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Managing Human Resources - Krasnoshapka V.V.


1.1. Visual day management of human resources

Rishennya shodo planuvannya, hiring a job, willingness to motivate, training for services, training and staff development є one of the main tasks for the core student. To this I mean, part of the time, the curvatures of organizations to cater to personnel nutrition, and not the least important, but the lower management of financial resources of organizations.

Understanding human resources management (HRM) can transmit a wider range of resources, it’s just human resources management or human resources management. Understanding the HRM, therefore, means capturing a wide range of activities, which are necessary for the development of productive interactions between organizations and organizations (Table 1.1).

Managing human resources - the whole strategic and best way to manage the most active assets of the organization, and the personnel themselves, who are individually and collectively to make a contribution to the reach of the organizational goals

Specifics of people’s resources in the offensive :

1. People are over the intellect, that is, their reaction to the latest influences є emotion-based, due to which the process is mutual and the organization є two-way;

2. People are healthy until the end of the day and that development, and the very same важ most important for the effective function of the organization;

3. The labor of people living in a year-old suspension of loans per period of 30–50 years, that is, 100 percent of the time and the right to organize a pre-party character.

P'yat aksіom management personnel potential organizatsii *

1. Be-yak pidprimstva problem - then the problem of HRM.

2. Personnel of the company - they aren’t the only ones who are happy to practice, but what’s coming, come tomorrow, and also, what’s the sound of it.

3. Rozumіnnya і zlіznennyya tіle of robotovodtsya and pratsіvnikіv - the most beautiful way to іdvіshchenny efficiency of robots pіdpriymshestva.

4. Be-a-kind HRM problem - the problem is the problem of linear employees and public servants;

5. In managing the personnel potential of the organization, wait for the present strategic aspect (HRM), so the operational aspect (personnel management).

Table 1.1.

Concepts in managing the personnel potential of the organization

Rivne development in HR management

Zovnіshnіy factor, scho vlivlє on vibration concept


Head Instrument Management

Elementi systems and HR management


1. HR management

Vimogi legislation and trade union



that functional obov'yazki

1.Kadrov dіlovodstvo


3. Collective agreement

4. Labor agreement

5. Payment

1.Poshuk klіntiv

2. The arrangement of the agreement

3. Control of debitors

2. Managing labor resources

Stronger competition

Result (it’s necessary to zrobiti)

1. div. item 1

2. Statement of values

1-5 div.

6. Otsіnka vikonannya robots

7. Stimulate for results

8.Getting staff


zv'yazkіv z klіntami

2. Renovation of agreements

Z. Poshuk new clіntiv

3. Managing Human Resources


Yakіst (yak robiti)

1-2 div. item 2

Z.Kompetenttsії pracіvnik

1-8 div. item 2

9.Analysis robots

10.Planuvannya Kar'єri

11.Piddir to staff


13. Outreach to staff

1. The development of new strategies for zbutu

2.Vivchennya inovno movi


the role of personnel service in organizational development