card - the information card for a person, who has committed administrative law violation. The name card is about the lawyer, the person-graphical data, the word about the character, the month and the time of law enforcement.

To register ways to learn more about cards and information cards, so that you can reflect on non-critically, so on roskritiy zlochin. The cards describe how to pay attention to what is left behind. The way to bring zlochin chi admin_strativnogo the right of transfers in the skin of informational and postal cards for the collection of information for the form of a single bank. Knowing the way to bring zlochin to death I can help robustly let go of professional proficiency and okremich oznak zovnіshnosti zlochintsya with the help of a joke.