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Managing Human Resources - Krasnoshapka V.V.


5.1 Daily pay

The salary is the price of a winery, as a rule, it’s assessed for a penny equivalent, a hairline, but if I renew it, I pay a prize for the work of Viconan. The rozmir zarobitno pay and lay down the complexity of the mind; the visibility of robots, profi Food regulation of the payment of rights and the rights of the right to pay the rights to be recognized by the Code of Laws on Praciu (KZpP), the law on the payment of rights by the latest regulatory acts.

There are three main payroll models :

1. Rinkovu - on the basis of an agreement between an organization and an official,

2. Collective - on the basis of a contract between the administration and the professional and professional associations, and otherwise, the agency representing the interests.

3. Derzhavnu - on the basis of the minimum level of pay and parameters, which are regulated.

The minimum salary is due to the legislative provisions of the rozmir pay salary for a simple fee, lower payment cannot be made for a vikonan robot. Until minimum pay, do not include surcharges, allowances and compensation bills.

The traditional algorithm for the payroll is stored from the next stages:

  • the creation of a model of a workplace;
  • Classification of work in the organization;
  • analysis of the market;
  • viznazhennya the price of the workplace in the organization;
  • Establishment of pay.

Payroll in the system of ULR vіdіgraє two functions :

1. The function of managing behavioral personnel , which may be presented in the forensic formulas:

Personnel management behavior (5.1)

de V- behavior of the prazivnik;

M - motivation, that is, prior to singing behavior, as I take care of Bazhan winery;

F - health practice.

In order for the board to pay off the motivation, the function of the necessary minds must be touched:

1. Wages of the wiklik є the indemnity of the official at the rivals rim.

2. The pay is due to the results of the robot, and the sound of prozorium.

3. The practitioner in the process of the robot doesn’t have any negative factors in the process, I want to make the robot work

4. The pay of the suttuvo zbіlshuє dokhіd pracіvnik.

5. Payroll is paid instantly.

2. Vitratna funktsiya, so that the prince will deny more than a part of the koshiv, as a robot teacher I will pay for the utmost of the prince. Insha often koshtіv yde for the payment of tax and other insurance, yakі can add up to 30% to 40% of the wages of the client.

On the cob of the 70s of the XXth century, the model of individually paid payoff has become firmly established in all industrialized regions of the country, so that it can be stored in some components (Fig. 5.1):

payment components